Center Of Attention (excerpt from “Anna”) – #MasturbationMonday

masturbation-monday-badge-smallOn last week’s entry for MasturbationMonday, I focused on “Anna” and her late-night exploration of her newly discovered desires. This week I focus on the scene which led up to how that discovery came about. Through a whirlwind series of events, Anna suddenly found herself on stage at a strip club in front of a roomful of horny men. The transformation from “boring old housewife” to seductively dancing temptress is surely a basis for many an irresistible fantasy, is it not?



A mixture of emotions and feelings flooded over me as I realized what I was doing. I took in the whole room, everyone’s eyes fixed on me, their voices whooping and hollering in my direction, and even then I was still considering making a bolt for the door as I started to apprehensively sway to the music. With the first sway, though, suddenly the applause and yelling multiplied at least five times its original level. I figured I’d probably never make it to the door anyway.

I looked at Warren standing right in front of the stage, and he smiled gleefully at me, almost with a sense of pride. I focused on him as I continued dancing, continuing to be amazed that all this attention was focused on me. I then started to let my hands wander over my body, and I was shocked to discover that my nipples were extremely sensitive as my hands brushed over them. I also discovered that my panties were feeling wet, not realizing till then that my pussy was getting moist from the excitement.

I continued to focus on Warren as I gradually unbuttoned my blouse, then did a quick turn on my right foot as I flung the blouse open. The loudness of the applause and yelling grew deafeningly loud as the blouse flew open. I did another quick turn and let the blouse fly from my hand and land on a corner of the stage. My bra was nowhere near as fancy as the ones the other dancers were wearing, and I wasn’t nearly as endowed as most of the others were, but that didn’t seem to matter to the crowd. They continued to holler and applaud, and I continued dancing for them.

The skirt I was wearing zipped down the side, and I slowly lowered the zipper down then jiggled till it fell to the stage floor. I then kicked the skirt over to the corner of the stage, trying to get it relatively close to where the blouse landed. I wasn’t wearing fancy hose and garters like the other dancers were, just bare legs, but again the crowd didn’t seem to mind. They continued applauding and yelling, and I continued dancing, hoping it wasn’t too noticeable that my panties were starting to get soaked from my excitement.

tumblr_nt0z1razum1u2602to1_500I focused my gaze back on Warren again as I reached behind me to undo my bra. I teasingly let it slide from my shoulders, and the noise from the crowd almost drowned out the loud music as my breasts were revealed. I continued to gyrate on the stage, letting what there was of my breasts bounce and jiggle for the lust-filled crowd. I focused mainly on Warren, but I also let my eyes wander over the crowd of excited men. My pussy grew achingly wet with the realization that most, if not all, of these men watching me would fuck me mercilessly if I wanted them to.

I looked at Warren, and saw not only lust in his eyes, as I saw in every other man in the room, but also a genuine appreciation for me, a genuine desire for my body. I started to feel a strong yearning to invite him up on stage to fuck me right then and there, right in front of everyone, but the fear of being arrested was equally as strong. So, I continued dancing. Mostly for Warren, but also for every other excited, lust-crazed man who’s total attention was focused on me. It was like something out of an erotic dream, and eventually I just let myself get swept away with the excitement of it all.


Anna cover - Boruma editFor more information about “Anna“, just click on the cover.

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(Above image via Tumblr)


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  1. The beauty of exhibitionism (to me) has always been focusing on the one person who ignites a spark in you, and then allowing the rest of the audience to enjoy the result. 🙂


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