WARNING!!: I’m About To Go On Another Rampage

chained booksI should probably just stay out of the erotica authors forum on Reddit. At the very least, I should SERIOUSLY refrain from posting there.

Which is why I decided to instead post another blog entry here.

This might end up being just another exercise in futility, but there are just some things that need to be said. This blog post, like earlier ones, may end up finding its way onto the erotica authors Reddit forum anyway. If it does, so fucking be it.

Anyway… One of the latest topics:

Is Amazon really this arbitrary?

So another post with a group of erotica authors again bitching about Amazon’s hypocrisy and unfair treatment. Most of it run of the mill, full of blatant examples and author frustration. Easy enough to leave alone. “Be quiet and just let them stew,” I sat here and told myself.. Hopefully this will be just another step on their way to coming to their senses, and finally becoming sick and tired enough to start telling Amazon to go fuck themselves.

But then, this response shows up, by one of the forum’s so-called “experts”:

Here’s the deal Elena: Amazon isn’t perfect.

It’s that simple.

They are dealing with hundreds of thousands of books being thrown onto the shelves and there’s no way they can properly police every single one. Some of them are going to slip through. It’s BOUND to happen.


Those books aren’t hurting you. Hell, they are HELPING YOU. They are drawing readers who want more naughty content, and those readers will move on to books that aren’t quite so OBVIOUSLY BANNABLE.

But, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. Don’t let what is PUBLISHED on Amazon justify what you WANT to publish.

I can go there right now and find a whole pile of hypnosis/mind control/dubcon books. They are all over Amazon.

I also know full-well that authors are getting BANNED for these things. I just saw another one today with a temp-ban for a title that was almost a year old.

Should I write a dubcon book? Hell, it’s almost GUARANTEED high sales if I can get it up on the store, and there’s at least a chance that it will slip past the censors. I could just go roll the dice, right?

Sure I could, if I didn’t mind risking my ENTIRE account in the process.

When you are writing niche BLEEDING EDGE erotica, you are walking around in a minefield. We’ve put together a decent map that shows where the land mines are. Write erotica that stays within those lines and you are almost certainly safe. Start prancing about outside of the lines, and it’s only a matter of time before you lose a leg (or worse).

TL;DR: Stop worrying about what other people are getting away with. Follow the rules, color inside the lines, and enjoy a long and LUCRATIVE journey in Amazon ebook sales.

I don’t even know where to begin here.. This reaches a new level of pathetic, even for this group.

First of all, it doesn’t MATTER??? SERIOUSLY??

As an author, being told you can’t write something is enough of a kick in the balls. Being told you can’t write something while OTHER people can is beyond frustrating!! If you DON’T get pissed at that, you are no longer an “author”.. You are just a fucking automaton sitting in front of a keyboard banging out whatever you’re told for profit.  Being one of these pathetic automatons is bad enough. Encouraging OTHER authors to be one also is inexcusable!

Telling erotica authors to “play it safe” is absolutely one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever heard.

Erotica authors.

Play it SAFE!!!


If we wanted to “play it safe”, we wouldn’t BE fucking erotica authors in the FIRST fucking place!! You might as well just tell us to abandon the whole notion and write fucking children’s books!

Okay.. Moving on to the next point:

Those books aren’t hurting you. Hell, they are HELPING YOU. They are drawing readers who want more naughty content, and those readers will move on to books that aren’t quite so OBVIOUSLY BANNABLE.

Okay, really?? You’re sitting there trying to tell us that a reader who has had (or came in with) a taste of what Amazon considers “taboo” is actually going to look around and settle for laying their money down on the more “run-of-the-mill” erotica??

Newsflash: If I come into Amazon, or anyplace else, wanting to read a hot story about a horny daughter wanting to fuck the shit out of her father, I am NOT going to “settle for” the latest escapade of a BBW salivating over a tryst with the neighborhood billionaire!

You are right about one thing: Those books ARE helping! They are helping to show erotica authors that THERE IS A MARKET for stories like that!! The answer, though, is NOT to tell authors that readers will simply settle for the other “Amazon-approved” drivel that’s available.. They won’t!! Instead, start telling your readers where they CAN find those kinds of stories they want!! Because right now, readers DON’T KNOW where to find them, because erotica authors REFUSE to steer their readers in ANY other direction besides AMAZON!! And AMAZON will not offer them what they want!

Do you see how your approach is hurting both authors AND readers?? Eventually neither one gets what they want, and frustration is the inevitable outcome for both groups.

But, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. Don’t let what is PUBLISHED on Amazon justify what you WANT to publish.

On this point we can agree: DON’T publish what you want to publish on Amazon!!

Publish it somewhere else.

And then start telling your readers where it is they can find it.

DON’T tell me that it won’t work, and DON’T tell me that Amazon is too big!! Obviously there is a market out there for the kinds of erotica that Amazon refuses to provide, so DON’T tell other erotica authors not to write it!! And DON’T expect readers to settle for anything less. Because they won’t.

Telling erotica authors to “follow the rules” and “color inside the lines” is the most asinine fucking thing I’ve ever heard of. By our very NATURE , we break rules and completely obliterate the fucking lines!!!

That’s what MAKES us erotica authors!

Our readers don’t expect anything less.

Nor should they.



8 responses

  1. Is Amazon-owned company purposely sabotaging sites which carry headlines contradictory to administration talking points?

    In an apparent subversive effort intended to diminish the rising popularity of independent media, traffic stats acquired through the Amazon-owned web analytics service Alexa strangely indicate that many “conservative” websites suffered a steep decline in rankings through the month of October 2014. But a stunning and disturbing correlation shows that during the same timeframe, liberal-minded, pro-establishment sites were awarded a notable uptick in rankings.

    Why say this here? Because it matters. When Amazon is so big it can control what search engines find when searching for banned Amazon books on competing websites, it matters. Sure, they have the right to determine their business – maybe. But when they can control what I read on other websites, they’ve gone beyond tolerable. It matters.

    If they can downrank news, they can certainly downrank competing websites — and Lot’s Cave website is witness to them doing so regarding the subject of incest.

    Good post, Forest, as always.
    Phaedrus T. Wolfe
    Lot’s Cave


  2. Great and justified rant, Forrest!

    However, before we begin excoriating Amazon and lay the full blame of ever-increasing censorship at their door, let’s not forget that Amazon is a multinational conglomerate, and their number one fiduciary responsibility is P-R-O-F-I-T. They are a business first and foremost.

    I don’t believe they’ve been censoring erotica and taboo books out of personal prejudices and/or an acute case of self-righteous and religious-tinged myopia, especially when erotica and taboo erotica are incredibly popular.

    Let’s also not forget that Amazon had allowed a book by a pedophile on how to attract children to be published before someone caught on and – rightfully – informed them about it.

    I believe that the ever-tightening noose of censorship at Amazon (and other e-book retailers) was born out of the fact that the execs at Amazon have been inundated with letters of complaints from the so-called “Moral – “we need more things to fill out our day” – Majority”, the brain child of none other than the Father of Conservatism, Paul “I don’t want everyone to vote” Weyrich.

    These well-intentioned but horribly misguided people are the ones who believe that *they*, and they alone, have the god-given right to choose what everyone else should and shouldn’t read/be exposed to/buy, forcing their will on us.

    By censoring books objectionable to this crowd, Amazon has shown that they have buckled under the pressure, but thank the gods that there are e-book retailers like Lot’s Cave, Excessica, and Carnal Pleasures.

    Righteous rant, Forrest.

    Author C. Shields
    Taboo Erotica Author


  3. Appreciations to Phaedrus T. Wolf and C. Shields for their thoughtful and supportive responses.

    However, at this point the “reasons why” don’t really fucking matter.

    We have reached a point where smut writers are telling OTHER smut writers to “play it safe”! I don’t know whether this makes me more sad or more angry.

    But something needs to change. The rallying cries need to start getting sounded. LOUDLY!!

    It’s time to go all fucking “Howard Beale” all over somebody’s fucking ass!


    1. Forest, regarding going Howard Beale, you make an excellent point. Alas, it will never happen as a practical matter. C. Shields does an excellent job of presenting the typical erotica author’s viewpoint on this issue. Kudos. But the reason a Howard Beale rant won’t be successful is simply because of a difficulty in the ‘Profit Argument’ C. Shields brings up.

      Do I have a solution? Yes. But hang tight and lets look closer at this profit issue. Authors, by definition, tend to be self-employed entrepreneurs. Thus one can assume they support Capitalism staunchly, if not Ayn Rand’s “Objectivism”. Assuming she is even one quarter correct, this makes any Howard Beale rant moot before it even gets started.

      While as a publisher, I am a full supporter of big C Capitalism and the profit motive, I would like to ask a few questions, but first allow me to remind everyone that a Corporation is a Person according to recent Supreme Court rulings in the Citizen’s United case, which Mitt Romney took great delight in shouting. So I begin my first question with wondering, one person to another, is it okay Forest, for me to hold a gun to your head and threaten you over the contents of your next book if such a book would make a profit for me? Would it be okay, C. Shields, for me to tie you to a chair and order you to write, even if I could find a way to get away with it legally? The answer is an obvious NO!!! My liberty to swing my fist ends just where your nose begins.

      The same for other people too, such as people like corporations. Yet I witness the term Fair Competition, Profits, and Capitalism being used as an excuse for Corporation Persons to swing their fist into the nose of other Corporation Persons. Witness the case of Amazon Person wanting an exclusive contract with a Diaper Company person. The Diaper Person decided not to us Amazon as their exclusive vendor, so Amazon retaliated by lowering the price of ALL diapers sold by them, subsidizing the other diaper manufactures, and taking a multi-million dollar loss in order to punch DIaper Person in the nose, thereby knocking him out of business. I contend that while Capitalism and profits are good, Amazon’s right to use its fist to fight Diaper Person was wrong, and Amazon Person should go to prison for assault on DIaper Person Company.

      Same thing goes for books and authors. Amazons right to swing its fist at us ends where our right to write and publish elsewhere begins. Amazon’s use of Credit Card processing manipulation, and Internet Site Ranking and Search results on the web amounts to nothing less than ASSAULT!

      Okay, now for “My Solution”. Any such solution must by nature protect one from assault. The saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. Its time, not for a Howard Beale rant, but a major assault aimed directly at Amazon Person’s nose!

      I regret to say I am not capable of being the person to mount this assault. I would if I resided in the USA, but from outside the USA I cannot be the person to perform this attack.

      I can however, provide some distant advice as an Independent Contractor/Adviser Person, to someone possibly in the position. Here is the way I see it being done:
      Begin by making a very long list, a detailed list, of claims. It makes no difference as to if the claims are right, wrong, correct, incorrect, or whatever. This is the Machiavellian Capitalist assault we are mounting. Just make as many claims as you can possibly think of or even invent. Then take this List, and Send it to Amazon’s Corporate Listing for Address of Service. Such claims might be: Amazon is violating Anti-Trust laws by monopolizing the publishing industry. This would be one of many claims.

      (No, I am not shouting, this is correct legal format) Title this document, REQUEST FOR PROOF OF CLAIM, Now go back to each claim in the long list, and rewrite it in the “Negative Averment” format. Reverse the wording as follows:


      PROOF OF CLAIM — That Amazon is not violating any anti-trust laws which harm me and my company.

      PROOF OF CLAIM — That Amazon is not practicing monopolistic trade practices in order to shut down and otherwise control profits by my company.

      PROOF OF CLAIM — That Amazon has not wrongly, maliciousnesly, and with intent, violated anti trust laws and/or monopoly laws in order to prevent my business from expanding into a net profit of $5 Million USD per year, by actively and purposefully preventing my books from becoming multi-million bestsellers.

      ——————- Please respond in no less than 30 Days as TIme is Of The Essence, and we are loosing profits.—————-

      You see, make the PROOF OF CLAIMS big and totally outrageous just like above. Notice that by using the word NOT, we have put a different slant on things — this is called “Negative Averment”. Consider: when using the word not here, how can Amazon ever respond to any above claim? How can they prove they “are not” doing something? Yes, they can prove they “Are” doing something, but it is not possible for anyone to prove they “Are Not” doing something. Meanwhile, you gave their corporate attorneys who are experts and understanding this language a major headache, and are forcing them to respond in 30 days _- only 10 days was actually needed in many cases, talk to a lawyer in the appropriate jurisdiction to find out what local practice is, and generously give them a few days longer than the absolute minimum required. You will not get a response because of two things:
      1) The attorneys will recognize you as a crank, and think you have no teeth.
      2) What can they say to negative averment?
      3) The cost to them in time and effort to respond correctly to so many and such wild claims exceed their capacity for paperwork output while still getting their regular jobs done. If they really want to handle this correctly, they will need to hire a new staff just for this. When they do finally realize this later, rest assured this is exactly what they will do, and will delight in billing it to Amazon.

      Meanwhile, Work on a NOTICE OF FAULT AND OPPORTUNITY TO CURE AND CONTEST ACCEPTANCE regarding REQUEST FOR PROOFS OF CLAIM, so it can go out the day the 30 days has elapsed with no answer. Critical to this is a LETTER OF DEMAND asking for your $5 Million USD within 30 days, after which interest penalties begin to accrue. Detail this out.

      Also, this is important, attach your AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF NOTICE OF DEFAULT. This step is critical. Place on it the following:


      “Indeed, no more than (affidavits) is necessary to make the prima facie case.”
      United States v. Kis, 658 F.2d 526, 536 (7th Cir. 1981); Cert. Denied, 50 U.S.L.W. 2169; S. Ct. March 22, 1982

      I,__________________________________________, herein ‘Affiant’, do hereby swear, depose, say and declare by my signature that the following facts are true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

      1. THAT, Affiant is competent to state the matters included in this declaration, has knowledge of the facts, and declares that to the best of his knowledge, the statements made in his affidavit are true, correct, and not meant to mislead;

      2. THAT, Affiant has lost in excess of $5 Million USD this year due to Amazon’s monopolistic anti-trust violations;


      Notice the case quoted above. This is the most interesting facet regarding Affidavits. What is says is that if you make a claim in an affidavit, and that particular claim goes without a response denying that claim, then your claim, no matter what it was, no matter how ridiculous it was, no matter how few facts supports it, now stands as indisputable TRUTH with a capital T that cannot be disagreed with in a court of law.

      Therefore, take great delight in listing as many THATS in your affidavit as you can dream up. Again, there are no ethics or morals involved, no right or wrong – its a Machiavellian fight here to win. So make your claims accordingly. And make so many of them it is not possible for Amazon to answer in the time you give them.

      Your case will be won right here. Not in a court. You see, if you can write your affidavits, and keep them coming fast and hard until they go responded to, then when you show up in court for a hearing on it, the case has already been decided. The only jurisdiction the judge has at that point is to figure out the Amount of Award. Amazon is not able to re-litigate the facts, which will stun their attorneys. You won before the case came to court. Anyway, I’m jumping ahead,

      The third step when they fail to answer your affidavit is to send them a NOTICE OF FAULT AND OPPORTUNITY TO CURE AND CONTEST ACCEPTANCE: which goes something like:

      On _________________, the undersigned Secured Party caused to be sent to you a CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE FOR VALUE –REQUEST FOR PROOF OF CLAIM (CAFV), wherein he stipulated and agreed to perform to your ‘offer’ (demand/presentment/etc.) sent you on ____________.

      You failed to perform after receiving these presentments from (Forest Young and C. Shields), and you failed to perform by providing the requested and necessary PROOFS OF CLAIM (Discovery) after receiving the said CAFV from the undersigned per your receipt and acceptance thereof.

      As the Respondent, you are now at fault and you are in agreement and have stipulated to the terms of the undersigned’s dated presentment through your dishonor should you fail to Cure by providing the requested ‘Proof/Discovery’, etc… You possess the right to cure this fault and perform according to said terms within ten (10) days from the postmark of this Notice.

      Should you fail to cure your fault, this Notice and the undersigned’s following Affidavit will establish the fact in the record of your ‘acceptance, agreement, and general acquiescence’ to the matter established upon Respondents silence, pursuant to and relative to the Uniform Commercial Code, State Statute, case law, and otherwise.

      Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


      Without Prejudice

      And so on. Of course, this will be ignored too. Fine. Now here is the kicker!!!

      File a UCC-1 Commercial Lien on as much of Amazon’s property as you can figure out exists and demand your $5 Million USD which any court must now agree they owe you by default. Put liens on their company vehicles, on their Corporate Headquarters, and on as many of their wharehouses and the contents inside as you can possibly find addresses. The fact that it runs into multiple jurisdictions in multiple states only makes it more interesting. Nail down everything the company owns – every asset you can find. Don’t forget to lien the payment accounts from which they pay authors if you want to cause Howard Beile’s cry to ensue!

      This will prevent Amazon from borrowing, and will lock them up big time concerning their various filings for publicly traded companies.

      They WILL get a bloody nose. I am certain you will then be in a “negotiable position” regarding money they owe you and will not object to any future books you write, and gladly sell them on their website.

      Now keep in mind, It does not matter if you are right or wrong, only that you attack this person named Amazon, and give them the bloody nose for a change. I an certain many lawyers will weigh in with the impossiblities and arguements against this. To them all, I say bullshit. The goal here is to win — to attack — to give Amazon a bloody nose. I ask you not for your damned legal advice on what I can and cannot do with a lien or affidavit. No. Fuck you, No. Instead, I ask you how you intend to deal with those liens and remove them. And I laugh at you, mock you, all the way to the bank.

      Yes, all of you, I did leave out many important details. But feel free to contact me when you get serious. Again, I regret not being in the USA to do this myself.

      Phaedrus T. Wolfe
      Lot’s Cave
      Proud Publisher of Incest Novels and anything else Amazon bans.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ” Would it be okay, C. Shields, for me to tie you to a chair and order you to write, even if I could find a way to get away with it legally?”

        Well, maybe not to write…

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Sheeple will always want to “play it safe,” and recommend that others do the same so their apple-cart isn’t upset. The truly creative are too intelligent to play that game.


  5. Reblogged this on vonicacolt and commented:
    You. I like you.


    1. LOL! Well, thank you! 🙂

      That probably isn’t the general consensus these days, but like the old saying goes, I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.

      In any case, it’s nice to know that what I say strikes a positive chord in at least a few people. 🙂


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