Warm, Watered Down, and All the Fizz Is Gone

still havent gotten offOkay, so you just KNEW I’d be saying something about this at some point! 🙂

Once again, author Selena Kitt presents us with an article exposing the blatant hypocrisy of Amazon. Of course, exposing Amazon’s hypocrisy is like shooting fish in a barrel these days. And she really presents no new information in this latest offering. But very few people are able to rip Amazon a new asshole with the kind of grace and style that Ms. Kitt offers, so of course I personally found this latest posting of hers uplifting most of the way through it.

You notice I said “most of the way through it”. For near the end, Ms. Kitt, like most other erotica authors, old and new, lament and lambast Amazon for the hoops that Amazon makes erotica authors jump through incessantly, yet in almost the next breath she proceeds to promote the very titles that Amazon has forced her to “water down” in order to gain the coveted acceptance onto their illustrious pages. She EVEN promotes that there is a “special” going on for them!

Yes, I understand that bills need to be paid. And yes, I understand that making money is a big part of this whole “writing erotica” deal. But once again, feeding the beast that keeps biting your ass is the very definition of counterproductive. I’ve said it a hundred times before, and I’m going to keep saying it.. Until erotica authors start promoting OTHER venues besides Amazon where their books are available, NOTHING is going to change! Stories will keep getting watered down, transcripts and covers will keep needing to be revised, titles, blurbs and descriptions will keep needing to be “guessed at” as far as what words will be able to slip through the “filters”, and erotica authors will continue to feel that tightening in their gut every time they press the “Publish” button!

Before I go any further, can I just say one thing? I absolutely can’t STAND reading “pseudo-incest” erotica!!! Trying to read pseudo-incest stories is like trying to watch Japanese porn. Sure, they show everything, but they end up pixelizing all the “naughty” parts. Or trying to watch episodes of the old TV show “Girls Next Door”, about Hugh Hefner and his three live-in girlfriends. Yes, entire breasts were shown, but the nipples were “photoshopped” out of them. I mean, what the fuck, we all KNOW the “parts” are there, what’s  the point in trying to pretend they’re not?? Going out of your way to point out that a character is just a “step” brother, or “step” mom or whatever pretty much garners the same effect.

Newsflash: Insulting my intelligence is not the way to make my dick hard.

Anyway, here’s the link to Ms. Kitt’s latest article. I’d considered posting it in its entirety once again, as I have for previous articles of hers I’d commented on, but this commentary got to be pretty long, so I’ll forgo doing that this time around. I did enjoy the article, but I did get a mild touch of mental whiplash near the end.

It seemed to be yet another typical case of erotica authors ending up feeding the hand that bites them.


6 responses

  1. Here’s another thing to consider: When the descriptions are watered down to the point where they’re “safe” to post on Amazon, the reader really has no idea what the story is about. Since you can’t even mention pseudo-incest in the keywords or description, the poor reader may think he’s going to get a book dealing with little Suzie down the street…and is appalled to discover that he’s reading about little “half”-sister Suzie down the hall.

    And we wonder why Amazon hands away charge-backs like Halloween candy…then uses that as an excuse to ban authors.


    1. I made that very same point in an earlier blog post, and even cited an example of a reader review who was upset that the story he purchased didn’t explicitly warn that it had an “incestuous” theme to it. Somehow that blog post ended up being posted on the Erotica Authors group on Reddit, and boy did it create a fucking firestorm!! Not only did they get mad at ME for calling them out on basically being guilty of false advertising and blaming Amazon for “making” them do it, they actually went so far as to call readers “stupid” for not understanding the “code words” they use.

      The mindset of many erotica authors just blows me away anymore. Lately I’m feeling about as much contempt for many erotica authors as I am toward Amazon.


  2. The best alternative is to avoid Amazon…but despite reporting out the lowest sales in the industry, Amazon is still somehow considered the Holy Grail. It’s true that small independent publishers get less traffic. But with few exceptions, their royalty rate is better than Amazon’s, and their customers are loyal. Readers go there because they know exactly what kind of books are being listed, and they want them. They prefer the better customer service, and knowing they don’t have to wade through millions of obscure listings to find something that might possibly be what they want. On a small independent website, the listings can be honest.


    1. Those are all excellent arguments. I’ll have to remember to cite some of them on some future posts. 🙂


  3. i’ve tried some erotica ebooks on amazon, didn’t like them a lot, rather dull, earlier versions on free sites were quite a bit better in my opinion. i think there is more going on than just the subject matter


    1. That’s because, in a lot of ways, Amazon has gradually become a cesspool of so-called erotica authors who flood the site with 5k-word stories belted out in a week, with little imagination, very little thought put into it, little to no editing, and hardly any concern at all for quality. (And don’t even get me STARTED on most of the atrocious cover designs!!) It absolutely amazes me that they sell so well, until I realize that we live in a culture where TV shows like the newly-revamped “Dallas” on TNT gets canceled, while shit shows like “Duck Dynasty” and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” not only thrive, but spur a ton of spin-offs.

      I firmly believe that if readers knew where to find good QUALITY erotica that doesn’t water them down like Amazon insists that authors do, readers would start flocking to them in droves. But erotica authors refuse to try directing their readers to them, opting instead to keep promoting Amazon. Therefore, those sites that specialize in the type of erotica that readers really want remain unknown.

      It truly amazes me that erotica authors exert so much effort into trying to train their readers to look for certain “code words” that Amazon forces them to use, but exert no effort at all into training their readers to look elsewhere for their books at sites that have no such asinine restrictions, and will let them publish their books the way they actually wrote them.


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