Just released!! “Forbidden Incentives: Book 6 of The Angel Falls Library Files”

Forbidden Incentives cover 1-500x800Again, this one has been a long time in coming. At over 30,000 words, this is currently my longest released work to date, and my second full collaboration with my wonderful wife Lilly-Rose Young. (I so love writing with this woman!!)

“Forbidden Incentives” is the sixth entry in my Angel Falls Library Files series, focusing on Paula and her son Justin, who’s lives take drastic turns when Paula attempts to turn her son’s lackadaisical attitude around with “less-than-conventional” methods. This sets them on paths that neither one of them could have imagined, especially when they meet Paige, who’s life is dramatically affected by them as much as their lives are affected by her. It all culminates in a pivotal point in the creation of The Angel Falls Library Files.

There were just too many variables and too much detail I wanted to include to make this a “short” story. By all rights, I could have actually turned this into two separate books, but I wanted this story to wrap up in what is basically the second “trilogy” of the series. Beginning with book 7, this series will follow a slightly different sort of format, focusing on much shorter stories as the series expands beyond Paige and her incestuously naughty family.:)

Book 6 is currently available on Carnal Pleasures, as well as Carnaltopia and Smashwords, and should be available on other venues shortly.

We hope it was worth the wait.:)


Personal Thoughts on “Mother Pushes the Swing”

FORREST YOUNG - Mother Pushes the Swing 7-retouched smallThere are so many aspects to this story, and this topic, I’m not even really sure where to begin. It is, after all, two distinct topics.

My first wife and I were rather heavily involved in our local swingers community. It was something we both desired, something we both enjoyed, and that we were both very much on the same page about throughout most of our marriage. In our later years, we also explored the concept of polyamory. The main difference between the two is that one focuses on the “physical”, or sexual, involvement with multiple people, the other focuses more on the “emotional” involvement with multiple people.

One would think that in both of these groups, open-mindedness would be flowing in abundance. In practice, I have found this to be not so much the case. In fact, it often amazed me at how much closed-minded attitudes ran rampant within these so-called sexually-open communities. Even among these two particular groups, they seemed at odds with each other. Swingers just couldn’t seem to wrap their minds around people who could form such deep emotional bonds and even committed relationships with more than one person, and as a whole, ployamorists found the concept of purely sexual involvements with a multitude of people distasteful, if not outright disgusting. How odd, I thought, that these two groups of “non-mainstream” lifestyles weren’t a whole lot more tolerant of each other.

“Mother Pushes the Swing” is the second full-length erotica story that I wrote. In it, I decided to add a whole other aspect to the mix, incest. It was brought about through a simple question that I not only asked myself privately, but was on very rare occasions


(Image via Tumblr)

brought up (in whispers, of course) amongst swingers themselves: “What would you do if you discovered that a close relative -a sibling, a parent(s), aunt, uncle, cousin, or whatever- was also into swinging?” In my story, not only did I introduce the concept of discovering one’s parents were swingers, but I placed the parents among the same swingers group as the offspring.

I imagine in reality, most swingers would have the same initial reaction that my main male character, Alan, had… shock and a distaste for the notion that bordered on disgust. In fact, I’m sure most swingers clubs would not even want the concept introduced within their group. Either one or the other -or both- would be asked to leave.

So much for open-mindedness.


(Image via Tumblr)

In my story, the interaction between swinging and an incestuous situation not only ended up being tolerated, but thoroughly enjoyed by not only the participants but everyone else around them. I highly doubt such a mixing of the two in real life would result in such a lasciviously delicious outcome. But placing characters within that situation sure was a lot of fun! And it allowed me to explore one possible outcome to that ever-nagging question at times, “What if…?”


For those of you wondering just how much of this story is actually based on real life, let’s just say that while I’ve had somewhat extensive experience in the swinging lifestyle, with incestuous experiences, ehhh, not so much. I was somewhat amazed that the situation didn’t happen more often than it did. In all of our years within the swinging community, I can only recall one instance where a brother and sister discovered themselves at one of the gatherings, and I was not familiar with either of them, so I have no clue how that resolved itself.


(Image via Tumblr)

Personally, how would I react if I discovered at one point that my parents were swingers? Well, I would certainly have been shocked, but I would not have been disgusted. I could even see myself being okay with all of us involved in the same group or club. Would I, like my character Alan, have developed a sexual attraction to my mother in such a situation? Highly unlikely. While my mother was not an unattractive woman, there was just no serious sexual attraction there on my part. I do not personally attribute this to the fact that she was my mother. There are multitudes of women out there who I am not sexually attracted to who are also not my mother. (For the record, I have no sisters, so I really can’t speak much to that aspect.)


So, how did this fascination, this… ‘titillation’, with incestuous situations even begin for me? Well, you can indirectly blame my first wife for that. Our predilection for sexual role play led us into quite a few aspects of forbidden situations. One day the thought just kind of hit me while I was looking at her, “You know, if this woman was my mother, I’d still want to fuck her brains out.” The idea just kind of took off from there, and being the adventurous sort, my first wife was quite accommodating. After a time, that thought just kind of filtered off onto other women as well. (If some of them actually knew what I was thinking while I was fucking them, they probably would have threw up in my face.)


(Image via Tumblr)

The only “direct” involvement I ever had in an incestuous situation was a one-time-only threesome I had with my first wife and her older sister. (And let’s just say that it wasn’t a situation where the two of them only focused on me.) While it was definitely an exciting experience, surprisingly the “taboo” aspect of it wasn’t the foremost thought in my mind at the time, at least not constantly. For the most part, they were two women I found extremely attractive who I enjoyed the hell out of being with, and who I liked watching enjoy each other. And even though it only happened the one time, it was surprisingly free of any awkwardness whenever we were all together afterwards.


The only other time that even came close to an incestuous situation was when I happened to come across a profile of my cousin’s daughter and her first husband on a local online swingers site. Technically that would make her my second cousin, which in most legal circles wouldn’t really be considered incestuous (at least not enough to get you arrested), but considering my cousin and I were as close as brothers growing up, emotionally she was more like a niece than a second cousin. We were aware of each other, but never ran across each other at any parties or social gatherings that were swinger-related. Would I have fucked her if she had given any indication she was interested? In a heartbeat! Am I sorry it never happened? Naah, not really. Unlike the situation with my sister-in-law, that situation probably would have contained more than its share of awkwardness.


(Image via Tumblr)

“Mother Pushes the Swing” is a situation of swinging mixed with incest to the extreme. In a way, in spite of its eventual conclusion, one of the aspects I tried to point out was that even among those who consider themselves sexually open, their “open-mindedness” does have its limits. It would be nice to imagine a world in which this sort of situation would have such an orgasmically happy ending, but I fear that such is not the case.


But then, that’s what erotic fantasy stories are for.:)

You can check out my ebook “Mother Pushes the Swing” by clicking >>here<<.

“Forbidden Incentives” – A first look at book 6 of The Angel Falls Library Files

It all seemed so… ‘ordinary’, she thought to herself. And in a way, that seemed to be the most frustrating part about the whole situation.

Forbidden Incentives cover 1-500x800In most of my stories, I try to make them more than just about sex. Many times even about more than sexual discovery. What I ultimately try to strive for is the concept of self-discovery. The thrilling and oftentimes shocking realization that someone is more than he or she thought themselves to be at first. Using the backdrop of forbidden or taboo situations seems to be the perfect vehicle on which to accomplish that goal.

Forbidden Incentives” is the upcoming 6th installment in my series “The Angel Falls Library Files”. In this particular tale, we have a woman who comes to the gradual conclusion  that her life has pretty much become a cliche. And how one single thought, one simple idea, can snowball into a whole series of life-changing events.

Yes, this is on the surface a titillating tale of the intimate relationship between mother and son which escalates to taboo proportions. It centers around what is actually a quite common fantasy. What I hope separates this story though from most of the others is the thought process which took place to get from “point A to point B”, so to speak. This is a woman who wouldn’t ordinarily indulge in such lascivious thoughts, let alone seriously consider acting them out. Most women – most people –  would simply just continue to let their lives drown in the mundane. But sometimes one simple thought, once planted, finds a mind so fertile that it just can’t help but start to grow, in spite of the efforts to snip it off.

This story is also a culmination of sorts for our main heroine, Paige. With her own desires and discoveries well explored, she is ready to expand her explorations beyond herself and those closest to her. I could probably end this series with the conclusion of this book. But I have no intention to.:) There is so much more to explore in this lascivious little town.

In the meantime, work is nicely progressing on this story, enough to release a cover reveal, and the first of what will probably be a number of excerpts to ‘tease’ you with.😉 We have no planned release date as of yet, but our current estimate is probably around the end of February. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated.

Till then, a little excerpt to whet your appetite:

Paula again thought back to her earlier sexual experiences. She actually became quite adept with her hands back before she felt she was ready to lose her virginity. In fact, she found that she actually enjoyed it! Once her and her then-boyfriend did go “all the way”, she found herself missing having him lay back while she enjoyed just playing with his cock. The one time she did ask if he wanted to just lay back and enjoy her playing with him, he absolutely scoffed at the idea. Once he had her pussy to plunge his hard cock into, that was all he wanted. She never did get up the nerve to ask for that again. From anybody. The thought of just playing with a guy’s cock to her heart’s content was a fantasy she often entertained, however.

The next question she asked herself was whether he would even want something like that from her? She did recall a few years ago a time she was cleaning his room and came across a small collection of pictures of naked and scantily clad women tucked in between his mattress and box spring. Although it was slightly shocking, she considered it nothing out of the ordinary. He was just a young boy hitting puberty, exploring his sexual desires and curiosity. Except for the fact that one of the pictures was of her. An earlier photo of her clad in a rather skimpy bikini her husband took during a trip to the beach.

After the initial shock wore off, Paula convinced herself it was not that big of an issue. She was aware that some boys do develop at least a “curiosity” toward their mothers at some stage in their life. There was even a time or two where she caught her own younger brother trying to sneak a peek at their mother. She let the incident go with a stern warning that as long as she never caught him peeking at her, she wouldn’t report the incident. As far as Paula knew, he never did.

When the situation involved her own son, however, that to her seemed like another matter. It took a little more self-convincing to just dismiss it as “normal”. She finally did though, and afterwards she found herself actually feeling flattered, even a little ‘titillated’ that she could actually be the inspiration for a young boy’s fantasies. Even if that young boy happened to be her own son. In a way, she almost found it a little endearing.

But that was a few years ago. Does he still harbor the same infatuation with his mother, or is it something he just outgrew? How long did it last, she wondered.

Surprisingly, Paula found herself the most worried about how her son would see her if she actually did offer what she was considering. Would he jump on it in a heartbeat, or would he be disgusted beyond repair? Both possibilities troubled her. Whether he accepted her offer or not, one thing was clear; Justin would never look at his mother in the same way ever again. Could she live with that fact?

Okay, so January has just been a really sucky month! (And not in the ‘good’ way)

insanityIt’s funny how when you take steps to try to simplify your life somewhat, that it seems like everyone and everything around you just works that much harder to try and make it more complicated.

Did I say “funny”? I meant “frustrating“!

Adjusting to change can often be a challenge, but sometimes it gets just downright ridiculous. We finally got all moved into our new place, but had a hell of a time trying to sublease our old one! That major obstacle has finally been taken care of, but it seemed like a dozen other ‘little’ obstacles had to float up to the surface to try to take its place. Various family situations, juggling things financially, and not to mention I’m such a wuss when it comes to cold weather, has all made it a little difficult to focus on being good little smut-writing perverts.

I have actually been getting a fair amount of writing done. Progress on book 6 of Angel Falls is coming along rather splendidly, thanks in large part to my handy dandy tablet increasing the flexibility of when and where I write. (In fact, writing dirty stories in public surrounded by a bunch of people can actually be quite the thrill all on it own.)

Keeping up with things like promotion and social media however, which is more conducive to do on a laptop other than a tablet, has been pretty much non-existent. My apologies to the folks at Boruma Publishing and Carnaltopia for not contributing yet to their brand new WordPress sites, but as you can see it’s sometimes weeks before I’m even sitting down and contributing to my own sites, let alone taking the time to contribute to others. I do keep up with them though, and link to some of the posts when I have a few moments. (I will work on writing up an author intro to submit soon, I promise!)

One thing I’ve discovered recently is that having more time and opportunity to write doesn’t necessarily result in me getting books out any faster, it usually just allows me to get more detailed in them. As a result, book 6 of Angel Falls is rather quickly reaching novella-length status. I just can’t seem to write “short” stories anymore! Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen, I guess.:)  In any event, I hope to have the time to put together some promotional posts for it soon.

Hopefully February will be a little less… complicated.

Now that I FINALLY have a freakin’ moment (just barely)…

stories unwrittenYeah, I’m still around. (In case anyone was wondering.. LOL!) Just been real hectic the last couple of weeks or so. Hopefully I’ll get back on track here sometime soon, at least to get back into the blog hops for MasturbationMonday and TabooTuesday again. Kind of miss doing those, and checking out the other participants as well. Even though I haven’t been able to participate lately, check out the sidebar links and keep up with what other folks are offering.:)

I want to take a moment to thank the folks at Boruma Publishing for making me a contributing author on their WordPress site! The timing is a little bad, but I do plan on making some contributions there as soon as things settle down here! Kudos to K.C. Cave and Alana Church for making their voices heard there, and helping to get their site off the ground. Whenever I catch their posts and have a moment to do so, I’ll be sure to post links to them on my TabooTalk forum, and maybe a couple of other places as well.:)

Work on book 6 of Angel Falls is coming along very nicely! My beautiful and thoughtful wife saw fit to grace me with a tablet for Christmas, which has allowed me to focus on my writing endeavors at times and places I wasn’t able to before, so that’s allowed my progress to increase dramatically! Look for a cover reveal and some “sneak peek” excerpts slipping onto this site very soon.:)

Hope everyone had an absolutely fantastic holiday!!!

Mind Games (excerpt from “Seduction of the Shrew”) – #MasturbationMonday

masturbation-monday-badge-smallReverse psychology.. It is often an extremely effective means in getting someone to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do. “Manipulation” often has deeply negative connotations, a reputation that s probably well-earned, but like most things in life, manipulation can be used for good or used for evil. Maybe even on rare occasions, a little of both at the same time.

This week’s #MasturbationMonday entry comes from my recently released title, “Seduction of the Shrew: Book 5 of The Angel Falls Library Files“. In this short scene, both Adam and Phyllis gradually ‘transform’ into something they ordinarily are not: Adam becomes the manipulator, and Phyllis, who is a master at pushing people’s buttons, finds herself deeply on the receiving end. In the end, everybody wins, but first… let’s dance.😀


“Adam, you startled the life out of me!” Phyllis exclaimed after a deep gasp.

Adam paused for a couple of seconds to admire the cleavage peeking out from the top of her robe before responding. “I’m sorry, Phyllis, I thought you were Paige for a second.”

Phyllis looked at him suspiciously, finding it hard to swallow that he could mistake her mature form for Paige’s youthful figure, although a part of her was wanting to believe that it was possible. “Do you normally just walk in on your daughter when she’s wearing nothing but a flimsy bathrobe?”

Adam declined to respond, simply standing there and admiring his mother-in-law’s form. Phyllis’ face grew accusingly curious as he stood there just gazing at her in silence. Adam’s lips sported just the slightest of a grin as his eyes seemed intently focused on her. A thrill seemed to tickle her stomach as he folded his arms across his chest and he leaned against the door frame.

“Let me see,” he finally said.

“See what?”

“What’s underneath the robe. Show me.”

Phyllis’ mouth dropped open at his outrageous audacity. “I am certainly not going to…” she started to say in response to his indecent request, but then stopped. Her body stiffened completely, unable to even breathe as she fixated on the look in his eyes. He was undeniably sincere in his request to see her naked. Suddenly all the images and events from the last couple of days came rushing back into her mind. The grab in the kitchen. His piercing stares. Paige masturbating on the sofa. The adoring looks he gave Paige as they sat together on the sofa.

The adoring looks… Suddenly her mind fixated on that. More than just adoration… appreciation! Attraction. One might also even say desire.

A hollow feeling started to swell up in Phyllis’ gut as they stood there staring at each other. The look in her son-in-law’s eyes was almost hypnotizing. He was genuinely anticipating seeing her naked. And even more surprising, she found herself wanting to show him! She ached to see that look of appreciation in his eyes. That look of desire. How long had it been since any man looked at her that way?

The fact that this was her son-in-law flowed completely out of her brain. The fact that she was married totally dismissed. All she wanted was to be admired by this man. To be appreciated. To be desired. At that moment nothing else existed.

Phyllis sat the clothes she was holding down on the bed. Adam’s eyes lit up like a fire as Phyllis reached for the belt holding the front of the robe flimsily in place. tumblr_nyscckz9su1v02b1bo1_1280As the front gave way, she reached up to her shoulders and peeled the robe back. An unmistakable look of delight emanated from Adam’s face as his mother-in-law’s breasts were fully revealed to him. Soaking in his gaze of admiration, Phyllis let the robe fall completely to the floor.

As Adam feasted on the sight he’d fantasized about seeing for almost 25 years, he took note that while Paige may have inherited her grandmother’s blonde hair, his wife most certainly got her breasts from Phyllis. While they sagged slightly more than Brenda’s did, they were still incredibly full and bulbous for a woman of her age. In fact, Adam was amazed at how very little sag there was on her voluptuous body. His cock started to stiffen involuntarily as he took her all in. Even as a teenager he entertained lascivious fantasies about this striking older woman, years before she even became his mother-in-law. Age had robbed her of none of her sexual appeal.

Phyllis stood there taking in his lewd stare, waiting for his next move, her face hardening in preparation to halt any further advances. An expression Adam fully recognized. His memory immediately recalled his earlier discussions with Paige.

“Well… That’s enough of that now, isn’t it?” Adam said as he stood completely upright. Taking one last quick glance, he backed away from the doorway and turned to walk toward his bedroom.

Book 5 - psp cover 2-FLRY 500x800

Seduction of the Shrew” is my recently released 5th entry into “The Angel Falls Library Files”, co-written with my wife and fellow author Lilly-Rose Young. It is now available at many ebook retailers, and should be available soon on a few more. Click on the cover for more information about this title, and please check out my other titles as well.

For many more excellently erotic entries in this week’s #MasturbationMonday, please >>click here<<.

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A Quick Note for Smashwords Customers

Most of my titles have recently been removed from Smashwords so some updates and/or modifications can be made. They will gradually be added back to the Smashwords site over the next few days. An enormous amount of gratitude goes out to the good folks at Boruma Publishing for their invaluable assistance in completing this task. (If you’ve already purchased one or more of my titles on Smashwords, first of all THANK YOU!! and the version you purchased will still be available to you for download.)

In the meantime, my entire catalog is still available at many other venues including Carnal Pleasures, Barnes & Noble, and Taboo Reading.

On a side note, I am pleased to announce that I am now a contributing author to the Excitica website! All of my titles will soon be available there over the next few days as well.

“Seduction of the Shrew” now available on Carnal Pleasures!

Book 5 - psp cover 2-FLRY 500x800It’s probably appropriate that this book is released so close to the holidays, since it takes place during the holidays. LOL! I didn’t really plan it this way, but then things don’t always go to plan just how you picture it, right?

Anyway, this was a long time in the making, and the 5th installment of “The Angel Falls Library Files” (which is also the first full collaboration with my wife and fellow erotica author Lilly-Rose Young) is finally available! “Seduction of the Shrew” is now available on Carnal Pleasures, as well as on Carnaltopia and Smashwords. It will be available on additional outlets as well in the near future.

“Whew!!” Now on to book 6!😀 LOL

Anticipation (excerpt from “Give and Take”) – #Taboo2sday

bloghop_tallIn this week’s entry for TabooTuesday, I again take a trip back to Angel Falls. In my very first entry, taken from book 3, “Give and Take”, I focused on the loving relationship between father and daughter involving Paige and her father Adam. Her friend Natalie, however, has a yearning for a rather different type of relationship with her father, one which takes on a much more ‘disciplinary’ tone. With Paige’s assistance, Natalie’s realization of this much darker fantasy comes to fruition in the most erotic of ways, as the following excerpt demonstrates:


A long moan escaped out of Natalie’s mouth as she orgasmed uncontrollably from the last swat. A part of her tried to hold it back, considering the absolute inappropriateness of having an orgasm in front of her father, yet the thought of cumming in front of him made her cum even harder.

Jeffery watched in amazement at his daughter’s reaction, his hand again resting on her bare ass, feeling her body clench up across his lap.

Natalie felt her father’s hand resting atop her stinging ass cheek, her body slightly trembling uncontrollably. Anticipation washed over her as she felt his hand start to gently caress her dark, supple skin. Her mind swirled in a mixture of fear, yet an overwhelming craving, of what he would do next. In addition, she felt the growing bulge in his sweatpants pressing up against her stomach as she laid across his lap.

Jeffry felt his cock harden against her stomach in response to the luxurious feel of his daughter’s bare skin against his hand. His heart beat wildly as he contemplated his next move, gliding his hand between his daughter’s thighs and over her sopping wet opening. He glided his middle finger over the lubricated lips of her pussy. Feeling how wet his daughter was almost caused his cock to start tumblr_nx38cn7qpd1ui41juo1_500convulsing in orgasm right there and then, but he somehow managed to suppress the urge.

“You’re wet,” he stated obviously in a stern, fatherly voice. “Is this actually getting you excited?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Natalie pleaded, her voice trembling as much as her body was. “I didn’t mean to.”

“That’s just naughty, Natalie,” Jeffry said, trying to keep his voice stern, but his own excitement started to lace his words. “Do you know what we do to naughty girls in this house, Natalie?”

“No, Daddy,” she replied, her voice still trembling. “Please! I won’t do it anymore!”

Jeffry found himself shocked at how excited his daughter’s pleading was making him. It excited him even further knowing that despite her pleading, this really was what she wanted. She wanted her daddy to discipline her. She wanted her daddy to touch her. She wanted her daddy to take her.


AFLF Book 3 psp cover rev 2 small“Give and Take: Book 3 of The Angel Falls Library Files” is the culmination of the first three-part trilogy of this series which focuses on two young women’s fulfillment of taboo fantasies with different variations of the same theme. More information on this title, including availability, can be found by clicking on the cover.

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Center Of Attention (excerpt from “Anna”) – #MasturbationMonday

masturbation-monday-badge-smallOn last week’s entry for MasturbationMonday, I focused on “Anna” and her late-night exploration of her newly discovered desires. This week I focus on the scene which led up to how that discovery came about. Through a whirlwind series of events, Anna suddenly found herself on stage at a strip club in front of a roomful of horny men. The transformation from “boring old housewife” to seductively dancing temptress is surely a basis for many an irresistible fantasy, is it not?



A mixture of emotions and feelings flooded over me as I realized what I was doing. I took in the whole room, everyone’s eyes fixed on me, their voices whooping and hollering in my direction, and even then I was still considering making a bolt for the door as I started to apprehensively sway to the music. With the first sway, though, suddenly the applause and yelling multiplied at least five times its original level. I figured I’d probably never make it to the door anyway.

I looked at Warren standing right in front of the stage, and he smiled gleefully at me, almost with a sense of pride. I focused on him as I continued dancing, continuing to be amazed that all this attention was focused on me. I then started to let my hands wander over my body, and I was shocked to discover that my nipples were extremely sensitive as my hands brushed over them. I also discovered that my panties were feeling wet, not realizing till then that my pussy was getting moist from the excitement.

I continued to focus on Warren as I gradually unbuttoned my blouse, then did a quick turn on my right foot as I flung the blouse open. The loudness of the applause and yelling grew deafeningly loud as the blouse flew open. I did another quick turn and let the blouse fly from my hand and land on a corner of the stage. My bra was nowhere near as fancy as the ones the other dancers were wearing, and I wasn’t nearly as endowed as most of the others were, but that didn’t seem to matter to the crowd. They continued to holler and applaud, and I continued dancing for them.

The skirt I was wearing zipped down the side, and I slowly lowered the zipper down then jiggled till it fell to the stage floor. I then kicked the skirt over to the corner of the stage, trying to get it relatively close to where the blouse landed. I wasn’t wearing fancy hose and garters like the other dancers were, just bare legs, but again the crowd didn’t seem to mind. They continued applauding and yelling, and I continued dancing, hoping it wasn’t too noticeable that my panties were starting to get soaked from my excitement.

tumblr_nt0z1razum1u2602to1_500I focused my gaze back on Warren again as I reached behind me to undo my bra. I teasingly let it slide from my shoulders, and the noise from the crowd almost drowned out the loud music as my breasts were revealed. I continued to gyrate on the stage, letting what there was of my breasts bounce and jiggle for the lust-filled crowd. I focused mainly on Warren, but I also let my eyes wander over the crowd of excited men. My pussy grew achingly wet with the realization that most, if not all, of these men watching me would fuck me mercilessly if I wanted them to.

I looked at Warren, and saw not only lust in his eyes, as I saw in every other man in the room, but also a genuine appreciation for me, a genuine desire for my body. I started to feel a strong yearning to invite him up on stage to fuck me right then and there, right in front of everyone, but the fear of being arrested was equally as strong. So, I continued dancing. Mostly for Warren, but also for every other excited, lust-crazed man who’s total attention was focused on me. It was like something out of an erotic dream, and eventually I just let myself get swept away with the excitement of it all.


Anna cover - Boruma editFor more information about “Anna“, just click on the cover.

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A New Reflection (excerpt from “If the Door Is Open…) #Taboo2sday

bloghop_tallOn this weeks entry for TabooTuesday, I share with you an excerpt from what has been consistently my most popular story, “If the Door Is Open…”, where for the first time Abby sees herself through the eyes of a young admirer. An admirer who happens to be her son!

To keep in line with the ‘guidelines’ of the TabooTuesday blog hop, I am only posting a portion of the entire scene. As a whole, this scene is definitely my favorite one in the entire story, and personally this is one of the most erotic scenes I think I’ve ever written. But, you can be the judge of that.😉


She looked at her voluptuous full-figured form… her wide hips, fleshy forearms and thighs, her tummy bulging, slight traces of cellulite and stretch marks sprinkled around her mid-section. Her legs were thick, but shapely as they tapered down to her feet, and she even found them impressive with the right set of high heels to accentuate them. Her most redeeming physical feature, of course, at least in her own eyes, was her breasts. Although they sagged a bit with age, they were still rather buoyant, and protruded out full and firm on her chest like halves of watermelons, her nipples still setting quite high. Her entire adult life she almost never faced any shortage of attention on her breasts, wanted or unwanted. Especially when wearing anything that showed even the slightest amount of cleavage.

She stood there before the mirror trying to take in the entire package of the image that stood facing her, both the good and the bad. Riding the tail end of her 30’s and being some forty pounds or so overweight, at least according to all the charts she looked up, she was keenly aware that she would not be gracing many magazine covers anytime soon. Her husband had always made her feel attractive and desirable, though, no matter what her weight.

She stood there wondering, however, if the teenage friends of her son, or even her son himself, would find her just as desirable as she appeared now, naked and exposed as she was, flaws and all. Then it suddenly dawned on her that her son actually had seen her like this, not standing naked as she was now, but certainly exposed, and he still not only found her attractive, but was actually sexually aroused.

Focused on the image in the mirror, Abby placed her hands on her thighs, gliding them up around the border of her mound, circling her rounded stomach for a moment, then bringing them up underneath her breasts. In the mirror, she could see her nipples harden as she tried to imagine seeing what Shawn saw, the same breasts, the same stomach, the same hips, the same legs, the same arms, the same hands. She squeezed her breasts, running her palms over the nipples, trying to imagine his excitement looking at those breasts.

Her heart raced and her pussy moistened thinking that this is the same body that her son not only saw, but the same body that gave him an erection, the same body that he… Yes, she allowed herself to think it… The same body he jacked off to.


ITDIO psp cover 5 reverse 9 500x800“If the Door Is Open…” is one of my ebooks that has been directly banned on Amazon, along with “Confessions of My Nephew”. It is, however, available at MANY OTHER outlets, including Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Carnal Pleasures.

It is available as a stand-alone story, and is also included in my bundled anthology, “The Irresistible Moms Collection”.

Thank you for checking out my entry for this week’s TabooTuesday, and be sure to >>click here<< for more hot entries from other participants.:)

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Secret Desires Unleashed (excerpt from “Anna”) – #MasturbationMonday

masturbation-monday-badge-smallWhen secret desires begin to surface, sometimes they’re just too strong to ignore. This is the case with a woman named “Anna“, who once she accidentally discovers the sexual power she possesses over men, can’t fight the desire to use that power to her full advantage.

In this week’s entry for MasturbationMonday, we peek in on Anna’s late-night thoughts as she explores her new-found desires, which leads her to exploring her aching pussy in the family bathroom:


Then again, another part of me wanted him to make love to me. No… to fuck me. A sense of guilt flowed through me as I realized I wanted to feel his cock drive into me as I recalled the feeling I had on stage, thinking about all those men getting excited over me, wanting to fuck me. I wanted to think about letting those men fuck me as Rod plunged his cock deep and hard into my pussy. And then I pictured Warren, the look of lust and appreciation on his young, handsome face. I really wanted to picture Warren fucking me while I was being fucked by my husband. I looked over at Rod, his back to me, and I realized almost with a sense of despair that it wasn’t going to happen. My pussy was getting soaked all over again thinking of Warren and all those other men, and I desperately hoped that Rod was indeed sleeping so he wouldn’t be sensing my excitement.

After a few long, lingering moments, when I was convinced that he was indeed asleep, I slowly and quietly sneaked out of bed and made my way back to the bathroom. The room still smelled of pussy. I sat down on the toilet lid and masturbated, something I hadn’t done in I don’t know how long. My pussy was desperately aching and in need of relief though, and despite the guilt I felt about Rod, the overwhelming feelings of desire I was experiencing were even stronger. I knew if I stayed in bed the feelings and images would just linger all night long, and the thought of that was just unbearable. I so desperately wanted a cock filling up my wet, aching pussy, but I had to make do with my fingers. I fucked myself furiously with my hands while I fantasized about Warren fucking me long and hard on stage in front of all those horny men, then when he was done letting whoever else that wanted to come up on stage and have their turn with me. I fantasized about being fucked over and over again by each and every one of those men who got turned on by me. It was like years and years of secret desires, hidden even to me, were being let loose all at once, and there was no way of stopping it even if I wanted to. And I didn’t want to! I wanted to feel all of those desires to the fullest, let them overtake me, and to give in to them.

I fingered myself to orgasm after orgasm, trying to silence my moans of pleasure as best I could, but I’m sure anyone awake at that time would surely hear me and know what was going on. Rod, the kids, anyone could have caught me, but I kept on masturbating, kept on fantasizing, giving in to my lust and desire and hoping that all were asleep. When I had pretty much exhausted myself, and felt that I had adequately relieved myself enough that I could sleep, I again washed myself up and headed back to bed. The bathroom reeked more of pussy now than it had before, but I figured that would fade by morning, at least I hoped it would. I looked at the clock on the way back to bed and was amazed to discover that I had spent more than an hour in the bathroom. Rod’s soft snoring was reassuring, and I felt relatively relieved that I hadn’t gotten caught.

Anna - psp cover 1 500x800

Anna” is a part of my “Spinning Heads” collection of short erotic stories. It is available as its own stand-alone title, as well as included in my “Spinning Heads: Volume One” bundled anthology.



Spinning Heads Vol 1 bsp cover 2 revised 2 small
Thank you for checking out my MasturbationMonday entry for this week! Be sure to >>click here<< for other erotic entries by some wonderfully talented contributors.:)

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Why I Will NEVER Become a “Successful” Erotica Author

being a writerThe business of writing erotica is a rather strange animal these days. Perhaps it always has been, but considering I’ve only been a serious contender in this game for the past couple of years, that’s really the only experience I have to draw on. I spend a considerable amount of time pondering on where we are, how we got here, and…probably most importantly…what can we do about it. As is usually the case, the answer to the last question is as varied as the authors it affects. There really is no “one-size-fits-all” solution that will work for each individual author.

A question was posed recently on the Erotic Authors forum on Reddit:

“How profitable are using dedicated adult epublishers for non-Amazon safe kinks?”

A rather excellent question to pose, actually. However, me offering any sort of response personally on that particular forum is usually not a good idea. My viewpoints are not well received there. I’m sure a couple of people from there will follow me here and drag me in front of the tribunal to deliver the obligatory 30 lashes for daring to speak ANYTHING negative about Amazon or the authors who publish on it, but at least I can’t be justifiably accused of “starting a fight” there. (Not that it would actually stop anybody from doing so, of course.)

Truthfully, the short answer to the above posed question is, only moderately so. Let’s face it, the way this erotica writing thing is set up at the moment, I will NEVER expand beyond just the nice little extra “spending money” I receive monthly from my publisher. Admittedly, this is mostly by choice. As much as some people may want to accuse me of playing the “Victim of Amazon” card, it is certainly not what I’m doing, nor have I ever done that. I tell people time and time again, if Amazon works for you, then by all means go that route.

The frustrating thing for me usually is I see author after author after author complaining about how Amazon operates, how they keep getting screwed over by Amazon, how fearful they always are about getting dungeoned or dropped completely by Amazon every time they press the “Publish” button, yet time after time after time the only solutions that are ever given any serious consideration involves continuing to feed the hand that bites them. Because of Amazon’s recent changes to their Kindle Unlimited program, authors of erotica, especially short form erotica, now have to work at least three times as hard to maintain the same amount of money they were earning before these changes. I sympathize completely with those who are so dependent on Amazon when they say, “Well, what else can we do?” Unfortunately, the only answer I can give today is, “Nothing”. The main reason I am not a “victim of Amazon” is that I got in on this erotica writing endeavor shortly after Amazon and many of the other biggies did their erotica purge. I never grew dependent on Amazon’s royalties. Real, honest “victims of Amazon” however are out there. By the hundreds, if not the thousands.

The problem right now is, Amazon makes it too easy. They make it easy for authors to write crap, and they make it easy for readers to buy it. One click to publish, one click to purchase. Their fucking apps are everywhere. They come pre-installed on damn near every computer, every tablet, every smartphone. Do I blame Amazon for this? Fuck no. no orgasm for youShrewd business folk they are, they’ve expertly learned how to profit from convenience. If readers want to buy poorly written erotica, and writers want to produce it, why is that Amazon’s fault?

(And yes, some people will totally rip me a new one for using the words “poorly written erotica”, but honestly, you CANNOT convince me that dozens of ‘so-called’ authors can pump out 5k stories on a daily, or even weekly basis and honestly say that these are anywhere NEAR being considered “quality” work!)

One of the questions asked in the above post is, is there a market big enough to make it worth publishing outside of Amazon? The answer to that easily is, of course there is! If nothing else, Amazon itself has proven that to a fault. The “market” is definitely there. The question is, outside of Amazon, how does an author reach them?

Readers definitely want quality erotica. The problem is, readers don’t want to look that hard to find it. As difficult as it must surely be to try to find diamonds among the dung heaps on Amazon, readers are willing to do that because it’s… everyone say it with me now… “convenient“! One stop, click click click, oh, this one looks like it might be interesting, click to read (hell, they don’t even have to buy the damn thing these days with convenient subscription), read until they’re bored, click click click, wash, rinse, repeat, run out of shampoo. (Sorry.. Idea for a shower scene popped into my head.)

think differentAuthors who publish outside of Amazon (or who want to) need to make it easier for readers to find them. Readers don’t know. All they know is the convenience of Amazon. And this is what trips a lot of authors up when trying to do anything outside the virtual walls of Amazon. This necessitates authors becoming more adept at self-promotion. I’m fortunate enough to have a little bit of background experience in that area. Many authors do not. I understand. What I don’t understand is most authors are soooo willing to take the time and effort to try to learn not only formatting correctly, but also try to figure out all the ‘secret’ ways to work around Amazon’s restrictions, learn keyword usage, unlock SEO strategies, and basically “game the Amazon system”, but yet choose to remain so totally clueless on the best ways to self-promote and refuse to learn how because Amazon will simply do that shit for them if they go exclusive. Well, how’s that working for ya?

At the risk of sounding completely immodest, I am extremely proud of my stories. I never send ANYTHING out unless I am at least moderately satisfied with them, and they tell the story I wish to tell. They are of good quality, many people have bought and read them, and I have received much complimentary feedback from folks who have truly enjoyed them.

So why am I not “successful”? Well, in many ways I am. I write what I want, people have bought and enjoyed them, and I get satisfaction out of putting together a good story written in a quality manner. I can honestly look at my catalog and say, “Hey… I did a damn good job!”

Why am I not making more money? Well, mainly by choice. Not only do I refuse to cater to Amazon’s ridiculous and ever-changing guidelines and strategies, I refuse to spend so much effort trying to cater to people’s laziness. I do know how to write fairly decent promotional pieces and I can point people in the direction to go, but you know the story about horses and water. I will keep trying, though. I’m fully convinced my “audience” is out there. It’s just a matter of figuring out which walls to break down that separates us. Or patiently waiting for the time it takes for that to happen. In the meantime, I’m out nothing but my time, which I spend doing what I like doing anyway, whether I make money at it or not. It would be nice though to be able to spend more time doing it.:)

doing what you lovePeople ask me all the time why I don’t just publish what Amazon will accept. Well, then it really wouldn’t be my story now, would it? Sure, I could make money at it. Maybe even make a living at it. But then again I wouldn’t enjoy what I’m doing.

And where is the “success” in that?

Shocking Discovery (excerpt from “Seduction of the Shrew”) – #Taboo2sday

bloghop_imageMy entry for this week’s TabooTuesday bog hop comes from my upcoming ebook “Seduction of the Shrew”. I’m excited to announce that this story is only DAYS away from being ready for release! This story is the 5th entry in my ongoing series “The Angel Falls Library Files”, and is the first full collaboration with my wonderful wife and talented writing partner Lilly-Rose Young. Look for it to be available very soon, but in the meantime I hope the following excerpt whets your appetite a little.😉


Phyllis stopped in her tracks as her eyes took in the unexpected sight of her granddaughter laying there on the sofa, her face awash in ecstasy, one hand buried deep inside her panties, her other hand fondling her left breast which was covered by only her flimsy white nightie. Pangs of embarrassment and shock shot through Phyllis’ body as her eyes locked widely on the sight of her granddaughter masturbating.

Trying desperately not to make a sound, Phyllis backed away a couple of steps till she was back out into the hallway. She turned quietly around to try to sneak back up the stairs, but froze once again at what she heard next:

tumblr_nxswh9zz5m1uj09q4o1_1280“Ohh, Daddy,” Paige let out in a gaspy breath. Paige’s pussy twitched in mischievous delight knowing her grandmother was right there in the hallway, able to hear every sound clearly. With her eyes slitted open just barely, she could see her grandmother’s face peeking back around the corner of the entryway, her eyes widened in utter shock and dismay. Paige’s pussy actually did clench a bit in orgasm as she continued the show she was putting on for her grandmother. “Oh, yes Daddy! Oh, touch me there, Daddy! Ohh, it feels so good when you touch me there!”

Phyllis stood there petrified as the words spilled out of her granddaughter’s mouth. Shock and disgust filled every ounce of her being as she realized the fantasies her granddaughter was indulging herself in, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the lascivious sight. Her head was spinning in a hundred different directions as she tried figuring out what to do next, how best to handle this unimaginable situation.

Her first thought was getting her granddaughter into therapy. Quickly! Bursting into her daughter and son-in-law’s room and waking them with this discovery was another thought. Storming in and confronting Paige herself was another option she was considering.

Only one thing was stopping Phyllis from following through with any of those actions. As much repulsion and absolute shock she was naturally filled with, she was also sexually aroused! As hard as she tried to deny it or desperately ignore the fact, her nipples were hard as rocks. Her pussy was tingling beyond belief, and she could feel the wetness start to puddle in her panties. Her whole body began flooding with desire, every inch of her aching to be touched!


Book 5 - psp cover 2-FLRY 500x800Again, look for “Seduction of the Shrew: Book 5 of The Angel Falls Library Files” to be available very soon, and >>click here<< for even more naughty entries from other participants in this week’s TabooTuesday!!


(Above image via Tumblr)

Sneak Peek at “Seduction of the Shrew” – #MasturbationMonday

Book 5 - psp cover 2-FLRY 500x800My entry this week for the #MasturbationMonday blog hop is a short excerpt from my upcoming ebook “Seduction of the Shrew”, which I am excited to say should be ready to submit for publication in just a matter of DAYS!! It’s the fifth story in my ongoing series “The Angel Falls Library Files”, and is the first full collaboration with my lovely wife and talented co-author Lilly-Rose Young. It’s been a long time in the making, and after some minor touch-ups, completing the formatting, and a couple of final checks, this little erotic birdie should be just about ready to fly.:)

WARNING!: For those of you who may be unfamiliar with my work, be advised that this story is very taboo in nature, dealing with topics and situations that many people find distasteful. If you’re into that shit though, then sit back and let your mind… and your hands… wander, and enjoy.😉


Phyllis could feel a drip from her pussy start to trickle down her inner thigh. She felt like it was taking every ounce of concentration in her just to remain standing. In a feeble attempt to maintain control, she clenched her fists tight almost as hard as she was clenching her eyes closed. “Why are you doing this to me?” Her words came out as barely a whisper.

“Tell me to stop, Phyllis, and I’ll stop.”

Phyllis opened her eyes just a crack, staring straight ahead, not daring to look in his direction. She opened her mouth slightly as if to speak, almost desperately trying to coax that one simple word out, but it stubbornly refused to surface.

“You can’t, can you? As much as you may want to, as much as you know you should, you just can’t bring yourself to say it. Just one simple word, and it will all end.”

Phyllis opened her mouth a little further, but all that managed to come out was just a jagged breath. She struggled to keep her knees locked as she actually felt a quiver start to build up in her groin. With her mind a whirlpool of conflicting emotions, she clenched her eyes tightly shut once again. His face totally devoid of expression, Adam stepped slightly to the side and he started to walk away.

“What are you going to do?” Phyllis asked, her voice a mixture of panic and arousal as she finally managed to open her eyes and look in his direction.

Stopping just for a moment, Adam looked back at her, allowed a slight wicked smile to graze his face, then walked out of the room. Phyllis brought her hand up to her mouth as if to stifle a scream or a gasp as she watched him walk away. Panic and fear permeated her mind as she listened to him walk through the hall and down the stairs. Finally managing to find the strength to walk, she rushed back into Paige’s room and shut the door behind her. Relief rushed through her legs as she sat on the side of the bed. Unable to withstand the urge a second longer, she reached down and separated the robe, her hand roaming uncontrollably down to her now sopping wet pussy. “God help me! Oh, God help me,” she whisperingly pleaded right before she dug her fingers deep into her aching folds. Ripples of orgasm started rushing through her entire body as the images of reactions from her husband and her daughter floated tauntingly in her mind. With her body awash in pleasure and her mind in shameful torment, Phyllis desperately held her breath to prevent the moans of ecstasy from becoming audible. The thought of anyone hearing her cry out in pleasure only intensified her orgasms.

Opening the robe completely, she laid back and surrendered to the probing fingers trying to desperately fuck the desires away. But the more shame she felt, the more the desires intensified. And the more furiously her fingers plunged in and out of her.


masturbation-monday-badge-smallAgain, “Seduction of the Shrew: Book 5 of The Angel Falls Library Files” will be released shortly. In the meantime, please check out my other entries in the series as well as some of my other titles, and be sure to >>click here<< for more naughty entries in this weeks MasturbationMonday!!

(Above image via Tumblr)

A Mutual Hunger Fulfilled (excerpt from “Give and Take”) – #Taboo2sday

bloghop_tallAdam and Paige kept their eyes locked on each other the whole time. Paige’s hands roamed along her father’s body, wanting to touch him everywhere all at once, as she bucked her hips up to meet his each and every thrust. Propping himself up on one elbow, Adam’s other hand alternated between touching Paige’s cheek and squeezing her breast.

Suddenly Paige recognized the look of impending orgasm on her father’s face. She had seen it numerous times from making him cum with her hands and her mouth.

“Ohh, yes, Daddy!” she whispered, pure desire dripping from her voice. “Cum inside me! I want to feel you cum inside me!”

Adam lunged forward almost violently, the desire to fill his daughter’s pussy up with his sperm the most desperate desire he ever remembered feeling.

Paige’s pussy hungered for it, gripping at his cock like it was starving for every last drop as she felt him spew the warm wet liquid into her like a volcano.

Brenda’s body arched in furious orgasm as she watched their bodies pound desperately into each other, knowing what Paige was feeling physically, but only able to approximate what she was feeling emotionally. Still, the overwhelming joy of being able to give her daughter something so precious intensified her orgasm to indescribable heights.

Paige cupped her father’s cheeks, drawing his face down to hers and kissed him deeply as she felt his cock continue to twitch inside of her. Adam laid his whole weight on top of her, sliding his arms underneath her shoulders as Paige wrapped her legs around his, both of them holding onto each other like they never wanted to let go.

Brenda gazed upon them, still lightly fingering her pussy, mesmerized by not only their lust and desire for each other, but the deep love they felt for each other and how this was the way they both wanted to express that love. In spite of the envy and jealousy she felt, she knew she made the right decision. She had given her daughter what her own mother selfishly denied her.

AFLF Book 3 psp cover rev 2 smallAn excerpt from my ebook, “Give and Take: Book 3 of The Angel Falls Library Files”, this week’s entry (also my premier entry!) for Taboo Tuesday.

This story is also included in my bundled anthology, “The Angel Falls Library Files: The Beginnings Collection”.

Click on the cover for more information on this story, including availability.

(Image above via Tumblr)

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Paint-by-number dreams…

I love that Jackson Browne song “The Pretender”! Its poetic description of settling for a hum-drum existence, and the concept of attempting to achieve success through conformity.

That song kept floating through my mind as I read through the insightful article linked below by fellow erotica author Lily Weidner, as she describes in excruciating detail her thoughts and conclusions regarding an experiment she participated in regarding trying to publish through Amazon’s new “KU2” formula.

I would not have the fortitude to participate in such an experimental endeavor, not to mention even having the time. I certainly applaud Lily’s efforts and willingness. In the end, she came to many of the same conclusions I came to on my own in time. The most important one in my opinion being, if in the end you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, what’s really the point?

It’s a very lengthy and extremely detailed article, so I’m not posting it here in its entirety. You’ll need to go to Lily’s website directly to read through the whole thing. But believe me, it’s well worth the trip.:)

Sorry, no sexy images, no fancy formatting in this entry… Just a simple passing along of some words of wisdom.

“Are you there? Say a prayer…”


My Amazon eBook Publishing Experience

“I do not over-intellectualize the production process. I try to keep it simple: Tell the damned story.” —Tom Clancy

Antique Books

When I first started writing back in 2010, short stories were taking off. Sadly, I took a break before Amazon came out with their Kindle Unlimited (KU) program in 2014. What would transpire within those few months changed the viability of shorts within the industry. Coming back from my extended break, I found the market extremely different. To my surprise authors weren’t just turning toward longer works, they were now asking if short stories were even a viable sales option.

Image - 1 Zipper (Horizontal)

The more research I did, in an effort to figure out what happened, I found Amazon the center of great controversy. Some authors blamed Amazon for ruining the short story market even before their recent change to the Kindle Unlimited program started around June 2015. What has transpired between authors since will not fill anyone with hope. Authors have come to take sides on this argument, with many self published authors shoving their ideas onto forcefully onto others.

Image - 1 Zipper (Horizontal)

That’s where things took an interesting turn for me as an author. My own opinion was not met with warm reception. Instead, I met a group of self published authors who felt they knew the market better than some publishers and from whom I met the harshest criticism imaginable. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but only so long as they do not harm others by voicing it. In this case, I found a few predominate opinions I felt were harmful to new authors trying to find their way in the self publishing industry.

Image - 1 Zipper (Horizontal)

(Click >>here<< or on the title to read the rest in its entirety)

Expanding Thoughts (excerpt from “Lucy”) – #MasturbationMonday

masturbation-monday-badge-smallEventually my thoughts started to expand beyond Mike. I started looking at other boys and trying to imagine them doing what I saw Mike doing. Not so much the boys in my class… It was hard to imagine some of them even having cocks, let alone stroking them off, although I’m sure now that’s what most of them were doing.

I did have a science teacher back then, though, that I had a tremendous crush on. I could easily picture him having a cock, probably even bigger than Mike’s, but he was married so I didn’t figure he would even need to do anything like that.

With a little effort, though, I did manage to conjure up the image of Mr. Martin stroking himself and making his cock shoot out that creamy white stuff while I masturbated in bed one night. That image caused me to have just a tremendous orgasm, the strongest one I’d experienced so far.

For the rest of that week I couldn’t concentrate in his class to save my life. I’d just look at him and those images would just burn through my mind. Luckily he didn’t call on me to answer any questions. I wonder sometimes if he could possibly tell what I was thinking and took pity on me.

tumblr_nwa64m1quy1ujn9dyo1_500Thinking of Mr. Martin made me take my fantasies one step further. Not only did I fantasize about Mr. Martin masturbating, I also started having thoughts about stroking his cock myself, of doing it for him. The first time I thought about actually touching a man’s cock, especially Mr. Martin’s, it shot unbelievable tremors of pleasure rumbling through my body. I orgasmed immediately! Then to my most pleasant surprise, I orgasmed again! Until that time I usually just orgasmed once then went to sleep. It never even occurred to me that I might possibly be able to orgasm again afterwards.

This was like a new toy to me! For the next few nights I’d lay in bed and try to see how many times I could make my body tremble with pleasure like that. The first two or three times I was only able to do it twice, if that, but eventually I discovered how to trigger my thoughts to build my excitement back up, and some nights I would actually orgasm up to five or six times.

Thank you, Mr. Martin… you taught me much more than how to make things ooze out of a test tube!

Lucy psp cover 1 500x800An excerpt from my ebook “Lucy“, my premier entry for #MasturbationMonday. <–Click the link to read more hot entries from other participants!

<– Click the cover for more information about “Lucy”, part of my “Spinning Heads” collection of short stories.

(Image via Tumblr)


So, there’s this phenomenon I just recently discovered called a “blog hop.” Basically you write a blog post that follows a certain theme, submit it to the blog hop, and then it gets placed on a list with other bloggers that post the same sort of theme. A few are even set up catering specifically to erotica authors and their readers. It’s mainly done to gain exposure, but it sounds like it could be a lot of fun.:)

masturbation-monday-badge-smallI plan on participating in a couple of these blog hops over the next few weeks. One is called “Masturbation Monday“, run by erotica author Kayla Lords. Basically you post a short story or excerpt from a book that contains a scene of masturbation, or that makes the reader want to masturbate.😉 Many times these are accompanied by an image that fits the scene, or that provides… (ahem) “inspiration”.

bloghop_tallThe other one is called “Taboo Tuesday” where authors can post excerpts from stories of a … you guessed it, “taboo” nature. Of course my main problem here is which one to start with. LOL!

Look for my first entries in these hops within the next couple of days.:)

The Amazon eBook Market

I wonder how much of an ass-reaming I would get if I posted this on the eroticauthors Reddit group.😉 I’m sure the Amazon whores would once again try to ride me out of town.

In any case, if you’re an erotica author, this may be some food for thought from the folks at Lots’s Cave…

Lot's Cave Publishing

Zipper Logo Image - ClearAuthored By: Samantha Zacharda
Marketing Director & Promotion
Published By: Lot’s Cave

For the last year stories have abounded regarding authors getting rich with incomes of ten to a hundred thousand per month by writing short stories. Is this possible? How much can I really make?

Purple Zipper Horizontal

Ever since Amazon changed their Kindle Unlimited program, authors have been trying to gauge the eBook market. Authors, particularly those writing short stories (3,000-5,000 words) have started to wonder if the market will even support their shorts, or if a shift into longer works is necessary to earn an income. Doing some initial research, I found answers couldn’t have been more conflicting.

Purple Zipper Horizontal

Usually when conflicting answers exist, one finds in them a majority opinion. With enough backtracking the answer process becomes clear. In this case however, little data could be found with which to form a starting point. What I found is the entire…

View original post 1,782 more words


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book reviews and all things books by Lizzy Baldwin

Sexual Intelligence

Sex--and Culture, Politics, the Media--and Sex, by Dr. Marty Klein

Kristina's Dirty Little Stories

Dirty Notions from My Sweet Little Mind

The Daily Post

The Art and Craft of Blogging

WordPress.com News

The latest news on WordPress.com and the WordPress community.


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