Irresistible Moms Collection featured on Incest Daily

Irresistible Moms psp cover 1 500x800Well, how cool is this?!

My Irresistible Moms Collection ebook received a mention on Incest Daily, an online news source, in their leisure section. Apparently someone there saw one of my tweets about the book, and decided to post a link to my book’s web page here on WordPress.

Honestly, I’d never even heard of this site till now, but kinda neat that they thought it worthy of a mention there. :)

I’ve only taken a quick glance at it so far, and it seems that most of the stories and stuff they feature is from mainstream news, but a few items did look worth checking out. I’ll have to do a little more digging at some point. LOL

In any case, I want to thank them for mentioning my book. :)

Available at Carnal Pleasures – Naughty Mom by Betty Beckett

920bfeebf3c4666db3fd2a7209bffa41.image.370x600Betty Beckett – Naughty Mom


[INCEST, Mother Son Incest, Golden Showers, Anal Sex, M/F]      Just imagine your Mommy performing a striptease for you, dancing fully naked while you watch, then leaving you to masturbate in the bathroom while she listens from the other side of the door. Any man’s cock will harden at the fantasies herein and leave a big smile on your face.

This is like the epitome of the mother-son fantasy. From the sounds of it, there is nothing this amorous mother wouldn’t do to turn her son on, and satisfy his deepest cravings.

This offering from author Betty Beckett is one of five titles available on the Carnal Pleasures website. She runs the complete gamut of incestuous pairings, and even throws in a little tryst with a naughty librarian for good measure. (And anyone at all familiar with me knows that I luuuuv naughty librarians!! ;) ) So be sure to check out Betty’s author page.




     Vicky waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body.
      William sat watching, his cock throbbing inside his pants, his eyes big and round, glittering with excitement. The very long, very slender legs of his mother moved snake-like as she turned and danced slowly. Her ass bunched and relaxed.
      Vicky wasn’t really a dancer, but she loved to dance this way at home, privately, with only her son watching. Never for anyone else. She possessed a natural sense of rhythm that was sensuous and arousing, her movements more like fucking rather than dancing. The sway of her hips, the twist of her shoulders, the way she thrust her firm, shapely breasts, invited the eye and, perhaps, a hand. Mostly, teasing her son was tremendously arousing.
      As she moved about the living room floor, she watched her son. Her eyes, too, were glittering, hot with excitement. Her breasts looked ready to pop from her tight blouse, the creamy valley between showing. A light shrug, and a nipple just might escape, which was exactly what William hoped for.
      Vicky’s blouse was open almost to her waist, and it was obvious she was naked under it. Her breasts, though firm and tight-looking, jiggled generously in movement. Her hips, encased in a pair of white, extremely tight shorts, writhed and made grinding motions. The crotch was very tight, pulled into the slit of her cunt, molding the pussy lips, bulging slightly. When she twirled her ass in his direction, William watched those compact asscheeks, seeing the lower half, the white flesh contrasting deliciously with the tan of her thighs. Vicky’s ass was quite shapely, too, with the asscheeks swelling in mouth-watering sweetness.
      This wasn’t the first time she had danced before her son with such erotic, teasing movements. She had danced for him many, many times, as far back as he could remember. More recently, she loved watching his bulging cock grow hard inside his pants, knowing he wanted to stick it to her, to fuck her. Turning her young son on, knowing he was ready to shove his hard cock up her cunt, excited Vicky tremendously. She loved to turn her son on with her body, yet she was by no means a prick-teaser with other men…
Word Count: 25,124

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available at Carnal Pleasures – The Dance by Tristan Sparrow

c09afd36e31af3748bf63cda5db89335.image.374x600Tristan Sparrow – The Dance – “Close For Comfort” #5


Dr. Thomas Kassel keenly misses the love and lust he shared with his late wife. But the professor soon realizes their sexy daughter, Alice, is just like her mom, in more ways than one. When he accidentally spies Alice making love poolside with her hot best friend, Emmy, he fights his feelings. But with some heavenly help from her mother’s spirit, Alice sets about to seduce her beloved father. (Father Daughter Incest, Daddy’s Girl Sex, FFM Menage à Trois, Paranormal Mother, Threesome, Family Exotica)

Tristan Sparrow is a relatively new addition to the Carnal Pleasures family of authors. Tristan’s “Close For Comfort” series runs the gamut of incestuous situations – father/daughter, mother/son, brother/sister – all set against the backdrop of unique and intriguing situations that end up bringing these characters together. The Dance is one of three stories in the series that include elements of the paranormal. Ghosts, vampires, even superheroes are not immune to incestuous temptations in the various worlds that “Close For Comfort” resides in!

I have to wonder, if Rod Serling ever wrote erotica, would this be the result? :)

Be sure to check out Tristan’s author page, choose your favorite, or choose them all with the complete anthology.


      Emmy had turned and was now nearly on top of Alice. She leaned closer and closer into her, their nipples touching each other as Emmy stood on tiptoes in the pool.
But Alice pulled away slightly as she said:
“You’re–you’re absolutely right.”
What? What did I just hear?
Emmy was taken aback. Her eyes bugged, and her sensuous mouth fell open.
“Allie, are you saying–“
“Yes. I-I’ve never told anyone. But you’re my best friend. And you’ve figured it out, so what the Hell. Yes, Em. I’m—I’m in love with Daddy.”
I nearly fell over. I dropped my Scotch. Thank God for padded carpeting.
“Oh, Allie!” Emmy responded. “Oh, God, girl! Tell me more! Look! My nipples are getting hard, and my pussy’s getting wet. And it’s not just this pool!”
“Talking of which, let’s get out. I want some more wine.”
“Second that!”
In an instant, they were out of the pool, water pouring off their magnificent bodies. Still topless, they reclined in the soft, carpet-like grass by the pool’s edge. Alice had spread out an enormous beach towel, and they lay upon that.
Somehow, my hand went to my crotch. For the first time in long months, I was aroused.
“Oh, my God,” I whispered. “Alice–Alice, my baby!”
“That’s why you’ve always been such a good girl, isn’t it?” Emmy asked, pouring them both more wine. “You’ve always been so obedient–never rebelled, never any trouble, never been kissed–because you want Daddy!”
Alice shot her a look as she accepted the wine.
“You make it sound so–so wrong. Cheap, even.”
“It’s incest.”
“It’s love, all right? Deal with it.”
“It’s hot.”
Alice smiled.
“Yes. It is that.”
Emmy grinned and rolled over on to her back, her tits spilling everywhere.
“Tell me more, Allie.”
“I never liked all those stupid boys at our school. None of them.”
“Yeah, I noticed that your birthday party was an all-girl affair. ‘Cept your dad, of course. Wow! He could’ve fucked us all! Now that would be hot!”
Alice blushed.
“Ahem,” she said, clearing her throat. “I realise those boys are smart. Some of them. But I’ve still never been interested. They’re either these nasally, weasely, scrawny streaks of piss, covered in acne, or else these muscle-bound, blockheaded jerks. Hey, get those mugshots of the varsity football team in the paper now; you’ll need ‘em when they’re arrested for drugs, six months after graduation!”
Emmy burst into laughter.
“Too true! Too true!”
“Emmy, they just don’t compare–not to Daddy.”
“Yeah, well who the Hell could? Good God, Allie, your dad’s like a fucking rock star! All that hair, those muscles–those blue eyes that just look right through you. I swear, girlfriend, I just look at him, and I melt! I just wanna jump on top of him and say, “Fuck me, Daddy, all night long!'”
Alice blushed again. I felt like blushing at their language.
“Yes, well–that–that is how I’ve felt for the longest time, Em.”
“Yeah. I’ve never dated, because no one compares to Daddy. I–I don’t want anyone else. I want him.”
“My heart belongs to Daddeee!” Emmy sang.
“A trite song,” Alice replied. “Trite but true. It’s how I feel. I could never love another man as long as I live.”
Emmy now snapped her fingers and suddenly made a gyrating, dancing motion as she repeated her earlier words, now singing them to the tune of Britney Spears’s “Hit Me Baby, One More Time.”
“Fuck me, Daddy, all night long!”
I only recognised the tune because of the song’s ubiquity on the radio, some 14 years ago. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find Emmy’s song-and-dance routine most erotically enticing and entertaining.
“Em, be serious!” Alice scolded. “This is serious.”
I still couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know whether I was going to have a heart attack or an orgasm. My hand still clutched my cock through my trousers, but that was all. I did nothing more than that. But I had never been so aroused since–well, since Lexy and I had last made love. Yet even at that moment, gazing down at the pool, with the sap rising in my tree, I was calculating how much Scotch it would take to chop the damned thing down. I eyed the Glenlivet bottle.
But I couldn’t take my eyes off my daughter and her friend.

Word Count: 22,670

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I’m so excited! I’ve been featured on another blog!


Damn, talk about inflating a man’s ego!!

I’m going to be so hard to live with now.

Originally posted on Author C. Shields:

Forrest Young Banner_832x131_PNG

Click to go to eBooks by Forrest Young

A new review site for the Carnal Pleasures erotica e-book site has featured my latest taboo erotic romance novel, “Fleur in Blossom“. Forrest Young, the person who manages the blog, is a fellow author of taboo erotica who thinks along the same lines as I do. Like me, he’s basically done with Amazon’s “moral majority” censorship that’s getting worse with every passing month. Also, he shares my frustration with fellow taboo erotica authors who complain about the creeping censorship of big e-publishers like Amazon, Kobo, and Sony but who, for some strange reason, just can’t stop linking to them.

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of justified criticism while trying to stop the disenfranchisement of creative fiction? I mean, if someone is frustrated with the way a business disenfranchises people (both authors and readers alike), why link to them? Clicks generate…

View original 353 more words

Available on Carnal Pleasures – Minx by Tani Fredricks

7b06e9dd7005acf90700f1d329e760ef.image.370x600Tani Fredricks – Minx


[Father and Daughter Incest, M/F]

     Mick didn’t think of himself as perverted. He just liked sex. A lot. A whole, whole lot! And what was a horny man to do when he hadn’t had sex in years, and his pretty daughter was doing her best to seduce him? Give in gracefully, and teach her how to do it right.

It’s easy to see why most distributors wouldn’t dare touch this book.

It’s also easy to see why this book is the NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER on the Carnal Pleasures website!

Today’s feature is Minx by the head honcho herself, Tani Fredricks, and if you want to know just how far Carnal Pleasures is willing to “push the envelope”, look no further than their number one seller. There are not enough exclamation points in the world to put behind the word “HOT” to adequately describe this one.

Along with being the Queen Bee at Carnal Pleasures, Tani has contributed 35 titles in all, including the very popular series The Runway Archives, as well as contributions to The Promise Papers, so be sure to check out her Author Page.


     Minx grinned up at him, and wiggled her tongue in the new gap between her front teeth. It made her look even younger than she really was. “Tell me the story about the Lone Ranger!”
     Why had he just known that she’d want that one?
     Mick heaved a troubled sigh. The Lone Ranger was going to get him in lots of trouble, because he hadn’t had time to whack off before storytime. She always liked to sit in his lap, and he always bounced her up and down, just as if she was riding a real horse. It was a sacred tradition.
     Back when she’d still been a baby, wearing a thick padded diaper, that hadn’t been a problem.
     But now she was old enough to wear lacy panties…and she liked them so much that she wouldn’t wear the regular cotton ones anymore. She wore them all the time, even to bed. The only time he could get them off her was in the tub…and that was even worse on his nerves, because she was developing such a sexy little body!
     How much longer would it take before her flat little nubs began to swell into lush breasts, and tiny curls grew between her long, slender legs?
     And when they did…how would he ever be able to keep his lustful hands off her?
     “How about Robin Hood?” he suggested. Robin Hood was a safe story. There was no erotic horseback-riding in Robin Hood.
     “No.” She squirmed in his lap, and he felt his cock get even harder. “Lone Ranger!”
     “Okay.” He gave in with a sigh. He was a grown man. Surely he had enough self-control to get through this without creaming his jeans!
     Or…maybe not. Because the first thing she did was wiggle her little butt right against his rock-hard shaft, and then start bouncing up and down. “Hy-oh, Silver!” she giggled.
     Did it feel good to her? He’d heard somewhere that women loved riding horses because the saddle–or the horse’s arching back–pressed right up against their pussies, and stroked them delightfully!
     She’s still just a little too young to feel pleasure, even if you did peel her panties off and started stroking her gorgeous little pussy!
Isn’t she?

     Maybe–but he’d sure feel good!
     “Minx…” He curled his hands around her tiny waist, intending to lift her safely into the air. But somehow his hands got mixed up, and he ended up pushing her down, so that she was rubbing really hard against his throbbing cock.
     Every stroke of her soft little bottom made heat rise higher and higher…
     “Are you okay?” She squirmed around to look at him, and an anxious frown creased her forehead. “You’re breathing funny!”
     He was panting so fast that he was feeling dizzy. “When you play horsey like that, it makes me feel…” What could he tell her that she’d understand?
     “Good? Like this?” She bounced again…and his control snapped!

Word Count: 6,699

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available on Carnal Pleasures – Lucy by Forrest Young

16e89ebbdb0f2642ca3ab723a69af56e.image.375x600Forrest Young – Lucy – “Spinning Heads” #3


[erotica, adult, exhibitionism, voyeurism, jealousy, betrayal, masturbation, handjob, anthology]

      Lucy has always lived a sheltered life growing up. When she finally gets her first glimpse at a man’s erection, it opens the floodgates to an obsession she’ll go to almost any lengths to satisfy. Even after she is happily married, she just can’t seem to keep her hands off other men…literally!

Today I delve into a bit of shameless self-promotion and feature one of my very own creations. (Yes, I’m going to do that occasionally. LOL)

Lucy is the feature story in my second “Spinning Heads” anthology, which I later decided to release in individual shorts. (I know, a little backwards from the way most people do it, but there ya go.) It is a first-person account of a young woman who develops an obsession with pleasuring men with her hands, an obsession she indulges in even after she is happily married. Throughout the telling of her story, she occasionally contemplates just what sort of person this makes her, especially as it’s being told on the verge of possibly losing her husband after he finds out. A bit of soul-searching amidst  the hot and salacious recollections of the delirious enjoyment she gets out of jacking men off.

This IS one of the few books in my catalog that is actually listed on Amazon, in spite of the fact that it has a strong “taboo” element to it, as the first man she explores this desire with is her cousin, Mike, who also plays an integral part in Lucy’s life throughout the story. That factor is not prominent in the description and keywords, though, so that’s probably how I managed to get away with it so far. (Key words there being “so far”!)

All the books in my “Spinning Heads series, which were written years ago with no serious plans of ever releasing them, were cleaned up quite a bit for publication. This one, however, was “modified” even a bit further: In the original version, Lucy’s story actually starts out when she was 14, and Mike was 16. In order to conform to the guidelines of most distributors, with heavy heart I changed the story so that this new-found obsession started during her last year of high school and first years of college, at least alluding to the fact that Lucy was at least 18 years old when events in her life started to unfold. Carnal Pleasures, however, actually has no such restriction, so someday I may actually revert this story back more to its original version and release that as a “Carnal Pleasures exclusive”. Until then, like most books on Amazon, you can read it and just… ‘pretend‘. ;) LOL

I realize the synopsis of this book is considerably longer than the synopses of most other book included in this feature, but since I’m intimately more familiar with it, I obviously have a bit more to say about it. Lucy is by far my own personal favorite in the “Spinning Heads” collection. Surprisingly, however, it’s never generated many sales in any venue it’s been submitted to, which is one of the main reasons I decided to feature it here, in the hopes it will garner more interest. For a while I did offer it for free in its entirety on one of my other blogs, and it did generate a handful of decent responses. I did also submit it for review to author Sylvia Storm. She regretted to inform me that she does not offer reviews of material with a “taboo” nature to it publicly on her website, but she did offer me a few private words of praise, including an enthusiastic “well done” on the cover. :)

Lucy is one of 16 offerings of mine in my collection available on Carnal Pleasures, which includes two series and four anthologies. Most of my books are obviously incest-related, but a few do take a different turn, although still focusing on unusual situations, and the swirling emotions that come with indulging in taboo situations of all sorts.

Thank you for indulging in my long, drawn-out synopsis, and I promise to try to keep the “shameless self-promotion” to a minimum. :D LOL



      After a few seconds of debating silence I finally confessed to him what I caught him doing that night he stayed with us a few weeks ago.
      “Oh, Jesus,” he exclaimed, turning his head and covering his eyes with his hand.
      “I don’t want you to feel embarrassed about it,” I said desperately.
      “Well, I am,” he said as he turned to face me again. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been doing anything like that there.”
      “What are you sorry about?” I asked.
      He looked at me with a confused gaze, surprised that I would even have to ask him something like that. “Because you saw me doing something that you shouldn’t have seen me do.”
      “I didn’t mind,” I said, smiling shyly, trying to put him at ease.
      I wanted to tell him that I even enjoyed it, but I wasn’t sure if he could handle hearing that.
      “I suppose you saw what I was looking at, too?”
      “Yeah, I did,” I answered quietly, not being able to contain the broad smile that was covering my face.
      “Oh, Jesus!” he exclaimed, louder and more abruptly this time. “Stop looking at me!” he demanded as he couldn’t help but smile in embarrassment, his hand once again covering his face. “I suppose you’re never gonna let me live this down.”
      “I didn’t tell you what I saw to rub it in your face,” I explained, suppressing a giggle at the obvious analogy I’d inadvertently made.
      “Then why are you bringing it up?” he asked, uncovering his face and looking at me defensively.
      I sat there for a few seconds in silent deliberation, then finally blurted out my intention. “I want you to teach me how to stroke a boy’s cock.”
      His eyes suddenly widened in total shock, completely speechless from hearing my request. He looked at me like he was thinking I must be someone else, those words couldn’t possibly have come from the mouth of his sweet little cousin.

Word Count: 11,300

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

New at Carnal Pleasures! Fleur In Blossom by C. Shields

406291db98a9c76f7e3cf3ea30ff56a1.image.374x600C. Shields – Fleur In Blossom


[Brother Sister Incest, Mother Son Incest, First Time, Virgin Sex, Family Exotica, Barely Legal]

Eighteen years old and chronically shy Fleur Dumas has a secret crush on her handsome and enigmatic half-brother, Austin. One hot summer, she discovers that he’s just as hot for her, and together they explore the steamy depths and the bedazzling heights of forbidden love. Under her brother’s sexual tutelage, Fleur finally blossoms into womanhood, and becomes the woman she was destined to be.

Today I present to you the latest offering on Carnal Pleasures by author C. Shields. This author specializes in exploring the incestuous relationships between siblings. These are not erotic “shorts”! These are full-length stories, not only delving into the hot, passionate sexual encounters between brothers and sisters, but also the intimate circumstances leading up to those encounters. While some of this author’s works focus on the intimate relationships between mothers and sons, the special bonds between siblings are usually the order of the day.

“Fleur In Blossom” is the 9th offering on Carnal Pleasures by this author, including 3 books in the “Loving Siblings” collection, and the list is growing quickly! Be sure to check out C. Shields’ author page.




      Her hand slipped gently up along his muscular arm, touching him for the first time, and her brother felt warm and strong beneath her fingers and palm. She stared at his profile, seeing the doubt and the frustration flashing across his features, but he didn’t stop her when her hand gently flattened against his strong face. He was letting her touch him, something she believed he would never, ever have allowed before, yet there they were…in her room. And she was touching him.
      She wasn’t thinking any longer. She allowed her heart to guide her because she had zero experience to fall back on. She leaned her face to him; cautiously but with purpose. He still hadn’t raised his eyelashes to look at her but she could tell that he held his breath as she drew near. Then her other hand rose and gently flattened against the other side of his face, and she gently made his head turn to her.
      “You don’t have to go,” she whispered even before she could think straight. But it was her heart that spoke now and she was led by it.
      “Yeah, I do,” he told her, yet he didn’t make any move to do so.
      She shook her head as she looked at him, feeling her heart pounding in her chest before she pressed her lips against his cheek. “I want you to stay—” She gasped when her brother suddenly took her hands and looked at her with what looked like aggression. For a few brief moments, she was certain he was going to let her have it! But for some strange reason, she wasn’t afraid. There was something different in his look. There was an element of pain there, too.
      “You don’t understand,” he said, nearly gritting his teeth. “If I stay—” He couldn’t finish what he was saying. But he didn’t move to remove her hands from his face, either.
      Emboldened, she looked at him for a few moments. “I understand,” she whispered before she began kissing his face, her lips making a trail toward his lips, tasting his hot breath. She didn’t know why she was doing it or how she knew what to do, but she was simply following her heart and it led her to…this.

Word Count: 25,803

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

The Free Ride is Over

sexy writer 3Just wanted to pass along a post by author Sylvia Storm.

It’s nice to see that an established author is seeing a lot of the same things that I’m seeing. :)

To be safe, we should be preparing for the day when niche stores could become our main sales outlets. On the plus side, it would let us control the shopping experience, and still allow for content delivery along the main Amazon channels. On the bad side, discoverability and general sales become very difficult.

It’s a lot of tough news, yes, but I am still hopeful and positive. The free ride had to come to an end, but there are so many opportunities out there for new ways of shopping this feels like a rough spot in a transition. It is getting harder for everyone, but I still feel this will open up new markets and opportunities like custom storefronts or even alternatives like Smashwords. It’s not like sex is ever going to stop selling books, it’s how we are selling them that is changing.

Available at Carnal Pleasures – Coming Home to Mom by Gerry Maxwell

4c6fb098bd3355dfde4bb0025d431f01.image.374x600Gerry Maxwell -Coming Home To Mom


[Mother Son Incest Erotica, Mom's Big Breasts, Milk Engorged, Lactation Sex, Family Exotica, Anal Sex]

      Johnny lusts for his Mom’s big breasts, but she refuses. That would be incest! Fearful he can’t control himself around her, he joins the Marines. Johnny is sent on a secret mission. Mom goes crazy with worry. She prays to God. If Johnny comes home alive, she will let him suck on her nipples. Late one night, Mom hears a knock on the door. It’s Johnny, but he is a changed man–with even larger, more powerful, physical and emotional needs. Will Mom keep her promise? How far will she go to help her son heal from the scars of war? Mom finds out after an orgasm-filled night that she will never forget!

Announcing a new feature! Starting today, on occasion this blog will be featuring a different offering on the Carnal Pleasures website. Along with promoting various erotica authors and their works, this is also meant to promote the various alternatives to the major distributors who are often way too restrictive to the authors who truly enjoy writing erotic stories without the unnecessary limitations, and the readers who like their stories raw, edgy, and told the way they were meant to be told. At this point, this blog is featuring only offerings from Carnal Pleasures, as I have direct permission from them to do so. (I do this of my own free volition, I am not compensated in any way, except through direct sales of my own books.) If you are a publisher or distributor who would also like your works featured here, contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.

Today I start out with an author and book I am somewhat familiar with. “Coming Home to Mom” goes a little over the top at times throughout the story, but it all comes together nicely and starts to make more sense once you get to the very provocative surprise ending.



      She held her hands together tightly over her cleavage. “Thank you, God, for bringing my son home safely,” she prayed. “He is so good and brave. I love him so much.”
She heard Johnny doing something behind her. “Kneel down next to me, baby, and let’s pray together,” she said.
“I am going to pray,” Johnny said. “But behind you.”
She did not know what he meant, but then she felt him rub the hard length of his manhood against her behind. “Oh,” she said happily in surprise. From the slick feeling, she could tell that he had reapplied the lubricant. She assumed he was going to relieve himself by rubbing against her. “And thank you. God,” she said proudly, “for showing me that it is okay for a mother to continue to use her body to help her son.”
Johnny reached around with his big hands to play with her breasts. Her nipples responded immediately, becoming stiff and hard all over again. To give him better access, she placed her palms on the couch and raised her upper body.
“Mom, when they were torturing me, I didn’t only dream of sucking you and making love to you,” he said.
“What else, baby?” she asked.
“I dreamed of this,” he grunted.
She felt the big head of his manhood press into the tight hole of her behind. “Oh, my,” she cried in surprise.
“Are you OK?”
“Yes, baby.” She was amused at her own attitude. Less than an hour ago she would have never entertained the thought of doing this with her son. Now, she was only too happy.
He slowly inserted more of himself. He felt enormous inside her. It hurt, but, as his mother, she did not want to say or do anything to discourage him. She wanted to be there for him any way that she could. To physically show him she was okay, she pressed her behind back into him.
Word Count: 20,378

Coming Home to Mom is one of three offerings on Carnal Pleasures by Gerry Maxwell. Be sure to check out his Carnal Pleasures author page for his other works.

 If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Making the Shit List

new planThere are periods in my life when I’m surprised I have any hair left. Frustration levels reach a peak, and then surprisingly they somehow tend to reach a little higher.

Somehow my last couple of blog posts ended up on the erotica authors forum on Reddit. Someone just decided to up and post it, offering no commentary, no thoughts, no indication whether they agreed or disagreed, just decided to post it and sit back and watch everyone rip me a new one. And rip me a new one they did.

I could have decided to just sit back and let it pass, but instead I opted to chime in and say, “Okay, since the damage is done, this is what I’m trying to say…” But of course no one was willing to listen. Which didn’t surprise me. I was accused of being a dick about it, and they’re right, I was. In my current state of frustration, I wasn’t being very nice in my responses. I was in full arrogant, sarcastic, confrontational mode, and of course nothing got accomplished. I was too deeply embedded in my frustration, and everyone else was too deeply embedded in continuing the status quo.

I kept being reminded of the old saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And boy, is there a lot of fucking insanity floating around these days! On my part as well as everybody else’s.

It’s frustrating watching the directions that erotica writing is going. Amazon and the other biggies keep doing what they do, and erotica authors keep feeling helpless about it, if not downright worried and scared. They want things to change, but are not willing to take the steps to start changing them. Alternatives are offered, but then immediately rejected and dismissed.

So no, I wasn’t very nice about it. I didn’t really see any point to be. Trying to start things out with “meaningful discussion” would have ended up with the same result: “It’ll never work, and it’s all somebody else’s fault anyway!”

I’m sure someone out there was listening, and was understanding what I was trying to say… But they didn’t dare speak up. Why should they, and suffer through the same ass-reaming that I was going through?

It’s obvious that erotica authors are tired of having to rely on Amazon, and for more reasons that I can count. While they lament the ‘power’ of Amazon, they continue to promote Amazon. “The definition of insanity…”

There are people out there in place ready to lead the charge, and entities willing to take up the mantle, but no one seems to want to look their way. They continue to promote Amazon. “The definition of insanity…”

There are things that erotica authors can start doing…TODAY!…to start changing things. But the collective consciousness is absolutely convinced that nothing can go up against the beast with its finger constantly poised above the trigger that could blow up their financial security in the blink of an eye, so they continue to promote Amazon. “The definition of insanity…”

In the meantime, authors and indie publishers continue to get blocked and banned, including the ones who say, “Ohh, it’ll never happen to me! I’m too careful, I have them all figured out.” Yeah… I may be arrogant at times, but I certainly hold no monopoly on it.

I still stand by what I wrote. And I make no apologies for how I said it. In my view, erotica authors need a good swift kick in the ass. But apparently I’m not the one to do it.

So here I sit, bitching about Amazon, and the erotica authors who refuse to do anything to change it when I could be using the time to continue writing my stories.

“The definition of insanity…”

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The Other Side of the Coin

holy fuck - bookDisclaimer: Yes, this is another “bitch about Amazon” post.

You notice how I started out this post with that nifty little disclaimer? Wasn’t that nice of me to put that on there? Now those folks who are just out ‘n out sick to fucking death of me incessantly lambasting Amazon can just skip past this post and move onto other areas of interest, while those who feel the same and want to read more information on the topic have now given me their undivided attention.

Isn’t it neat how that works out? Everybody wins… Those who want to read it, and those who don’t.

Back when I first started seriously pursuing this “author” endeavor, I found myself a bit miffed that my publisher was “modifying” the blurbs and descriptions of most of my books before submitting them to Amazon as well as a few other outlets. It wasn’t due to “vanity” or anything of the sort, I just wanted the readers out there to be fully aware of exactly what types of stories they’re considering purchasing. While I was confident that there was a considerable number of readers out there interested in the types of stories I write, I was also keenly aware that a great majority of them would definitely want to steer clear of them completely. I was told, however, that this is the way the descriptions needed to be presented, otherwise Amazon would outright refuse to carry them. Well, okay, I relented to my publisher’s better judgement, but I still felt guilty about it.

Author Penelope Wilson has a book out titled “My Wife’s Secret Lover“. Ms. Wilson is, like me, a taboo erotica author. I haven’t read this book yet, but it certainly sounds right up my alley. However, given the description provided on Amazon, I highly doubt that I ever would have found it if I went searching for a book with this particular sort of slant to it.

The book received four reviews on its Amazon page: Two were quite  favorable, one was basically, “Eh.. Not up my alley, but some folks might like it.” The fourth one, however, basically played right up to one of the biggest fears I had when I first started putting my books out there:

I bought this knowing full well it was erotica. What it says nothing about is how it’s disgusting material. I read all of 4 or 5 pages so I really can’t speak about the whole thing, but in just that short amount it talks about a dad thinking about his daughter during sex and getting turned on by her school outfits. If that’s your thing..okay. But I am pissed that it didn’t say anywhere in here about this being an incesual book. And whether or not he has actual sex with his daughter doesn’t matter (I frankly have no idea). Just him mentioning these things is enough to put a little disclaimer in there saying “covers thoughts of incest” or something. Because I certainly would not have bought it then.
So just be warned!!
Only gave it 1 star because I had to give at least one!

I genuinely felt bad for this reader. I would have been devastated had one of my books ever gotten any reviews like this. I would have felt deceitful and shoddy. And you can be certain that this particular reviewer speaks for a multitude of other readers who probably felt the same way, but didn’t take the time to write a review expressing their disgust and anger at feeling “duped”.

This is the double-edged sword concerning the fallacy of Amazon’s policies concerning erotica books: Not only do these policies make it difficult for those wanting to find this particular genre of erotica, it also opens up the possibility of those NOT wanting this type of story to stumble across it, spending their hard-earned money on books they not only don’t want, but actually find disgusting. Yeah, three bucks probably isn’t a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but when you’re feeling duped and disgusted, the amount is probably a little irrelevant. It’s still money you could have spent on something you DID want. It’s like putting money into a pop machine and pushing the Coke button, only to have a Dr. Pepper drop through the chute.

And the even sadder thing is, authors of taboo and on-the-edge erotica ARE PERPETUATING THIS by trying to “dance around” Amazon’s hypocritical restrictions, using “code words” that readers may or may not “get”, and using terms that are juuuust short of triggering Amazon’s “banned” button. Many of them act so smug and smart, thinking that they are cleverly pulling something over Amazon’s eyes, but do any of them think about the readers that are actually spending money on their books? Is there any remorse for making some of them feel duped and angry, if not outright disgusted? Or is it okay as long as it pads your royalty statement?

This is yet another reason that erotica shouldn’t be associated with Amazon. Not only are Amazon’s policies unfair and hypocritical to erotica authors and independent publishers, it’s also unfair to readers on both sides of the aisle, those that want hard-edge types of erotica, and those who don’t. And the unfairness to readers is not all Amazon’s fault. In their relentless and unapologetic pursuit of Amazon’s vast exposure, authors of taboo and on-the-edge erotica make themselves blatantly guilty of false advertising.

Perhaps I should have amended my disclaimer just slightly: “Yes, this is another ‘bitch about Amazon’ post… AND some of the erotica authors who associate with them!”

Oh well… Guess you ended up getting something you weren’t expecting, huh?

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The Epitome of Pathetic

carnal pleasures promo edit 1 small

Okay, so I’m sitting here contemplating exactly how to organize this particular post. There are actually so many facets to it that it almost makes my head spin:

I’ve recently been participating somewhat on a Reddit forum that caters to writers of erotica, and erotica writer wanna-be’s. Not surprisingly, a significant percentage of the posts and discussions there deal with the topic of Amazon. More specifically, how to deal with them, how to work around their “restrictions”, and the “secret” to making Amazon work for them without ending up getting the old heave-ho. Most people are full of questions, especially the newbies. And there are a significant number of people there who consider themselves Amazon “experts” who are sure they have the correct answer. The problem is, advise that may be sound today may not be quite so sound tomorrow, as the rules may suddenly change, because that’s what Amazon does.

Right now Amazon has erotica writers wound up tighter than a fucking clock. Questions get asked by the dozens, and some people think they have the answers, but they really have no freaking clue. Even honest-to-goodness experts like Selena Kitt, with years of experience, spends a considerable portion of her time writing out “how-to-guides” filled with advise of what to do and what not to do on Amazon, only to end up having to constantly revise them.

Watching it all from a distance is reminiscent of sitting at a circus watching a bunch of silly people in funny make-up all trying to fit themselves into the tiny clown car. It’s humorous until you suddenly realize that people’s lives -and their livelihoods- are being seriously affected by all this.

I actually haven’t been in this “author” game for very long. In fact, it’s coming up on almost a year since I started seriously pursuing this. Ironically, just about the same time that Amazon and other venues suddenly started trying to “sanitize” themselves. Maybe that gives me somewhat of a unique perspective, as Amazon started pulling my plugs long before I started getting too dependent on them. Many people have been making a living off of Amazon for a very long time, so I can understand their reluctance in wanting to give up on them.

But more often than not, anymore the advise that the “experts” seem to be conveying to the up-and-comers is, “Conform to Amazon’s guidelines. Write only what they want you to write. Don’t rock the boat, and don’t do ANYTHING that will end up getting you banned! Amazon is king, and you need to do what they want if you want to succeed.”

And that just makes me sad. Not only have they grown accustomed to Amazon sucking their own creative soul dry, they are encouraging the new generation of erotica writers to follow suit. For any author, especially an “established” author, to advise any other author, especially an up-and-comer, “Don’t write what Amazon doesn’t like” is almost downright criminal.

There is a reason a person decides to become an author: They have a story to tell. Granted, it must be told well, but told it must be. THAT is what “established” authors need to start telling the newbies again! “Tell your story, and tell it the way you want it to be told!” If people want to read the story, they will. If they don’t want to read it, they won’t. That decision shouldn’t be made by a bunch of executives in empty suits sitting in high-rise offices.

It’s time to face the facts: Anything erotica-related submitted to Amazon is just a ticking time-bomb. Author after author and company after company keep setting it off. And yet the “established” continue to keep beating the drum, “Change your tactics! Hide what your story is really about. Keep conforming to Amazon, and only write what they want you to write.”

And if they change the rules? AGAIN?? Well, then conform even further, until there’s nothing left but the sanitized version, and the entire reason you wanted to become an author in the first place is entirely destroyed.

Amazon has become an enemy of freedom of expression. It’s time to stop associating erotica with Amazon.

It’s time to start training our readers to look elsewhere.

Another Ass Bitten, Another Wake-up Call Missed

i thought he liked thatI’ll admit I don’t know much about Ellora’s Cave (other than they more than likely would reject most of my books), but I do know that they are a somewhat major player in the area of erotic fiction.

A recent blog post I came across, Ellora’s Cave & E-book Sales: A Cautionary (First Amendment) Tale by Miss Primm, makes the announcement that Ellora’s Cave has found itself one of the latest victims of Amazon’s ever-changing and ever-elusive policies concerning the availability and accessibility of erotica within their illustrious web pages. To the tune of Ellora’s Cave losing upwards of 75 percent of their Amazon sales.

Okay, so maybe people like Ellora’s Cave and Miss Primm haven’t really missed the wake-up call, but reasons, reactions, and solutions being bantered about by most folks indicate that they are still dozing through the snooze button.

The basic premise seems to be fairly understood, according to Miss Primm’s words:

E-publishers like Ellora’a cave have a profoundly unique relationship with e-retailers like Amazon. Suckling at the teat of lower production costs and easy distribution, e-publishers have traded one evil for another. They aren’t dealing with the higher costs of print production, but they are at the mercy (of) the policies of their distributors.

So, at least people seem to be somewhat aware of the devil they’re dealing with, and the possible problems it poses. However, that seems to be where the awareness ends. Reading further, however, one comes to the realization that many are still just talking in their sleep:

Ever since Milton Friedman declared that that the only social responsibility of a business is to increase its profits, corporate types have used this argument to justify all sorts of schemes, most of which works at odds towards individual’s interests. So it is no surprise that Amazon will do whatever is in its power to maximize sales, even if it means hiding authors.

Well, in a big way, Milton is right. And most businesses are pretty much aware that the best way to increase profits is to give its customers what they want and treat people decently while doing it. However, many businesses will forgo the latter if the former can still be achieved. Solutions to this dilemma, however, continue to remain elusive to Miss Primm and the great majority of other erotica writers. In fact, the basic premise they’re working on seems to be majorly flawed:

It would seem that hiding content, and restricting cover art is censorship, something that violates our First Amendment rights to free speech. This battleground, whether a single entity can control the information flow of a publisher has been fought on other ground. The Supreme Court weighed in on whether a city or town has the right to restrict the location of news racks. Cities argued that they have the right to control “visual clutter” of the streets, while newspapers argued that such restrictions violate their First Amendment rights. The ultimate result gave neither side a clear victory. Cities can adopt a uniform code for newspaper distribution as long as it is applied to all forms of newspapers, paid daily and free shoppers alike. They can even issue permits and impose fees on newspapers for the placement of racks on city land. But they cannot pick and choose what news racks can appear on the streets.

First of all, this is NOT a “First Amendment” issue!!! Like it or not, Amazon is a private business, free to conduct its business as it sees fit. They can sell or not sell whatever books they choose, they can make available or hide whatever books they please. The example that was cited had to do with cities and towns, which are government entities, which is what the First Amendment is aimed at. The one basic factor that everyone seems to have forgotten is that the Constitution of the U.S. was basically framed to tell the government what it can and cannot do, not what the people can and cannot do. The Prohibition Amendment basically blew the shit out of that premise, and we all know (or should know) the fate of that particular clause.

Now this might seem as far away from the topic of Amazon controlling the sales of erotica as one might get. But think about how publicly traded companies like Amazon, on one hand, want the access to and the benefits of a free marketplace, and then assert their right to act as their management sees fit whether or not those goals mesh with public policy. This seems to me a bigger issue than a single publisher putting all their eggs in one basket and losing out to a corporation. And this is one fight that no one seems to want to take on. Ultimately though, someone is going to have to, otherwise, like Ellora’s Cave we will lose our rights to distribute our material to the vagaries of corporate profit strategy.

There are two reasons no one seems to want to take this fight on: First of all, it is an un-winnable fight. It has no teeth and really no basis for it to win on. Second of all, it’s the wrong “fight”. What erotica authors seem to want to be doing is to join Amazon and then “form” Amazon into what they want it to be. Sorry, people, it doesn’t work like that.

Bottom line? It IS an issue of a single publisher putting all their eggs into one basket. It really is no bigger than that. This is what most publishers, and what most independent authors do!!  The biggest mistake most indie publishers and authors keep doing is they KEEP PROMOTING AMAZON!!!!

There ARE other “baskets” out there. Carnal Pleasures and Excitica are two which come to mind immediately and there are plenty more, most of which do not have NEAR the restrictions that Amazon does. (Does anyone even remember that Barnes & Noble exists?) There is a demand for erotica. What erotica writers and publishers need to start doing is stop associating Amazon with erotica. Lead your audience somewhere else!!

Every time you keep linking your books to Amazon, you just keep feeding the beast. I’m not saying completely eliminate Amazon if they haven’t completely eliminated you yet… But start training your readers to look elsewhere. If enough erotica authors start doing this, Amazon will start to become less and less of an issue.

Tribute to a Tumblr Blog

old erotic art tumblrFor quite some time now I have been following a blog on Tumblr called Old Erotic Art. It is by far the most incredible, extensive collection of vintage erotica I have ever seen in one place! The collection spans multiple genres in the forms of painting, drawing, and comics. There are also images of statues, figurines and old book covers spanning who knows how many years. Many of the images are beautiful, some are mesmerizing, some are humorous, all are interesting and entertaining.

It has just been recently announced that the person running this blog will soon stop posting to it. It was not made clear whether the blog will be left up or not, but hopefully it will for quite some time.

Just in case it’s not, however, be sure to check it out while you can.

Perpetuating the problem

rebel all the wayI recently came across the latest blog post by erotica author Selena Kitt. Reading through it had me raising my fist in the air, shouting, “YES!!!” (Well, in my mind anyway. I don’t actually do things like that… really!) She basically wrote an EXCELLENT rebuttal to the email that Amazon recently sent out to all their KDP authors, asking them to rally behind Amazon in their dispute with the publishing company Hachette. It was, to say the least, inspirational.

Let me say, before going any further, I have great respect for Ms. Kitt. She’s been in this publishing game for years, and she has easily written at least ten times as many books as I have. But there are times when I find her just a little confusing.

I received the same email that Ms. Kitt did. Seeing it in my inbox did not fill me with the same sort of dread that she described. Of course, I only have five of my books listed with KDP. Not being enrolled in their KDP Select program, Amazon does nothing whatsoever to promote my books, and the last royalty payment I received from Amazon came to around four dollars and some-odd cents. Ms. Kitt, however, has dozens of books listed on Amazon, if not hundreds, so I can understand her trepidation in receiving the email, but I kind of had to chuckle just a bit when she claimed she has no horse in this race.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I just recently opened a Twitter account. Ms. Kitt was one of the first people that I followed. One of the first things I noticed was that Ms. Kitt tweets a lot. I mean, A LOT!!! Most of them being promotional tweets for her books. Usually her latest one. While to me, a novice, it seemed a little excessive, I figured hey, she’s the professional, it must work for her.

Her excessive tweeting was not an issue for me. Easy enough to scroll past them. What is an issue is how she links her books. Like 99 percent of all other erotica authors, she links her books to… you guessed it, their Amazon pages. And not just on Twitter, anytime I see her promoting her books on any social media outlet, the links are to Amazon!

That is the main thing that confuses me. I can understand somewhat that most erotica authors would do that, since most of them only submit to Amazon, and even if they do submit to other outlets they figure linking to Amazon will garner the most success. But Ms. Kitt’s books are available on a number of outlets, in fact she even has her own publishing company where they are obviously available. Instead of linking to her own website however, she continues to link to Amazon. While that may not make Ms. Kitt Amazon’s “bitch” (according to her own blog post), it’s certainly showing a generous amount of cleavage.

Unlike many, if not most erotica authors, especially ones just starting out, I have my own web page. (The very one you’re reading right now, thank you for visiting!)  Whenever I promote any of my books, whether through back matter or on social media, that’s where I link to. My web pages have a listing of every outlet that my books are available on, including the limited number that are available on Amazon. I never (well…almost never) link my books to their Amazon pages whenever I promote them. There are two main reasons for this: One, as mentioned previously, only five of my books are actually listed on Amazon. Amazon refuses to list my more “taboo” stories, and I refuse to water them down enough to “sneak them through”. And two, linking to Amazon only gives them more power. It only promotes them further, and in effect perpetuates the problem. Over and over again I see author after author treating Amazon like it’s the only game in town. And over and over again, I see Amazon shooting them down one by one.

I give kudos to Ms.Kitt for her excellent blog post. In a way it came just short of rallying erotica authors to join forces against Amazon. (Almost… but not quite.) At the very least, she gives whispered rumblings that the possibility for revolt is there. This was a departure from her usual posts concerning the subject of Amazon. Usually, while she offers scathing criticism of Amazon, she more often than not follows it with advise to other authors on how to “work around” Amazon’s roadblocks. Advise that she is constantly having to update. In this latest blog post, she offers no such advise.

Perhaps that signals a turning point.

Turn Off The Blue Light – a liberal campaign in a conservative country

Originally posted on An Irishman Abroad:

Since the 2011 elections in Ireland, law reform on the issue of prostitution became an issue with some support from opposition parties who were likely to become (and later did become) the new Government. Since then, the issue has received as much attention as any social issue would at a time when a country’s economic woes are far more of a concern to the majority of the population.

Last year, a campaign called Turn Off the Red Light was run with a view to ending sex trafficking in Ireland by making it illegal. The campaign is run by over thirty civic organisations and has been supported by a group of well-known Irish men including the singer Christy Moore. It focuses heavily on the need to protect women working in the sex industry from potential abuse.

In rebuttal to this, a counter-attack called Turn Off The Blue Light has been launched…

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Beware Popular Lies About Sex


“Common sense” tells us that the earth is flat.

Originally posted on Sexual Intelligence:

Not “myths,” but lies.

Katie Couric recently embarrassed herself during an interview with psychologist David Ley about pornography. When he calmly described to her what a range of scientific studies say about porn’s effects on behavior and our brain—that it’s minimal—Couric raised her voice, rolled her eyes, and said she was sick of science. “Can’t we use some common sense here?”

Actually, no. Common sense clearly tells us that the Earth is flat. Want some science with that, Ma’am?

In contrast, Couric believed the fact-less, emotional rantings of her other guest—because they fit Couric’s existing beliefs. Like all morning TV hosts, her job is to say bland things, not to think. At least Couric didn’t lie; she’s just uninterested in facts.

Some people do lie. Here are some popular lies about sex that are easy to believe because they make “common sense”—and because some people are making a lot of…

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Creating a Generation of Young Porn Criminals


Kids looking at porn: Is it dangerous? YES!!! But not for the reasons you might think…

Originally posted on Sexual Intelligence:

I recently received the following inquiry:

I just found out my 9-year-old daughter has been looking at hard-core adult porn (“Ramrod butt busters,” “Sweet on teacher,” etc.).
She spent a weekend at my sister’s, who let her use her laptop. When my sister and I reviewed her internet history, it was obvious; then I looked at my daughter’s iPad, and was shocked all over again. I don’t want to shame my kid about sex, but I want her to be safe. The thought of her absorbing this stuff makes me sick.
What should I do?

Should 9-year-olds be looking at porn? Of course not. Porn is a product specifically made for adults, and young kids can’t possibly consume the product in a healthy way. They’re bound to find the images confusing at best, frightening at worst. If they feel guilty about watching the images, they may obsess on them, strengthening…

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Releasing the “Pause” button for a moment…

stories unwrittenSorry it’s been a while. For a variety of personal reasons, I’ve been taking a bit of a break from “author” activities for a while. Not just writing, but also in areas of promotion. I’ve been easing back into promotional activities recently, posting a little more on some of my social media outlets, but my writing for all intents and purposes has been holding at a standstill.

Some of the more personal reasons I’ve been putting my writing life on hold I won’t go into. As far as some of the more professional reasons, let’s just say I’ve been in somewhat of a “re-evaluation” mode. I wouldn’t call it “soul searching” so much as just trying to figure out my place in the world of writing erotica.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very satisfied, even proud in a way, with the stories I have out so far. It’s just that the results from releasing these stories have been…let’s just say… less than what I was expecting. I’ve been told by my publisher that I’ve actually been doing very well for such a new author, and I’m not saying I don’t believe her. And I’m not saying I’m not making any money from my books…I am… but with 16 ebooks out total at this point, I can’t help but feel the financial results should be a little more lucrative than they are.

It certainly doesn’t help that Amazon won’t carry most of my books. In fact, dealing with Amazon is quite demoralizing period. It’s also a little frustrating seeing author after author being kicked in the balls by Amazon for one reason or another, yet they still try to play the game and try to work around Amazon’s bullshit, thinking that Amazon is the only way to be successful, without seeming to realize that in doing so they become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Making probably one of the worst mistakes possible for an author, I can’t seem to help but compare myself to other authors also. It’s been said almost constantly that the best promotion for your books is to keep writing more books, and I do believe that’s true. However, I see a myriad of erotica authors on some of my social networks almost bragging in a way that they are pumping out a short story a week, basically becoming an erotica ebook “factory” in a way. Even if I was capable of writing that way, I don’t think I would ever want to. If I was going to do “factory” work, I’d just as soon do it in an actual factory. To me, it seems to defeat one of the main purposes of being an author in the first place.

Anyway, that’s sort of where I’m at right now. I realize I have a bit of a fan base out there, and I do appreciate that, and sorry if I’m letting them down in some way. I realize there are some who are waiting for my next installment of the Angel Falls series, as well as some of the other projects which I have floating around in my head. I’m certainly not out of ideas… but a little short these days on ambition, and trying to figure out my place in all this.

All I can say at this point is, I will try to make it worth the wait.


Forrest Young is now on Twitter

lets playI’d thought about checking it out for quite some time. Then someone on one of my Reddit groups posted about their new Twitter page (@IncestConfess), and I had to check it out. I’m actually surprised there was so much “naughty” stuff there. LOL!

Not really sure what I’m going to do with it yet…LOL…or how much I’ll actually use it, but if you have Twitter feel free to follow along with me if you wish.



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