10 Wicked Reasons You Should Be Masturbating More Often


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Alexandra Jamieson is a functional nutrition coach, chef, and mom. She is the co-creator of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, and the author of the new “self-health” book Women, Food & Desire. Alex has been seen on Oprah, Martha Stewart Living, CNN, Fox News, USA Today and People Magazine. Alex offers remarkably sane — and tasty — advice on how to detox, live healthfully and feel fantastic. She lives in Brooklyn where she juggles, somewhat gracefully, raising her 8-year-old son, trying new gluten-free recipes, running her company and riding her bicycle to the food co-op.

Masturbation is both a powerful healer and an incredibly uncomfortable topic to talk about.

Yes, everyone masturbates!

And yes, we should also be doing it more.

According to Indiana University’s National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior, more than half of American adults report masturbation between one and four times a week.

Masturbation though has developed a bad reputation mainly because religion and culture tell us it’s a sin. As a result, many of us feel at least some trace of shame, guilt, or even fear when practicing this very natural act.

But with all it’s incredible and scientifically proven benefits it’s time to finally embrace masturbation!

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10 Good Reasons To Make Masturbation A Habit


#1 It Makes You Relaxed

According to the 2009 University of Michigan study, orgasms cause the body to release dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin (the “love and bonding” hormone).

The boost of these hormones in turn lowers cortisol, a main stress hormone. Chronically elevated cortisol levels lead to inflammation, stress-eating, insomnia, and weight loss resistance.

This means your pleasure-powered workouts will help lead to a toned body.

#2 It Makes You Eat Healthier

Higher levels of oxytocin make us feel happier, which keeps those emotionally triggered food cravings for sugar, cheese, and other “comfort foods” at bay.

Oxytocin levels are usually increased simply through the physical stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, cervix, and breasts.

So, even if you don’t reach climax, you’ll still release this powerful neurotransmitter.

#3 It Improves Sperm Quality

Why? There is less DNA damage and fewer motility problems with fresh sperm.

#4 It Is Physically Healing


The gut and the mind are inextricably linked. In my book Women, Food, and Desire, I tell the story of a client who wasn’t dating, and wasn’t masturbating.

She had been suffering from bloating, gas, and a frustrating “muffin top” that wouldn’t budge for years. I introduced her to a regular self pleasure routine.

After a couple of weeks of regular self-pleasure, she noticed a marked difference in her digestion, and her bloating had reduced greatly.

#5 It Makes You More Self Confident

Masturbating leads to increased self-confidence and a positive upward spiral of self-care.

When you know what you need to bring yourself pleasure and orgasm, you strengthen your emotional intelligence and connection to your body.

Knowing how your body works and what you’re capable of, regardless of your relationship status, helps you make better decisions and create stronger boundaries about dating and mating.

When you can bring yourself physical pleasure, you don’t need someone else to validate that you’re sexy. You know it.

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#6 It Makes You Want More Sex

Another study reveals that sexy daydreams release testosterone in women.

This means that when you read i.e. erotic fiction your body will begin anticipating an encounter, your libido will increase and your juices will literally start flowing.

#7 It Makes You Feel Less Pain

Orgasms (and to a lesser extent simple sexual arousal) increase blood flow to both your brain and reproductive organs, which helps soothe menstrual cramps and headaches.

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#8 It Is Kind Of Like Meditating


Sexual pleasure is a great way to clear your mind of excessive anxiety. It brings you to the present moment; kind of like meditating!

The physical release triggers stress relief and can be a great way to get in touch with your body (and out of your head).

Being in the moment, and focusing on what feels physically good to you, is a wonderful intentional practice with many benefits.

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#9 It Keeps Your Sex Life Alive

Especially if you’re single, or in a long-distance relationship, self-pleasure is a great way to help keep your sexual energy stay alive.

By self-stimulating you’re keeping your reproductive tissues flexible, strong, and healthy. The more solo-sex you have, the more you’ll want sex. This is really helpful for couples that are separated, and for singles looking to keep their sexual energy high.

#10 It Feels Awesome!

Yes it does! .. and we all need more pleasure in our lives, am I right?

By Alexandra Jamieson | Featured Artist: Franz von Bayros | Originally posted on MindBodyGreen

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Poking My Head Up (No, not THAT head!!)

feeling hardHe’s baaaaaack…..

Well, sorta..

In most people’s lives there come times that necessitate a somewhat exorbitant amount of soul searching and healing. Mine came a few months ago with the realization that seven years of my life turned out to be a lie. One of the benefits, however, of being bombarded by such massive deception is you learn to recognize much better what is real. As a result, I have not only healed, but I am thriving as far as my personal life goes. And  I am preparing myself to jump back into endeavors that I have temporarily abandoned.

Quite a few changes have taken place since my absence, both personally and in the field of erotica writing. To touch on all of them in this post would take quite a bit of space, but it is almost heartwarming to see more and more erotica authors discovering the fallacies of dealing with Amazon and seriously looking for other venues. A handful of independent publishers and distributors are already starting to benefit from this, and I expect more and more authors as well as readers will benefit also. I will also share news soon of a new erotica ebook website that is in the process of being put together, a project that I am personally rather excited about. Stay tuned. :)

I’ve recently been working on answering emails and updating sites which have gone grossly neglected. (When I go into hiding, I REALLY go into hiding!!) Corrections to my Links page are almost complete. Creating a new Facebook page is on my “to do” list, so that link is currently non-functional, but everything else should work correctly now, including the link to my Tumblr page, which I had to create again from scratch. In my absence, Tumblr apparently found something even too extreme for them (which is saying a LOT!!), and decided to just arbitrarily cancel my entire account. Not that big of a deal to open a new one, but I did lose followers there that numbered in the hundreds. Barnes & Noble apparently changed their paging system somehow, but that link is fixed now also.

The biggest change for me personally is that not only do I have a new partner in life, but also a new “partner in crime”, so to speak, in my erotica writing endeavors. She is more than excited to collaborate with me on future projects, and I am thrilled with the possibility of including that “woman’s touch” in the stories we come up with. Yes, we are about to become that all too rare commodity in the business, the husband/wife erotica writing team. :)

Is my life awesome, or what?

Closed for now

Due to some personal issues, all endeavors are being put on hold for the time being.

Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket

push itAnother erotica author advising against the notion of being “exclusive” with just one publisher/distributor.

Good article, and an argument that I’ve been touting for months, but I would also add to this that it’s also important to PROMOTE all the venues your books are available as well. I still see far too many authors promoting their books by linking ONLY to their Amazon pages, even even when they are available on multiple sites.

If your books are available on sites in addition to (or even instead of) Amazon, start letting your readers know about it!

I’m presenting Mr. Michelson’s fine article below in its entirety, but you can also read it from his original blog, and check out his other posts about his books and where they are available.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What to Do When Publishers Start Banning Your Erotica?

When it comes to banning authors or books, self-published erotica is the low hanging fruit of the world of fiction. You won’t get news editorials defending the right of someone to publish “Cheerleaders 2: The Trouser Snake Returns” and most independent authors aren’t going to pull down the sort of numbers and have the marketing clout that might make a publisher step back and decide to resist public opinion.
It can be worse today because of the of clickbait articles which are designed solely to drive traffic to their parent site. A writer can type up an article, headline it with: PUBLISHER TOLERATES MONSTER/ALIEN/SEXY CHEERLEADER PORN, slap up a few pictures or excerpts and watch the page views (and revenue) roll in. Meanwhile, the publisher’s staff quickly go through the catalog and delist some books so that they can say they’re doing something about it.
First of all, someone, somewhere is now shouting about the First Amendment, that glorious document that protects us from this and lets us sell our erotic stories.
Stop. Seriously. Stop.
The First Amendment only applies to the government. There are some very, VERY limited cases where a publisher refusing to publish something might attract the  government’s interest, but erotic stories? Nope. They have a perfect right to sell or not sell any story submitted to them.
They’re also not doing it because they hate you. A publisher loves one thing: Green, as in the color of the money you bring them. Now individual reviewers or editors might have an ax to grind, but most publishers don’t care. They’re banning books because they think it will ultimately make them more money than keeping those books available will.

So What’s the Author of Erotica to do?

It’s simple:
Never, EVER, let yourself be trapped with one storefront. Always spread books out among several distributors in order to ensure that if there’s a problem with on, it won’t destroy your revenue stream. These companies don’t talk with each other and many of them have far different standards. If a book gets banned or if it looks like one of your books is going to run into TOS related troubles, just sell it via a different channel.
That also helps you if, heaven forbid, you get your entire account banned— you still have books up for sale and you still have an Internet presence. There is nothing worse than realizing that you put your eggs all in one basket and now not only have you been banned, but your fans have no way to keep buying your book. In the time it takes to rebuild your Internet presence you could lose thousands of dollars worth of sales.
Finally, note that if you’re only selling through one publisher, you’re not simply at the mercy of decisions to ban your books or account, but you’re also at the mercy of decisions to change the contract you’re working under. If it’s a choice between rebuilding everything from scratch and accepting a new deal that cuts your royalties by 10 percent, what are you going to do? Well, if you have your books being published through other avenues, you have much more freedom to say: “nope!” and take your books with you.
Finally, a word of advice:
Don’t take it personally. These companies are making a business decision. It maybe a stupid decision, it may be a decision that is harmful to your pocketbook, but it’s not personally aimed at you. In fact, it may be based on an automated scan of your work instead of someone reading it. Getting pissed off won’t change anything and can lead you down unproductive avenues. Just keep your options open and keep writing. You’ll be successful.

Oh, there’s another thing to consider: If you’re good enough to write erotica, you’re also good enough to write general fiction, so in addition to spreading out your options in terms of who you’re publishing with, you might want to consider writing to a wide range of genres.

Sex therapy: Stop trying to be ‘normal’


One of the greatest quotes I’ve ever come across was from Morticia Addams in the Addams Family movie, where she states, “Normal is an illusion.. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”
Now it seems at least a few sex therapists are finally starting to agree.

Originally posted on Missy Jubilee's Vagina:

Three experts talk about how sexual expectations are changing and the issues they are asked to address

Dr Meg Barker

Dr Meg Barker, sex and relationship therapist and author of Rewriting the Rules

People are very scared of not being normal. By far the most common question I’ve heard as a therapist is “Am I normal?” And people come to sex therapy with the hope that it will make them “normal”. Generally what they mean by that is the ability to have sex that involves penetration and orgasm, lasts a certain amount of time and takes place an average number of times a week – whatever all that is!

We still have lots of taboos. A “sexless relationship” is one. It’s seen as the worst thing in the world that would definitely lead to break-up. In truth, lots of relationships are not sexual and totally fine. There are also taboos about people being…

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WARNING!!: I’m About To Go On Another Rampage

chained booksI should probably just stay out of the erotica authors forum on Reddit. At the very least, I should SERIOUSLY refrain from posting there.

Which is why I decided to instead post another blog entry here.

This might end up being just another exercise in futility, but there are just some things that need to be said. This blog post, like earlier ones, may end up finding its way onto the erotica authors Reddit forum anyway. If it does, so fucking be it.

Anyway… One of the latest topics:

Is Amazon really this arbitrary?

So another post with a group of erotica authors again bitching about Amazon’s hypocrisy and unfair treatment. Most of it run of the mill, full of blatant examples and author frustration. Easy enough to leave alone. “Be quiet and just let them stew,” I sat here and told myself.. Hopefully this will be just another step on their way to coming to their senses, and finally becoming sick and tired enough to start telling Amazon to go fuck themselves.

But then, this response shows up, by one of the forum’s so-called “experts”:

Here’s the deal Elena: Amazon isn’t perfect.

It’s that simple.

They are dealing with hundreds of thousands of books being thrown onto the shelves and there’s no way they can properly police every single one. Some of them are going to slip through. It’s BOUND to happen.


Those books aren’t hurting you. Hell, they are HELPING YOU. They are drawing readers who want more naughty content, and those readers will move on to books that aren’t quite so OBVIOUSLY BANNABLE.

But, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. Don’t let what is PUBLISHED on Amazon justify what you WANT to publish.

I can go there right now and find a whole pile of hypnosis/mind control/dubcon books. They are all over Amazon.

I also know full-well that authors are getting BANNED for these things. I just saw another one today with a temp-ban for a title that was almost a year old.

Should I write a dubcon book? Hell, it’s almost GUARANTEED high sales if I can get it up on the store, and there’s at least a chance that it will slip past the censors. I could just go roll the dice, right?

Sure I could, if I didn’t mind risking my ENTIRE account in the process.

When you are writing niche BLEEDING EDGE erotica, you are walking around in a minefield. We’ve put together a decent map that shows where the land mines are. Write erotica that stays within those lines and you are almost certainly safe. Start prancing about outside of the lines, and it’s only a matter of time before you lose a leg (or worse).

TL;DR: Stop worrying about what other people are getting away with. Follow the rules, color inside the lines, and enjoy a long and LUCRATIVE journey in Amazon ebook sales.

I don’t even know where to begin here.. This reaches a new level of pathetic, even for this group.

First of all, it doesn’t MATTER??? SERIOUSLY??

As an author, being told you can’t write something is enough of a kick in the balls. Being told you can’t write something while OTHER people can is beyond frustrating!! If you DON’T get pissed at that, you are no longer an “author”.. You are just a fucking automaton sitting in front of a keyboard banging out whatever you’re told for profit.  Being one of these pathetic automatons is bad enough. Encouraging OTHER authors to be one also is inexcusable!

Telling erotica authors to “play it safe” is absolutely one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever heard.

Erotica authors.

Play it SAFE!!!


If we wanted to “play it safe”, we wouldn’t BE fucking erotica authors in the FIRST fucking place!! You might as well just tell us to abandon the whole notion and write fucking children’s books!

Okay.. Moving on to the next point:

Those books aren’t hurting you. Hell, they are HELPING YOU. They are drawing readers who want more naughty content, and those readers will move on to books that aren’t quite so OBVIOUSLY BANNABLE.

Okay, really?? You’re sitting there trying to tell us that a reader who has had (or came in with) a taste of what Amazon considers “taboo” is actually going to look around and settle for laying their money down on the more “run-of-the-mill” erotica??

Newsflash: If I come into Amazon, or anyplace else, wanting to read a hot story about a horny daughter wanting to fuck the shit out of her father, I am NOT going to “settle for” the latest escapade of a BBW salivating over a tryst with the neighborhood billionaire!

You are right about one thing: Those books ARE helping! They are helping to show erotica authors that THERE IS A MARKET for stories like that!! The answer, though, is NOT to tell authors that readers will simply settle for the other “Amazon-approved” drivel that’s available.. They won’t!! Instead, start telling your readers where they CAN find those kinds of stories they want!! Because right now, readers DON’T KNOW where to find them, because erotica authors REFUSE to steer their readers in ANY other direction besides AMAZON!! And AMAZON will not offer them what they want!

Do you see how your approach is hurting both authors AND readers?? Eventually neither one gets what they want, and frustration is the inevitable outcome for both groups.

But, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. Don’t let what is PUBLISHED on Amazon justify what you WANT to publish.

On this point we can agree: DON’T publish what you want to publish on Amazon!!

Publish it somewhere else.

And then start telling your readers where it is they can find it.

DON’T tell me that it won’t work, and DON’T tell me that Amazon is too big!! Obviously there is a market out there for the kinds of erotica that Amazon refuses to provide, so DON’T tell other erotica authors not to write it!! And DON’T expect readers to settle for anything less. Because they won’t.

Telling erotica authors to “follow the rules” and “color inside the lines” is the most asinine fucking thing I’ve ever heard of. By our very NATURE , we break rules and completely obliterate the fucking lines!!!

That’s what MAKES us erotica authors!

Our readers don’t expect anything less.

Nor should they.


Available on Carnal Pleasures – P Is For Pleasure by Surely Wilder

158b17598b9ccc423ce80077600c761c.image.374x600Surely Wilder – P Is For Pleasure


[Mother Son Incest, Impregnation, MILF Seduction, Oral & Anal Sex, Explicit Talk, BDSM Dungeon, Bondage & Discipline, Spanking, Golden Showers, Group Sex]

      Widowed at an early age, Kathleen foregoes the pleasures of physical intimacy and romance to raise her son to adulthood. She never realizes her sacrifice and devotion are fully appreciated by her son until he sets a clever trap to seduce her. Still, a mother worries; she cannot give in to her own growing desires until she knows his love for her, and his desire for a child, are as sincere as hers.

Ordinarily, incestuously-themed stories that include elements of resulting pregnancy are not really my cup of tea. There are, however, exceptions, and this featured selection would certainly be one of them!

One of the things that make incestuous stories so appealing to me is the naturally built-in emotional factors that just cannot be present in any other erotica genre. It’s something I like to explore as an author, and something I like to experience as a reader. Even with it naturally built in, many erotica authors don’t really explore it to its fullest potential. This author obviously does! Just looking at the word count and reading the excerpt is enough to tell you that. Many erotica writers barely get past the concept of son wanting to put his tab A into mom’s slot B. Not so in this case. There is the slow build-up, the conflicting emotions, the internal arguments, all the taboo nuances that this author obviously explores in great depth. It’s an agonizing climb to the eventual sexual fulfillment, but ohh, it hurts so good!!

And what could be better than an in-depth story exploring all the delicious nuances of forbidden pleasure between mother and son? A sequel which adds all those elements between father and daughter into the mix as well!

So far P Is For Pleasure parts 1 & 2 are the only selections available on Surely Wilder’s author page. Hopefully there will be many more titles to come from this author.


      With that, Philip descended again and put his babymaker at the opening of my sex. This time there was no pushing, we both held perfectly still in this moment of decision.
      “So, if I say yes, you will keep me naked whenever possible?”
      “Yes,” Philip growled.
      “You’ll make me go down on my knees and suck your hard cock till your hot cum explodes in my mouth?”
      “Yes.” His voice softened.
      “You’ll scream vile and perverted things at me and fuck me when I least expect it?”
      “Yes, Whore.” Oh God, I never thought that word could be a compliment, but in this time and place it described exactly how I felt. Still, I had to know just a little more.
      “You’ll show me all the ways of pleasure and deny me no fantasy?”
      “You’ll kiss me gently at night and tell me how much you love me?”
      “Always,” he promised with sincerity.
      “You’ll knock Mommy up and give her as many babies as she wants?”
      “You’ll do all these things for me?”
      “This and more, this is only the beginning of your training.”
      Oh, what a thought, my sexual training? I had my answer. I tilted my pelvis up and felt his cock open my chamber as I screamed. “Then do it, son. I am your willing fuck toy. Plunge your cunt stick into me and never ask permission again,” I pleaded.
      With that, I felt Philip’s weight press down on me as his prick stabbed into my birth canal. It was a heavenly pressure filled with so much promise and more. I was fully aware of the vows I had just made to him. I could only hope that he would be true to the vows he had given me. I was also very aware that we were fucking for real. At 38, I could have many more children, and I was willing to have as many as we could afford.

Word Count: 42,009

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Warm, Watered Down, and All the Fizz Is Gone

still havent gotten offOkay, so you just KNEW I’d be saying something about this at some point! :)

Once again, author Selena Kitt presents us with an article exposing the blatant hypocrisy of Amazon. Of course, exposing Amazon’s hypocrisy is like shooting fish in a barrel these days. And she really presents no new information in this latest offering. But very few people are able to rip Amazon a new asshole with the kind of grace and style that Ms. Kitt offers, so of course I personally found this latest posting of hers uplifting most of the way through it.

You notice I said “most of the way through it”. For near the end, Ms. Kitt, like most other erotica authors, old and new, lament and lambast Amazon for the hoops that Amazon makes erotica authors jump through incessantly, yet in almost the next breath she proceeds to promote the very titles that Amazon has forced her to “water down” in order to gain the coveted acceptance onto their illustrious pages. She EVEN promotes that there is a “special” going on for them!

Yes, I understand that bills need to be paid. And yes, I understand that making money is a big part of this whole “writing erotica” deal. But once again, feeding the beast that keeps biting your ass is the very definition of counterproductive. I’ve said it a hundred times before, and I’m going to keep saying it.. Until erotica authors start promoting OTHER venues besides Amazon where their books are available, NOTHING is going to change! Stories will keep getting watered down, transcripts and covers will keep needing to be revised, titles, blurbs and descriptions will keep needing to be “guessed at” as far as what words will be able to slip through the “filters”, and erotica authors will continue to feel that tightening in their gut every time they press the “Publish” button!

Before I go any further, can I just say one thing? I absolutely can’t STAND reading “pseudo-incest” erotica!!! Trying to read pseudo-incest stories is like trying to watch Japanese porn. Sure, they show everything, but they end up pixelizing all the “naughty” parts. Or trying to watch episodes of the old TV show “Girls Next Door”, about Hugh Hefner and his three live-in girlfriends. Yes, entire breasts were shown, but the nipples were “photoshopped” out of them. I mean, what the fuck, we all KNOW the “parts” are there, what’s  the point in trying to pretend they’re not?? Going out of your way to point out that a character is just a “step” brother, or “step” mom or whatever pretty much garners the same effect.

Newsflash: Insulting my intelligence is not the way to make my dick hard.

Anyway, here’s the link to Ms. Kitt’s latest article. I’d considered posting it in its entirety once again, as I have for previous articles of hers I’d commented on, but this commentary got to be pretty long, so I’ll forgo doing that this time around. I did enjoy the article, but I did get a mild touch of mental whiplash near the end.

It seemed to be yet another typical case of erotica authors ending up feeding the hand that bites them.

Just released: Come Again, WTF erotica by K.C. Cave


The latest release from my fellow Carnal Pleasures author K.C. Cave!!

Originally posted on K. C. Cave:

K.C. CAVE - Come Again_small

Come Again, book 4 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures, in which the question, Can you get paid to teach a woman how to masturbate? is answered. Alison and her new girlfriend, Moriah, find out that yes, you sure as hell can. It’s like this: After a homemade porno of Moriah jilling-off to a bone-shattering orgasm accidentally got posted to the internet, hundreds of women responded with emails asking for help in achieving orgasmic release. Who knew so many women don’t know how their lady parts work?

After successfully teaching one young woman how to come, Alison and Moriah take their show on the road. The name of their new enterprise is Come Again. These two beautiful, sexy and insatiable women fulfill their version of the American dream: making house calls to teach women how to masturbate. [FF, FFF, explicit erotica, squirting, masturbation, ménage, BDSM]

View original 621 more words

An Injection of Inspiration

new linesThere are periods in my life when I go through a rather serious crisis of the soul.

Times when I find myself questioning everything, contemplating where I’m at, where I want to go, and my place in the grand scheme of things. Times when it seems that all I can see are roadblocks, and where I want to be seems light years away.

I have definitely been going through such a crisis recently. To the point where I have at times seriously considered abandoning my current pursuits. I have always found it somewhat difficult to “fit in”, and the pursuit of erotica authorship seemed to be turning out to be no exception.

Then I come across something like this…

I came across this blog post while perusing through my Twitter feed this morning. For many it will be a swift kick in the ass. For me, it was a much needed shot in the arm.

The post can be read directly at its source here, but I present it below in its entirety:

Monday, October 6, 2014


I was considering posting my thoughts under “Ravings Of A Mad Writer” because it would seem that my thoughts belong there. I’m feeling an internal rant coming on; cresting, roaring, breaking like Mother Nature’s most wicked fury. But this isn’t just my issue. This is AN issue. Prepare yourself for my long explanation and anger. I hope some of you can share my anger. Warning: I say fuck a lot.


Noun – a social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.

Adjective – prohibited or restricted by social custom : sex was a taboo subject

ORIGIN late 18th cent: From Tongan tabu’set apart, forbidden’ ; introduced into English by Captain Cook

Ok. So I’m really hating this Captain Cook guy right now… Not because he coined a word to encompass all the things that are socially or religiously unacceptable, but because he coined something in the 18th century. It might not be all that rational to dislike like this guy based on his time period, but I just can’t help it. I honestly feel the taboos relevant to the 18th century are still relevant today. Herein lies the problem.

All religious notions aside; God fucking help us.

I’m so angry with the modern world right now that I could spit tacks. I find myself cursing when I search out publishers to submit my newest completed work to. One tiny moment at the very end of my story (A Normal Girl) will be the sole reason my fiction is rejected before anyone has even given it a chance.

Reading through submission guidelines, I run across things like:

1.  “No scat or depictions or misuse of excretory functions.” Does that mean poop or pee?
2.  “No deprived acts” What the hell does that mean? Depravity has no bounds…
3.  “We do not accept bestiality (does not apply to shapeshifters), rape, etc.” The Shapeshifter bit makes me laugh because THEN bestiality is OK, but what the fuck does “etc.” mean?

Really. If a publisher can’t clarify something on their webpage as important as to what is admissible or not, then they shouldn’t be a fucking publishing house!

I began writing my story to prove a point and drive home a message important to me, and now I struggle with the possibility my story will never be read by mass readers. All the other struggles aside; submitting, competing with other authors, making it through the cracks and not being cast into the unholy slush pile of disregarded and forgotten manuscripts… Geeze. Like it’s not already hard enough. Now I get to deal with not belonging in the “published by a publishing house” category because my subjects of fiction are taboo.

What makes something taboo? Who says what topics aren’t ok? Who has that power? Why? My story’s taboo is used to make a point, not to titillate. But that’s beside the point. Even if I had taken a taboo subject and glorified it, made it sexy, it shouldn’t fucking matter. Apparently because it’s fiction, it’s just not OK.

Pisses me off that the rules aren’t the same for non-fiction. You hear about autobiographies from so-and-so all the time about their time in captivity during war and the atrocities they went through. You read about rape and incest survivors and hear about how well their stories sell in the book stores. Why is what I’m writing about different? Why am I not allowed to write and publish what I want because it’s fiction and taboo? Does a true story have more merit than the creativity I pull out of my head?

I don’t think so. FICTION. Sweet mercy, people. Do we really live in such a world where ancient taboos are still modern? How many hundreds of years have to pass before writing–free to write, free speech and all–is really allowed. How dare anyone tell me or anyone else what’s not OK.

So fuck you backward thinking publishing houses. OH! And fuck you Amazon. Fuck you for banning books based on societal taboos. Fuck you society for making anyone feel ashamed about reading material. I don’t condone underage sex, incest, rape, bestiality (with or without shapeshifters), or other “depraved acts,” but I do condone writing about them, however you fucking want to write about them. Your own personal thoughts and opinions, especially in fiction, is a god given right.

I’ll continue to write what I want and how I want. I might not reach the masses with my story’s message, but I might reach one or two. I’ll still be heard, and maybe my message will make a different in the life of those willing to overlook the taboo.

Erotica That Sucks, Part 2


Great, now I have an urge to write a story about someone with a doll fetish.
As if my life wasn’t complicated enough.

Originally posted on Michael Dalton:

Yesterday I decided to vent a bit about crappy erotica, and that vent created a bit of a stir for a three-day-old blog. Having established why so much erotica sucks, I promised to offer my thoughts on how not to suck.

Therein though lies a problem, because tastes in erotica vary so widely. It’s impossible for me to offer much one-size-fits-all advice. All I can really do is explain how to write erotica that I think doesn’t suck. There aren’t a lot of objective standards here, for obvious reasons.

This is also much too big a subject for one blog post, so tonight I’m going to focus on one problem in particular.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you had at your disposal two (or more) fully animatronic, anatomically correct robots. You can make them fit whatever your personal preferences may be, and dress them (or not) according to your…

View original 685 more words

Can women think their way to more frequent orgasms?


It took interviewing 251 French women to figure this out???

Originally posted on Missy Jubilee's Vagina:


A new study has found a link between sexy thoughts and the female orgasm, says Tania Gomez.

Research has found that women who regularly reach orgasm during sex reported having more erotic thoughts and seemed to be more present in the moment when they were having intercourse than those who did not orgasm regularly during sex.

When it came to self-stimulation however, both groups were found to have equal amounts of erotic thoughts.

The study looked at 251 French women ages 18 to 67, of this group 176 women in the group said they regularly had orgasms during sex and 75 said they had difficulties climaxing with their partners.

All those in the group said they were sexually active and the frequency of sexual activity varied between two and 90 times per month.

Women in the study were asked to answer questions about the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that played…

View original 92 more words

Why Does So Much Erotica Suck?


All I can say is wow… This takes BALLS!!!
This will most likely piss a lot of erotica authors off. If so, all I can say is…. Good!!

Originally posted on Michael Dalton:

It’s no great reach to point out that there is an awful lot of erotica out there that is Not That Good. And a lot of it just plain sucks.

Why is this so? Well, as a threshold problem, writing well is not easy. But erotica carries with it some unique qualities that affect both how it is created and how it is consumed. There is really no other genre in which bad writing can thrive the way it does in erotica.

This is because of the simple reason that people read erotica not just to be entertained but also to be aroused. Readers of erotica will put up with an amazing level of bad writing as long as the story hits one of their fetishes effectively. Glaring typos, stereotypical characters, hackneyed dialogue, and preposterous premises can be blithely excused just as long as the sex gets their juices flowing.


View original 575 more words

Available at Carnal Pleasures – Trophy Mom by E.R.O. Scott

30509ffb5b3f77be99a4b31c3f825889.image.374x600E.R.O. Scott – Trophy Mom


[Incest Erotica, Family Exotica, Sci-Fi Erotica]

      Joan is the head research chemist at a pharmaceutical company who decides to personally test her new drug, Aphrodite, a true aphrodisiac for women. Unfortunately, a dosage miscalculation causes her sexual desire to grow out of control. At home after work, her sons invite Mom to join them for a dip in the pool. She does. Her sons end up providing the most intense fun she’s ever experienced.

Don’t you just love taboo stories with a bit of a unique ‘twist’ to them? :D That’s certainly what you get in this sordid tale by E.R.O. Scott as a “science experiment gone wrong” situation serves as a backdrop for all sorts of incestuous debauchery. Just one of 10 uniquely told renderings on E.R.O. Scott’s author page on Carnal Pleasures.


      GynaDyne had just received permission from the FDA to start human trials on Aphrodite and Joan was in charge of the process of setting up trial protocols. So what Joan was about to do wasn’t in any sense illegal but, as the head chemist, it was frowned upon for her to be the first guinea pig.
      Joan shrugged and smiled. Oh well, she told herself, it’s unlikely if the Board of Directors finds out what I’ve done that they’ll fire me. If her first dosing didn’t work the way she hoped it would then she could adjust it and try it again at home.
      Setting the vial down on her desk, she went out to the lab to get a milligram scale. Back in her office she looked at the notes that her secretary had transcribed and printed out for her. Joan turned on the digital scale and placed a one-quarter inch square of sterile absorbent paper on it, then she tared the scale until it was zeroed out. Next she opened the vial and, using a minute dropper, added sixty milligrams of the drug. It was a small amount but, according to her calculations, it should be the correct dose for mildly enhancing her libido.
      Joan picked the bit of paper up off the scale, looked at it, then popped it in her mouth. She then drank what was left of the coffee in her cup on the desk. She often drank her coffee cold, being caught up in her work and letting it cool to room temperature. She was used to it, even liked it that way sometimes. She put the scale away back in the lab. Joan hadn’t noticed any particular taste from the drug, not that she was expecting any. She figured it would be about twenty to thirty minutes for the drug to take effect. Fifteen minutes later she felt warm and realized she was squeezing her thighs together rhythmically. She also felt that familiar wet feeling in her vagina that meant sexual arousal.
      “Oh yeah,” Joan said out loud. “Mmmm!” She placed her hands on her 32C breasts, which at five feet, two inches tall and 108 pounds, looked really good on her. At age forty-five she was still a good-looking woman who took care of herself physically.
      Joan had always had sensitive breasts. Now she squeezed them with her hands relishing their firm softness and feeling the hard nubs of her even more sensitive and now aroused nipples through the material of her white silk blouse and lightweight brassiere. Her body gave a shudder of pleasure as she squeezed her pussy particularly hard between her thighs while her hands firmly kneaded her breasts.
      “Whew! This is coming on faster and harder than I thought it would. I need to go back over my calculations to see if I missed something.”

Word Count: 59,195

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

FREE EBOOK Through the Month of October!!

Lucy psp cover 1 500x800With the weather getting cooler, why not warm up with an erotica story chock-full of delicious taboo scenarios? :)

From now through the end of October, I am offering my taboo erotica ebook Lucy FREE on Smashwords to followers of my website as well as my other social media outlets such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook,  Google+, and Reddit.

To get the free ebook, go to the book’s Smashwords page, click on the “Buy” button, and enter the coupon code TY77X. Then click “Checkout” and download the book in your preferred format.

Lucy is my favorite title among the books in my Spinning Heads collection, which is a series of stories I wrote years ago and recently polished up for publication. It is the story of a young woman who develops an obsession with pleasuring men with her hands after catching her cousin Mike masturbating one night. It is an obsession that never wanes, even after she is happily married. Facing the prospect of losing her husband after he finds out, Lucy conveys the story of how her obsession started and the lengths she goes to satisfy it.

Lucy is also available through Carnal Pleasures, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Taboo Reading, Scribd, and (believe it or not) Amazon, but this free ebook offer is ONLY available through Smashwords, and expires on October 31st.

Thank you for checking out my website, and hope you enjoy!


Available on Carnal Pleasures : Daddy’s Favorite Dress by Laura Lovecraft

4e943f4f683ac7703e5f1a39190f4269.image.374x600Laura Lovecraft- Daddy’s Favorite Dress


[incest, father daughter incest, daddy, daughter, taboo incest, taboo erotica, daughter seducing father]

Nicole’s father hasn’t been the same since her mom died last year. With the anniversary of her death approaching, Dad is worse than ever, drinking steadily and many nights so drunk he mistakes Nicole for her mother. All Dad wants is one more night with his wife to say goodbye. In a desperate act of love to save her dad, Nicole dons Mom’s best dress and lets her father love his wife one last time.

An incestuous story teeming with love and tenderness is what today’s feature offers when a daughter desires to give her father the ultimate gift.

Laura Lovecraft is definitely one of Carnal Pleasures’ most prolific authors, with 31 different titles offered on Laura’s author page, running the gamut of tender and sweet to downright raunchy and primal. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Laura Lovecraft can probably fill it.


      My attention turned to the feeling of dad tugging on the tie around my neck. I felt it loosen and the top of the dress loosen. His hand came around to the front and grabbing the top of the dress, smiled, “As good beautiful as this dress is, I know what’s underneath is even better.” He pulled the top down and I moaned when my small breasts sprang free.
      His hand was immediately on my right breast, and I shuddered involuntarily as he fondled my soft flesh. My breast was completely covered by his large hand and like my clit I felt my nipple stiffen at the sensation of his palm caressing it. I was breathing hard both from nerves and my body automatically responding to the contact. His thumb was still toying with my clit, rubbing a little then stopping. He was taking his time, teasing and playing, touching me in the way a long time lover who was in no hurry would.
      But to him I was that long-time lover and knowing I needed to act accordingly I grabbed the top of his jeans and unsnapped them. Moving quickly to not lose my nerve I unzipped him and pushed my hand inside. He moaned as my hand slid along the length of his long and extremely hard cock. Moving his hand, he cupped my breast and began running his thumb around my nipple in the same manner he was teasing my clit.
      Leaning my head on his shoulder so he couldn’t see my nervousness, I gripped his cock through his underwear and stoked him. His hips started rocking and his fingers picked up speed, moving faster within me. His thumb pressed firmly against my hard button and I moaned into his neck as he was now moving it in hard fast circles. His hand switched to my other nipple, his fingers finding my swollen pink flesh and rolling it between his fingers.
      Again I was surprised at his soft touch. But nowhere near as surprised as I was when I felt the beginning of an orgasm stirring within me. My hips were moving faster into his hand and I was moaning as much as I was breathing at this point. I kept my hand moving on his cock, trying not to think about how I was going to be able to let him put it inside me. Dad was breathing hard as well and His fingers were trembling on my nipple.
      Dad surprised me by dropping down on his knees in front of me. That move took my hand from his cock, but put his face low enough for him to take my nipple into his mouth. I moaned in what I had to admit was surprised pleasure at the feeling of his warm mouth and soft tongue on my excited skin. Reaching back he unzipped my dress and tugged it down over my hips. He removed his hand from my pussy and I swore the whimper I released had an edge of disappointment to it.

Word Count: 28,580

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Attacking Sex Trafficking by…Attacking Sex Workers?


Once again, politicians CREATING a “problem” in order to solve it.

And, as usual, only making it worse instead of better.

Originally posted on Sexual Intelligence:

How many people do you think are sex trafficked in the U.S. every year: 200,000? 300,000?

If your blood’s boiling about what sounds these days like an epidemic, here’s good news: According to the U.S. Justice Department, the actual number of people trafficked into the country for all reasons (mostly for labor rather than sex) is about 17,500 people year. In a rare show of bureaucratic consensus, the U.S. State Department’s estimate is between 14,000-17,000.

“But,” you say, “surely that’s too low? What about the numbers I hear from all these anti-trafficking organizations?”

Good question. And here’s the answer: if you define trafficking broadly enough, it does look like there are a million or more victims. The numbers also sound enormous if you’re vague about whether the trafficking involves the U.S. or semi-functional countries like Moldova, Haiti, and Bangladesh.

Some non-profit organizations define sex trafficking to include all prostitutes. Others…

View original 872 more words

Banned (Erotic) Books Week – The Latest from Selena Kitt

sexy evilI kind of wish Selena Kitt used WordPress so I could just reblog most of her posts directly. :)

In lieu of that, I’m just going to copy and paste her latest offering in its entirety, because it’s just that fucking good!!

But here’s the link if you want to read it directly from the source. (Which I would highly recommend!)

17352184_sIt’s “banned books week” so of course I’m going to talk about banned books. Specifically, banned erotic books, since, that genre happens to be my bread and butter. Recently, Michelle Keep wrote a scathing (and oh-so-accurate) commentary about Amazon’s hypocritical stance on erotica. They advertised “banned books” in a public email, but behind the scenes, they continue to suppress erotica to a great degree, and most customers aren’t even aware.

And for those of you who are rolling your eyes and think that the whole “erotica censorship thing” is over, I can tell you that in the past few months, I have heard from authors about:

  • Audiobooks being filtered. Not from Audible/ACX but on Amazon itself. Check salesrankexpress.com for your audio books and see if they’re filtered. I’ve also heard from authors who have received notice of “unacceptable content” from Amazon about audio books that have been filtered – which have corresponding ebook versions. The ebook versions have not been removed in these cases. The notices seem to be strangely impotent, as Amazon and Audible, while owned by the same company, seem to be operating separately under different rules (or guidelines, as it were.) But that Amazon is going through titles and sending out notices about audiobooks is disturbing.
  • Account blocks. Not BOOK blocks. ACCOUNT blocks. This happened to the aforementioned Michelle Keep, who submitted a book, after making significant changes, after it had been blocked. Amazon has taken a hard line when it comes to resubmitting blocked books. No longer will they “draft” a book and allow you to make changes and resubmit. Now, a book is blocked outright if it is in violation of “content guidelines” – and if you resubmit that book, you may actually have your whole account frozen. Amazon let the Keeps have their account back, after they promised to be good, but I’ve heard of at least one other author who had their account completely removed. Banned from Amazon KDP entirely.
  • More blocked books, specifically dark romance, dubcon and rape fantasies. These are still the focus of the latest purge. Much of what is being reported as blocked involves those topics.

Now that the Kindle Unlimited program has given short erotica new life, we’re seeing a surge of it again in the Amazon store. I imagine the Amazon cockblockers KDP reviewers are being inundated with the stuff, and much of it is being clearly either stolen or outsourced, slapped with copyright-questionable covers, and put up quickly in order to cash in on “borrows.” I’m sure some of them are gunning for those “Kindle Unlimited” bonuses, but I can assure you, no pure erotica author (who isn’t a romance crossover) will be allowed to wear the Kindle Unlimited bonus badge of honor. Amazon will make sure of that. But this is going to cause a backlash for erotica authors, I have no doubt. I predict the noose is going to get even tighter, and punishments are going to be handed out more quickly and with even more force.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much recourse anymore, and the lines of communication — informing authors whether the problem with a book was in the title, cover or blurb, for example — have been closed. Amazon has no interest in telling erotica authors what the rules are, how they may have violated them, or giving them a chance to fix any problems. If you violate the vague, inconsistent, untransparent rules, your book is out. And there’s no three strikes. Two at the most, it seems. If you’re lucky.

I’m sure this is in response to KDP users like the above, who abuse the system to such a degree that jackboot tactics are necessary. Does it annoy me that there are people peeing in the KDP pool? Yes. But Amazon annoys me more. They apply the same punishments to people like the Keeps – who write some pretty amazing erotic fiction – that they do to the blackhat internet marketers outsourcing their stuff and stealing covers for it. Amazon has plenty of money – I think it’s time they invested in more than a few (also outsourced – to places like India) KDP reviewers to handle these issues. They’re a publisher now – it’s time for them to take responsibility for that fact and stop trying to sweep it under the rug.

Instead, they continue to ignore the problem and place the responsibility (and the blame!) for what appears in the Kindle store on erotica writers. How is it our fault one of their cockblockers KDP reviewers approved something that was “in violation of content guidelines?” The fact is, it isn’t. We aren’t the ones responsible for what is or isn’t allowed to be published on Amazon.

But we are the ones who are going to pay the ultimate price.

I’ve been in this business for the past eight years, and that, I’m afraid, is just about what you’d expect from Amazon.

As always, support erotica writers by liking and following “Banned Erotic Books” on Facebook and Twitter.

And read a few banned erotica books this week. We have lots of them on Excessica Eden. Enjoy!


Available on Carnal Pleasures – Family Retreat by R. Richard

dc04e55c183b0ba74d9a9579ab86da28.image.375x600R. Richard – Family Retreat


Laura and her two children, Linda and Larry, are forced to escape to a Pacific island to escape her husband, Leon, who is a homicidal maniac. Linda is a borderline nymphomaniac, and needs sex on a regular basis. Larry is only too happy to oblige. Laura is then drawn into the sexual action. With Linda’s needs leading the way, the family gets into any number of sexual adventures. Of course, Larry still has to deal with Leon, who will track them down. [incest, island, mother, sister, brother, strip, nude, group sex, adventure]

You never know what’s going to come out of the imagination of author R. Richard… Not only does this author explore a wide range of taboo relationships, they are often set against the backdrop of various locales and provocative situations. Whether you enjoy more “instant gratification”, or enjoy the road to getting there, with 22 titles to select from on R. Richard’s author page, you’re sure to find something that will trip your trigger. ;)



      Linda tells me, “Larry, I have to climax at least once a day and I’m noisy when I climax.”
Since we have lived in the same house, on and off, for over 18 years, I wonder why Linda finds it necessary to tell me about her need. However, that’s a girl for you.
As Linda and I walk down to the ocean, we each wear our grubby housecleaning clothes, and we each carry a towel. Linda carries a largish bucket, a clean toilet plunger, saltwater soap and a bottle of detergent. I carry a fishing pole.
We’ll wash the clothes and ourselves in the ocean. Then we’ll walk back to the house, and rinse ourselves and our clothes in fresh water. The more-or-less fresh rinse-water will then be used to water our garden. Waste not, want not! We get to the shore, and I ask Linda, “Do you want to take either the left or right beach, and I’ll take the other?”
Linda looks at me with great impatience. She sighs, “Brother dear, we have something of a problem here. I damn well need a good hot fuck or two after a week on the road. If the little surfer girls were correct, you need the same thing. You need pussy, I got pussy. I need cock, you got cock. Now what’s this shit about separate beaches?”
I stare back at Linda and ask, “Wanna fuck?”
Linda half turns, looks down, makes a show of biting her lip, and says, “I thought you’d never ask, you smooth talking son of a bitch!” Eloquence is definitely not Linda’s strong suit. Getting to the point is!
Linda and I find a good patch of damp, packed sand. Linda gets down on all fours, I mount her from behind, and we do it doggy style. I’m at my horny, pile-driving best, and Linda wants to be ravished, not just fucked. Mind you, she’s willing to help with the ravishing, but just keep the hard cock coming until she climaxes!

Word Count: 5,608

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available on Carnal Pleasures – Forbidden Promise by Lily Weidner

7fa58b929c7fed7de917dfd80f8b246b.image.374x600Lily Weidner – Forbidden Promise


[Uncle/Niece Incest, Father/Daughter Incest]

Rose, a soon-to-be high school graduate, has a problem. Ever since she caught her father having sex, she can’t help but long for him. Edward, a police officer, is clueless to his daughter’s desires. His kinky love life has always been kept behind closed doors. When Edward’s brother comes to stay for the summer however, Rose confesses her deepest desires. Little did she expect that her Uncle Michael wouldn’t be the only one to satisfy her desires. A night of kinky sex with his daughter may just be enough for Edward to examine his own thoughts of the taboo.

Forbidden Promise is one of ten offerings on Carnal Pleasures from author Lily Weidner, including the series, “A Family Affair”, consisting of three books so far.

Believe it or not, this is actually one of Lily’s ‘tamer’ tales, as she usually sprinkles her incestuous stories with a bit of domination, spanking, BDSM, and even a touch of the paranormal in a couple of her works. Check out Lily’s author page on Carnal Pleasures.


      Heather let Uncle Anthony get in his bed, and then crawled in beside him. For a while, she just curled up to the pillow.
      Anthony saw her hesitation, and then lightly scooted closer to her. His body was warm, and Heather relaxed a little bit. After feeling his warm body against her own skin, Heather’s urges began to take over. Sensing her easiness, Anthony rolled onto his back, and Heather rested her head on his chest.
      She could feel Uncle Anthony’s hand holding her close, yet Heather stayed close willingly. Heather wanted Anthony to touch her like this, and for a moment she thought he would go further. There was a wetness growing between her legs, especially when she felt her bare skin against his. To her surprise, she was still tired from the long day. This made her more relaxed, and Heather leaned into Anthony’s touch.
      Uncle Anthony gently kissed her forehead, and Heather couldn’t help but giggle slightly. A part of her was still that shy little girl around her uncle.
      Seeing her blush, Anthony brushed the hair from her face. “Aw, look how cute you are.”
      Heather blushed deeper, and hid her face against Anthony’s chest.
      Anthony smiled, and then slowly moved his hand down to Heather’s waist.
      When she didn’t shy from his touch, Anthony began to trail his hand along Heather’s back. His strong fingers felt good, and slowly caressed her.
      Heather couldn’t believe the fact that her uncle was caressing her, and she was afraid to move.
      Luckily, Anthony knew that her hesitation wasn’t because of a lack of desire. His hands slowly worked their way to her panties, and yet wouldn’t go further.
      Sensing his desire, Heather leaned back allowing her legs to spread apart.
      The gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Anthony, and he knew she wanted him. It didn’t take long for him to feel her slender fingers against his hand.

Word Count: 5,422

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

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