Making the Shit List

new planThere are periods in my life when I’m surprised I have any hair left. Frustration levels reach a peak, and then surprisingly they somehow tend to reach a little higher.

Somehow my last couple of blog posts ended up on the erotica authors forum on Reddit. Someone just decided to up and post it, offering no commentary, no thoughts, no indication whether they agreed or disagreed, just decided to post it and sit back and watch everyone rip me a new one. And rip me a new one they did.

I could have decided to just sit back and let it pass, but instead I opted to chime in and say, “Okay, since the damage is done, this is what I’m trying to say…” But of course no one was willing to listen. Which didn’t surprise me. I was accused of being a dick about it, and they’re right, I was. In my current state of frustration, I wasn’t being very nice in my responses. I was in full arrogant, sarcastic, confrontational mode, and of course nothing got accomplished. I was too deeply embedded in my frustration, and everyone else was too deeply embedded in continuing the status quo.

I kept being reminded of the old saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And boy, is there a lot of fucking insanity floating around these days! On my part as well as everybody else’s.

It’s frustrating watching the directions that erotica writing is going. Amazon and the other biggies keep doing what they do, and erotica authors keep feeling helpless about it, if not downright worried and scared. They want things to change, but are not willing to take the steps to start changing them. Alternatives are offered, but then immediately rejected and dismissed.

So no, I wasn’t very nice about it. I didn’t really see any point to be. Trying to start things out with “meaningful discussion” would have ended up with the same result: “It’ll never work, and it’s all somebody else’s fault anyway!”

I’m sure someone out there was listening, and was understanding what I was trying to say… But they didn’t dare speak up. Why should they, and suffer through the same ass-reaming that I was going through?

It’s obvious that erotica authors are tired of having to rely on Amazon, and for more reasons that I can count. While they lament the ‘power’ of Amazon, they continue to promote Amazon. “The definition of insanity…”

There are people out there in place ready to lead the charge, and entities willing to take up the mantle, but no one seems to want to look their way. They continue to promote Amazon. “The definition of insanity…”

There are things that erotica authors can start doing…TODAY!…to start changing things. But the collective consciousness is absolutely convinced that nothing can go up against the beast with its finger constantly poised above the trigger that could blow up their financial security in the blink of an eye, so they continue to promote Amazon. “The definition of insanity…”

In the meantime, authors and indie publishers continue to get blocked and banned, including the ones who say, “Ohh, it’ll never happen to me! I’m too careful, I have them all figured out.” Yeah… I may be arrogant at times, but I certainly hold no monopoly on it.

I still stand by what I wrote. And I make no apologies for how I said it. In my view, erotica authors need a good swift kick in the ass. But apparently I’m not the one to do it.

So here I sit, bitching about Amazon, and the erotica authors who refuse to do anything to change it when I could be using the time to continue writing my stories.

“The definition of insanity…”

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