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Our latest release -“The Angel Falls Library Files: The Extended Family Collection” – is now available at Carnal Pleasures and Smashwords!

AF Trilogy 2 cover 2 smallThe Angel Falls Library Files: The Extended Family Collection“, the 2nd trilogy bundle in the Angel Falls series, is now available on Carnal Pleasures, as well as Carnaltopia and Smashwords. It should be available at other outlets as well soon.

This collection contains books 4, 5 and 6 of the ongoing Angel Falls series, “Tattletale“, “Seduction of the Shrew“, and “Forbidden Incentives“.

This is a prelude to the release of our upcoming book 7, “Double Dare“. Stay tuned… 😉

Also, on a side note, more of my titles are currently available once again on Smashwords. Even more will be available shortly. 🙂


Angel Falls returns to Amazon

censoredSometimes the good folks at Boruma Publishing just amaze the shit out of me.

Going through various channels, the first four books of The Angel Falls Library Files, “Craving His Attention“, “Sharing Secrets“, “Give and Take“, and “Tattletale“, are once again gracing the pages of the ever-popular Kindle section of Amazon’s website. (The links for each can be found on each book’s individual page.) Books 5 and 6 are expected there shortly.

I have rather mixed feelings about this…While I applaud Boruma’s efforts and abilities, it is, after all, Amazon. “Feeding the beast” is still somewhat distasteful to me, considering the way Amazon treats many individual authors. Plus the fact that, even though these titles managed to slip through despite their EXTREMELY taboo nature, descriptions and excerpts had to be “adjusted” to hide that fact, which in effect means that readers really won’t know what they’re getting until they actually buy the title, and readers who actually DO want titles that extremely taboo still won’t be able to find it unless totally by accident.

In any case, there they are for those folks who are helplessly addicted to Amazon’s nifty little “Buy now with one click” button. I would still much rather readers buy my books through other venues for various reasons, not the least of which is that the royalty percentage I receive through Amazon sales is atrocious due to the various channels these books need to go through. (I receive the highest royalty percentage on sales through Carnal Pleasures and Carnaltopia.) But, for those who insist on only going the Amazon route as their source for smutty entertainment, well… a sale is a sale, I suppose. I just won’t get paid as much.

By the way, the debut title of my love, Lilly-Rose Young, “Pushing Boundaries“, is also available on Amazon.

Ready To Be Teased??

shocked-glassesCheck out my Tumblr blog where I just recently posted a FIRST EVER “sneak peek” excerpt from our upcoming ebook “Double Dare”, the next installment of The Angel Falls Library Files!! Look for some other excerpts coming up later on, and (hopefully soon) a cover reveal.

Also, taking a moment to blow my own horn here, my anthology “The Irresistible Moms Collection” is currently holding the NUMBER NINE spot on the Carnal Pleasures Top 20 list!! “If the Door Is Open” also bumped up a few notches at number 15!

(Oh, that felt so good!)

Stop the presses!!

News, news, and more news!! Jeez, where do I start?

Spinning Heads complete cover 1 500x800lWell, let’s begin with the fact that my latest offering, “Spinning Heads-The Complete Collection” is NOW AVAILABLE on Carnal Pleasures and Carnaltopia! This includes all five of my original series of short erotic stories, along with a couple of additional naughty treats:

Lucy-original cover 1 complete 500x800This particular collection includes the ORIGINAL version of my short story “Lucy”, which was considered just a little too “taboo” for most distributors and ebook sellers to carry. The version previously released for publication was modified (much to my chagrin) in order to provide it broader availability. I finally reverted it back to its original version for this collection. (So CENSOR THIS, assholes!!)

Happens Every Time cover complete 1 500x800This collection also includes an additional bonus SIXTH story written more recently, entitled “It Happens Every Time”. This story takes a bit of a different tone than the rest of the series, but probably presents the “cuckold/hotwife” fantasy in a rather unique light, as seen from the perspective of the “extra” male in this equation. It’s a bit of a heartbreaker, but still plenty of hot sex action. 😉

This collection, by the way, is a Carnal Pleasures/Carnaltopia EXCLUSIVE! You won’t find this complete collection, or the bonus material in it, anywhere else.

This is also probably a good time to introduce my BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Home/Welcome page. Yep… went out a got me a new doormat. 🙂 This page is a little more versatile than the one I put together previously, allowing me to add a little more content around the edges, and I think it looks a bit sharper also. My old front page is still active, for those of you who still have the link, but if you click the link at the top, it’ll take you to my freshly painted foyer.Just be sure to wipe your feet, or better still, take off your shoes and stay a while. 😀

Ohhh, and HEY!! I’M FAMOUS! I’M FAMOUS!!

ITDIO psp cover 5 reverse 9 500x800Okay, maybe not quite… But I DID notice recently that I currently have not just one, but TWO of my titles prominently displayed on the Carnal Pleasures Top 20 LIST!! My stand-alone story “If the Door Is Open” is Irresistible Moms psp cover 1 500x800bringing up the rear at number 20, and my anthology “The Irresistible Moms Collection” is dangling at the number 13 spot! Not quite the NYT bestsellers list, but hey, I’m tickled pink! Thanks to my many readers there who make me feel that it’s all worthwhile. 🙂



Just released!! “Forbidden Incentives: Book 6 of The Angel Falls Library Files”

Forbidden Incentives cover 1-500x800Again, this one has been a long time in coming. At over 30,000 words, this is currently my longest released work to date, and my second full collaboration with my wonderful wife Lilly-Rose Young. (I so love writing with this woman!!)

“Forbidden Incentives” is the sixth entry in my Angel Falls Library Files series, focusing on Paula and her son Justin, who’s lives take drastic turns when Paula attempts to turn her son’s lackadaisical attitude around with “less-than-conventional” methods. This sets them on paths that neither one of them could have imagined, especially when they meet Paige, who’s life is dramatically affected by them as much as their lives are affected by her. It all culminates in a pivotal point in the creation of The Angel Falls Library Files.

There were just too many variables and too much detail I wanted to include to make this a “short” story. By all rights, I could have actually turned this into two separate books, but I wanted this story to wrap up in what is basically the second “trilogy” of the series. Beginning with book 7, this series will follow a slightly different sort of format, focusing on much shorter stories as the series expands beyond Paige and her incestuously naughty family. 🙂

Book 6 is currently available on Carnal Pleasures, as well as Carnaltopia and Smashwords, and should be available on other venues shortly.

We hope it was worth the wait. 🙂


A Quick Note for Smashwords Customers

Most of my titles have recently been removed from Smashwords so some updates and/or modifications can be made. They will gradually be added back to the Smashwords site over the next few days. An enormous amount of gratitude goes out to the good folks at Boruma Publishing for their invaluable assistance in completing this task. (If you’ve already purchased one or more of my titles on Smashwords, first of all THANK YOU!! and the version you purchased will still be available to you for download.)

In the meantime, my entire catalog is still available at many other venues including Carnal Pleasures, Barnes & Noble, and Taboo Reading.

On a side note, I am pleased to announce that I am now a contributing author to the Excitica website! All of my titles will soon be available there over the next few days as well.

“Seduction of the Shrew” now available on Carnal Pleasures!

Book 5 - psp cover 2-FLRY 500x800It’s probably appropriate that this book is released so close to the holidays, since it takes place during the holidays. LOL! I didn’t really plan it this way, but then things don’t always go to plan just how you picture it, right?

Anyway, this was a long time in the making, and the 5th installment of “The Angel Falls Library Files” (which is also the first full collaboration with my wife and fellow erotica author Lilly-Rose Young) is finally available! “Seduction of the Shrew” is now available on Carnal Pleasures, as well as on Carnaltopia and Smashwords. It will be available on additional outlets as well in the near future.

“Whew!!” Now on to book 6! 😀 LOL

Introducing – Carnaltopia!!

There’s a new erotica e-book dealer in town… and this one is hot enough to practically melt your computer monitor!!

Carnaltopia features authors and stories that the folks at Carnal Pleasures considers “the best of the best”.. Stories that are creatively imaginative, well-written, and most important of all, hot! HOT!! HOT!!! Most of the stories are ‘taboo’ in nature, although some are not. Just quality works of erotic fiction that will set your imagination soaring, and most likely send your fingers flying. 😉

Becca Sinh - The Highest Bidder

Currently there are only around a dozen or so authors featured on Carnaltopia, but more will be gradually added over time. I am honored beyond words that they asked to have my titles included among this list of distinguished authors, and they have also seen fit to want to include “Pushing Boundaries“, the premiere title by my love, Lilly-Rose Young.

Lilly-Rose Young - Pushing Boundaries

Among the other fine authors included on this site are my good friend K.C. Cave, as well as Becca Sinh, Tani Fredricks,  Charles E. Magness, Franki McCallister, and Alexi Fall.

K.C. Cave - Book 1 of "Junie & Michael" - Making Michael Obey

Carnal Pleasures is a wonderful site featuring dozens of authors and hundreds of stories. Many of these you will NOT find on Amazon, or many other sites. If you’re looking for stories and authors that they consider the “cream of the crop” in quality erotic storytelling however, give Carnaltopia a try. 🙂

Alexi Fall - Daddy's Day Off

Available on Carnal Pleasures – P Is For Pleasure by Surely Wilder

158b17598b9ccc423ce80077600c761c.image.374x600Surely Wilder – P Is For Pleasure


[Mother Son Incest, Impregnation, MILF Seduction, Oral & Anal Sex, Explicit Talk, BDSM Dungeon, Bondage & Discipline, Spanking, Golden Showers, Group Sex]

      Widowed at an early age, Kathleen foregoes the pleasures of physical intimacy and romance to raise her son to adulthood. She never realizes her sacrifice and devotion are fully appreciated by her son until he sets a clever trap to seduce her. Still, a mother worries; she cannot give in to her own growing desires until she knows his love for her, and his desire for a child, are as sincere as hers.

Ordinarily, incestuously-themed stories that include elements of resulting pregnancy are not really my cup of tea. There are, however, exceptions, and this featured selection would certainly be one of them!

One of the things that make incestuous stories so appealing to me is the naturally built-in emotional factors that just cannot be present in any other erotica genre. It’s something I like to explore as an author, and something I like to experience as a reader. Even with it naturally built in, many erotica authors don’t really explore it to its fullest potential. This author obviously does! Just looking at the word count and reading the excerpt is enough to tell you that. Many erotica writers barely get past the concept of son wanting to put his tab A into mom’s slot B. Not so in this case. There is the slow build-up, the conflicting emotions, the internal arguments, all the taboo nuances that this author obviously explores in great depth. It’s an agonizing climb to the eventual sexual fulfillment, but ohh, it hurts so good!!

And what could be better than an in-depth story exploring all the delicious nuances of forbidden pleasure between mother and son? A sequel which adds all those elements between father and daughter into the mix as well!

So far P Is For Pleasure parts 1 & 2 are the only selections available on Surely Wilder’s author page. Hopefully there will be many more titles to come from this author.


      With that, Philip descended again and put his babymaker at the opening of my sex. This time there was no pushing, we both held perfectly still in this moment of decision.
      “So, if I say yes, you will keep me naked whenever possible?”
      “Yes,” Philip growled.
      “You’ll make me go down on my knees and suck your hard cock till your hot cum explodes in my mouth?”
      “Yes.” His voice softened.
      “You’ll scream vile and perverted things at me and fuck me when I least expect it?”
      “Yes, Whore.” Oh God, I never thought that word could be a compliment, but in this time and place it described exactly how I felt. Still, I had to know just a little more.
      “You’ll show me all the ways of pleasure and deny me no fantasy?”
      “You’ll kiss me gently at night and tell me how much you love me?”
      “Always,” he promised with sincerity.
      “You’ll knock Mommy up and give her as many babies as she wants?”
      “You’ll do all these things for me?”
      “This and more, this is only the beginning of your training.”
      Oh, what a thought, my sexual training? I had my answer. I tilted my pelvis up and felt his cock open my chamber as I screamed. “Then do it, son. I am your willing fuck toy. Plunge your cunt stick into me and never ask permission again,” I pleaded.
      With that, I felt Philip’s weight press down on me as his prick stabbed into my birth canal. It was a heavenly pressure filled with so much promise and more. I was fully aware of the vows I had just made to him. I could only hope that he would be true to the vows he had given me. I was also very aware that we were fucking for real. At 38, I could have many more children, and I was willing to have as many as we could afford.

Word Count: 42,009

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available at Carnal Pleasures – Trophy Mom by E.R.O. Scott

30509ffb5b3f77be99a4b31c3f825889.image.374x600E.R.O. Scott – Trophy Mom


[Incest Erotica, Family Exotica, Sci-Fi Erotica]

      Joan is the head research chemist at a pharmaceutical company who decides to personally test her new drug, Aphrodite, a true aphrodisiac for women. Unfortunately, a dosage miscalculation causes her sexual desire to grow out of control. At home after work, her sons invite Mom to join them for a dip in the pool. She does. Her sons end up providing the most intense fun she’s ever experienced.

Don’t you just love taboo stories with a bit of a unique ‘twist’ to them? 😀 That’s certainly what you get in this sordid tale by E.R.O. Scott as a “science experiment gone wrong” situation serves as a backdrop for all sorts of incestuous debauchery. Just one of 10 uniquely told renderings on E.R.O. Scott’s author page on Carnal Pleasures.


      GynaDyne had just received permission from the FDA to start human trials on Aphrodite and Joan was in charge of the process of setting up trial protocols. So what Joan was about to do wasn’t in any sense illegal but, as the head chemist, it was frowned upon for her to be the first guinea pig.
      Joan shrugged and smiled. Oh well, she told herself, it’s unlikely if the Board of Directors finds out what I’ve done that they’ll fire me. If her first dosing didn’t work the way she hoped it would then she could adjust it and try it again at home.
      Setting the vial down on her desk, she went out to the lab to get a milligram scale. Back in her office she looked at the notes that her secretary had transcribed and printed out for her. Joan turned on the digital scale and placed a one-quarter inch square of sterile absorbent paper on it, then she tared the scale until it was zeroed out. Next she opened the vial and, using a minute dropper, added sixty milligrams of the drug. It was a small amount but, according to her calculations, it should be the correct dose for mildly enhancing her libido.
      Joan picked the bit of paper up off the scale, looked at it, then popped it in her mouth. She then drank what was left of the coffee in her cup on the desk. She often drank her coffee cold, being caught up in her work and letting it cool to room temperature. She was used to it, even liked it that way sometimes. She put the scale away back in the lab. Joan hadn’t noticed any particular taste from the drug, not that she was expecting any. She figured it would be about twenty to thirty minutes for the drug to take effect. Fifteen minutes later she felt warm and realized she was squeezing her thighs together rhythmically. She also felt that familiar wet feeling in her vagina that meant sexual arousal.
      “Oh yeah,” Joan said out loud. “Mmmm!” She placed her hands on her 32C breasts, which at five feet, two inches tall and 108 pounds, looked really good on her. At age forty-five she was still a good-looking woman who took care of herself physically.
      Joan had always had sensitive breasts. Now she squeezed them with her hands relishing their firm softness and feeling the hard nubs of her even more sensitive and now aroused nipples through the material of her white silk blouse and lightweight brassiere. Her body gave a shudder of pleasure as she squeezed her pussy particularly hard between her thighs while her hands firmly kneaded her breasts.
      “Whew! This is coming on faster and harder than I thought it would. I need to go back over my calculations to see if I missed something.”

Word Count: 59,195

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available on Carnal Pleasures : Daddy’s Favorite Dress by Laura Lovecraft

4e943f4f683ac7703e5f1a39190f4269.image.374x600Laura Lovecraft- Daddy’s Favorite Dress


[incest, father daughter incest, daddy, daughter, taboo incest, taboo erotica, daughter seducing father]

Nicole’s father hasn’t been the same since her mom died last year. With the anniversary of her death approaching, Dad is worse than ever, drinking steadily and many nights so drunk he mistakes Nicole for her mother. All Dad wants is one more night with his wife to say goodbye. In a desperate act of love to save her dad, Nicole dons Mom’s best dress and lets her father love his wife one last time.

An incestuous story teeming with love and tenderness is what today’s feature offers when a daughter desires to give her father the ultimate gift.

Laura Lovecraft is definitely one of Carnal Pleasures’ most prolific authors, with 31 different titles offered on Laura’s author page, running the gamut of tender and sweet to downright raunchy and primal. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Laura Lovecraft can probably fill it.


      My attention turned to the feeling of dad tugging on the tie around my neck. I felt it loosen and the top of the dress loosen. His hand came around to the front and grabbing the top of the dress, smiled, “As good beautiful as this dress is, I know what’s underneath is even better.” He pulled the top down and I moaned when my small breasts sprang free.
      His hand was immediately on my right breast, and I shuddered involuntarily as he fondled my soft flesh. My breast was completely covered by his large hand and like my clit I felt my nipple stiffen at the sensation of his palm caressing it. I was breathing hard both from nerves and my body automatically responding to the contact. His thumb was still toying with my clit, rubbing a little then stopping. He was taking his time, teasing and playing, touching me in the way a long time lover who was in no hurry would.
      But to him I was that long-time lover and knowing I needed to act accordingly I grabbed the top of his jeans and unsnapped them. Moving quickly to not lose my nerve I unzipped him and pushed my hand inside. He moaned as my hand slid along the length of his long and extremely hard cock. Moving his hand, he cupped my breast and began running his thumb around my nipple in the same manner he was teasing my clit.
      Leaning my head on his shoulder so he couldn’t see my nervousness, I gripped his cock through his underwear and stoked him. His hips started rocking and his fingers picked up speed, moving faster within me. His thumb pressed firmly against my hard button and I moaned into his neck as he was now moving it in hard fast circles. His hand switched to my other nipple, his fingers finding my swollen pink flesh and rolling it between his fingers.
      Again I was surprised at his soft touch. But nowhere near as surprised as I was when I felt the beginning of an orgasm stirring within me. My hips were moving faster into his hand and I was moaning as much as I was breathing at this point. I kept my hand moving on his cock, trying not to think about how I was going to be able to let him put it inside me. Dad was breathing hard as well and His fingers were trembling on my nipple.
      Dad surprised me by dropping down on his knees in front of me. That move took my hand from his cock, but put his face low enough for him to take my nipple into his mouth. I moaned in what I had to admit was surprised pleasure at the feeling of his warm mouth and soft tongue on my excited skin. Reaching back he unzipped my dress and tugged it down over my hips. He removed his hand from my pussy and I swore the whimper I released had an edge of disappointment to it.

Word Count: 28,580

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available on Carnal Pleasures – Family Retreat by R. Richard

dc04e55c183b0ba74d9a9579ab86da28.image.375x600R. Richard – Family Retreat


Laura and her two children, Linda and Larry, are forced to escape to a Pacific island to escape her husband, Leon, who is a homicidal maniac. Linda is a borderline nymphomaniac, and needs sex on a regular basis. Larry is only too happy to oblige. Laura is then drawn into the sexual action. With Linda’s needs leading the way, the family gets into any number of sexual adventures. Of course, Larry still has to deal with Leon, who will track them down. [incest, island, mother, sister, brother, strip, nude, group sex, adventure]

You never know what’s going to come out of the imagination of author R. Richard… Not only does this author explore a wide range of taboo relationships, they are often set against the backdrop of various locales and provocative situations. Whether you enjoy more “instant gratification”, or enjoy the road to getting there, with 22 titles to select from on R. Richard’s author page, you’re sure to find something that will trip your trigger. 😉



      Linda tells me, “Larry, I have to climax at least once a day and I’m noisy when I climax.”
Since we have lived in the same house, on and off, for over 18 years, I wonder why Linda finds it necessary to tell me about her need. However, that’s a girl for you.
As Linda and I walk down to the ocean, we each wear our grubby housecleaning clothes, and we each carry a towel. Linda carries a largish bucket, a clean toilet plunger, saltwater soap and a bottle of detergent. I carry a fishing pole.
We’ll wash the clothes and ourselves in the ocean. Then we’ll walk back to the house, and rinse ourselves and our clothes in fresh water. The more-or-less fresh rinse-water will then be used to water our garden. Waste not, want not! We get to the shore, and I ask Linda, “Do you want to take either the left or right beach, and I’ll take the other?”
Linda looks at me with great impatience. She sighs, “Brother dear, we have something of a problem here. I damn well need a good hot fuck or two after a week on the road. If the little surfer girls were correct, you need the same thing. You need pussy, I got pussy. I need cock, you got cock. Now what’s this shit about separate beaches?”
I stare back at Linda and ask, “Wanna fuck?”
Linda half turns, looks down, makes a show of biting her lip, and says, “I thought you’d never ask, you smooth talking son of a bitch!” Eloquence is definitely not Linda’s strong suit. Getting to the point is!
Linda and I find a good patch of damp, packed sand. Linda gets down on all fours, I mount her from behind, and we do it doggy style. I’m at my horny, pile-driving best, and Linda wants to be ravished, not just fucked. Mind you, she’s willing to help with the ravishing, but just keep the hard cock coming until she climaxes!

Word Count: 5,608

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available on Carnal Pleasures – Forbidden Promise by Lily Weidner

7fa58b929c7fed7de917dfd80f8b246b.image.374x600Lily Weidner – Forbidden Promise


[Uncle/Niece Incest, Father/Daughter Incest]

Rose, a soon-to-be high school graduate, has a problem. Ever since she caught her father having sex, she can’t help but long for him. Edward, a police officer, is clueless to his daughter’s desires. His kinky love life has always been kept behind closed doors. When Edward’s brother comes to stay for the summer however, Rose confesses her deepest desires. Little did she expect that her Uncle Michael wouldn’t be the only one to satisfy her desires. A night of kinky sex with his daughter may just be enough for Edward to examine his own thoughts of the taboo.

Forbidden Promise is one of ten offerings on Carnal Pleasures from author Lily Weidner, including the series, “A Family Affair”, consisting of three books so far.

Believe it or not, this is actually one of Lily’s ‘tamer’ tales, as she usually sprinkles her incestuous stories with a bit of domination, spanking, BDSM, and even a touch of the paranormal in a couple of her works. Check out Lily’s author page on Carnal Pleasures.


      Heather let Uncle Anthony get in his bed, and then crawled in beside him. For a while, she just curled up to the pillow.
      Anthony saw her hesitation, and then lightly scooted closer to her. His body was warm, and Heather relaxed a little bit. After feeling his warm body against her own skin, Heather’s urges began to take over. Sensing her easiness, Anthony rolled onto his back, and Heather rested her head on his chest.
      She could feel Uncle Anthony’s hand holding her close, yet Heather stayed close willingly. Heather wanted Anthony to touch her like this, and for a moment she thought he would go further. There was a wetness growing between her legs, especially when she felt her bare skin against his. To her surprise, she was still tired from the long day. This made her more relaxed, and Heather leaned into Anthony’s touch.
      Uncle Anthony gently kissed her forehead, and Heather couldn’t help but giggle slightly. A part of her was still that shy little girl around her uncle.
      Seeing her blush, Anthony brushed the hair from her face. “Aw, look how cute you are.”
      Heather blushed deeper, and hid her face against Anthony’s chest.
      Anthony smiled, and then slowly moved his hand down to Heather’s waist.
      When she didn’t shy from his touch, Anthony began to trail his hand along Heather’s back. His strong fingers felt good, and slowly caressed her.
      Heather couldn’t believe the fact that her uncle was caressing her, and she was afraid to move.
      Luckily, Anthony knew that her hesitation wasn’t because of a lack of desire. His hands slowly worked their way to her panties, and yet wouldn’t go further.
      Sensing his desire, Heather leaned back allowing her legs to spread apart.
      The gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Anthony, and he knew she wanted him. It didn’t take long for him to feel her slender fingers against his hand.

Word Count: 5,422

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available at Carnal Pleasures – Naughty Mom by Betty Beckett

920bfeebf3c4666db3fd2a7209bffa41.image.370x600Betty Beckett – Naughty Mom


[INCEST, Mother Son Incest, Golden Showers, Anal Sex, M/F]      Just imagine your Mommy performing a striptease for you, dancing fully naked while you watch, then leaving you to masturbate in the bathroom while she listens from the other side of the door. Any man’s cock will harden at the fantasies herein and leave a big smile on your face.

This is like the epitome of the mother-son fantasy. From the sounds of it, there is nothing this amorous mother wouldn’t do to turn her son on, and satisfy his deepest cravings.

This offering from author Betty Beckett is one of five titles available on the Carnal Pleasures website. She runs the complete gamut of incestuous pairings, and even throws in a little tryst with a naughty librarian for good measure. (And anyone at all familiar with me knows that I luuuuv naughty librarians!! 😉 ) So be sure to check out Betty’s author page.




     Vicky waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body.
      William sat watching, his cock throbbing inside his pants, his eyes big and round, glittering with excitement. The very long, very slender legs of his mother moved snake-like as she turned and danced slowly. Her ass bunched and relaxed.
      Vicky wasn’t really a dancer, but she loved to dance this way at home, privately, with only her son watching. Never for anyone else. She possessed a natural sense of rhythm that was sensuous and arousing, her movements more like fucking rather than dancing. The sway of her hips, the twist of her shoulders, the way she thrust her firm, shapely breasts, invited the eye and, perhaps, a hand. Mostly, teasing her son was tremendously arousing.
      As she moved about the living room floor, she watched her son. Her eyes, too, were glittering, hot with excitement. Her breasts looked ready to pop from her tight blouse, the creamy valley between showing. A light shrug, and a nipple just might escape, which was exactly what William hoped for.
      Vicky’s blouse was open almost to her waist, and it was obvious she was naked under it. Her breasts, though firm and tight-looking, jiggled generously in movement. Her hips, encased in a pair of white, extremely tight shorts, writhed and made grinding motions. The crotch was very tight, pulled into the slit of her cunt, molding the pussy lips, bulging slightly. When she twirled her ass in his direction, William watched those compact asscheeks, seeing the lower half, the white flesh contrasting deliciously with the tan of her thighs. Vicky’s ass was quite shapely, too, with the asscheeks swelling in mouth-watering sweetness.
      This wasn’t the first time she had danced before her son with such erotic, teasing movements. She had danced for him many, many times, as far back as he could remember. More recently, she loved watching his bulging cock grow hard inside his pants, knowing he wanted to stick it to her, to fuck her. Turning her young son on, knowing he was ready to shove his hard cock up her cunt, excited Vicky tremendously. She loved to turn her son on with her body, yet she was by no means a prick-teaser with other men…
Word Count: 25,124

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available at Carnal Pleasures – The Dance by Tristan Sparrow

c09afd36e31af3748bf63cda5db89335.image.374x600Tristan Sparrow – The Dance – “Close For Comfort” #5


Dr. Thomas Kassel keenly misses the love and lust he shared with his late wife. But the professor soon realizes their sexy daughter, Alice, is just like her mom, in more ways than one. When he accidentally spies Alice making love poolside with her hot best friend, Emmy, he fights his feelings. But with some heavenly help from her mother’s spirit, Alice sets about to seduce her beloved father. (Father Daughter Incest, Daddy’s Girl Sex, FFM Menage à Trois, Paranormal Mother, Threesome, Family Exotica)

Tristan Sparrow is a relatively new addition to the Carnal Pleasures family of authors. Tristan’s “Close For Comfort” series runs the gamut of incestuous situations – father/daughter, mother/son, brother/sister – all set against the backdrop of unique and intriguing situations that end up bringing these characters together. The Dance is one of three stories in the series that include elements of the paranormal. Ghosts, vampires, even superheroes are not immune to incestuous temptations in the various worlds that “Close For Comfort” resides in!

I have to wonder, if Rod Serling ever wrote erotica, would this be the result? 🙂

Be sure to check out Tristan’s author page, choose your favorite, or choose them all with the complete anthology.


      Emmy had turned and was now nearly on top of Alice. She leaned closer and closer into her, their nipples touching each other as Emmy stood on tiptoes in the pool.
But Alice pulled away slightly as she said:
“You’re–you’re absolutely right.”
What? What did I just hear?
Emmy was taken aback. Her eyes bugged, and her sensuous mouth fell open.
“Allie, are you saying–”
“Yes. I-I’ve never told anyone. But you’re my best friend. And you’ve figured it out, so what the Hell. Yes, Em. I’m—I’m in love with Daddy.”
I nearly fell over. I dropped my Scotch. Thank God for padded carpeting.
“Oh, Allie!” Emmy responded. “Oh, God, girl! Tell me more! Look! My nipples are getting hard, and my pussy’s getting wet. And it’s not just this pool!”
“Talking of which, let’s get out. I want some more wine.”
“Second that!”
In an instant, they were out of the pool, water pouring off their magnificent bodies. Still topless, they reclined in the soft, carpet-like grass by the pool’s edge. Alice had spread out an enormous beach towel, and they lay upon that.
Somehow, my hand went to my crotch. For the first time in long months, I was aroused.
“Oh, my God,” I whispered. “Alice–Alice, my baby!”
“That’s why you’ve always been such a good girl, isn’t it?” Emmy asked, pouring them both more wine. “You’ve always been so obedient–never rebelled, never any trouble, never been kissed–because you want Daddy!”
Alice shot her a look as she accepted the wine.
“You make it sound so–so wrong. Cheap, even.”
“It’s incest.”
“It’s love, all right? Deal with it.”
“It’s hot.”
Alice smiled.
“Yes. It is that.”
Emmy grinned and rolled over on to her back, her tits spilling everywhere.
“Tell me more, Allie.”
“I never liked all those stupid boys at our school. None of them.”
“Yeah, I noticed that your birthday party was an all-girl affair. ‘Cept your dad, of course. Wow! He could’ve fucked us all! Now that would be hot!”
Alice blushed.
“Ahem,” she said, clearing her throat. “I realise those boys are smart. Some of them. But I’ve still never been interested. They’re either these nasally, weasely, scrawny streaks of piss, covered in acne, or else these muscle-bound, blockheaded jerks. Hey, get those mugshots of the varsity football team in the paper now; you’ll need ’em when they’re arrested for drugs, six months after graduation!”
Emmy burst into laughter.
“Too true! Too true!”
“Emmy, they just don’t compare–not to Daddy.”
“Yeah, well who the Hell could? Good God, Allie, your dad’s like a fucking rock star! All that hair, those muscles–those blue eyes that just look right through you. I swear, girlfriend, I just look at him, and I melt! I just wanna jump on top of him and say, “Fuck me, Daddy, all night long!'”
Alice blushed again. I felt like blushing at their language.
“Yes, well–that–that is how I’ve felt for the longest time, Em.”
“Yeah. I’ve never dated, because no one compares to Daddy. I–I don’t want anyone else. I want him.”
“My heart belongs to Daddeee!” Emmy sang.
“A trite song,” Alice replied. “Trite but true. It’s how I feel. I could never love another man as long as I live.”
Emmy now snapped her fingers and suddenly made a gyrating, dancing motion as she repeated her earlier words, now singing them to the tune of Britney Spears’s “Hit Me Baby, One More Time.”
“Fuck me, Daddy, all night long!”
I only recognised the tune because of the song’s ubiquity on the radio, some 14 years ago. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find Emmy’s song-and-dance routine most erotically enticing and entertaining.
“Em, be serious!” Alice scolded. “This is serious.”
I still couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know whether I was going to have a heart attack or an orgasm. My hand still clutched my cock through my trousers, but that was all. I did nothing more than that. But I had never been so aroused since–well, since Lexy and I had last made love. Yet even at that moment, gazing down at the pool, with the sap rising in my tree, I was calculating how much Scotch it would take to chop the damned thing down. I eyed the Glenlivet bottle.
But I couldn’t take my eyes off my daughter and her friend.

Word Count: 22,670

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

I’m so excited! I’ve been featured on another blog!

Damn, talk about inflating a man’s ego!!

I’m going to be so hard to live with now.


Author C. Shields

Forrest Young Banner_832x131_PNG Click to go to eBooks by Forrest Young

A new review site for the Carnal Pleasures erotica e-book site has featured my latest taboo erotic romance novel, “Fleur in Blossom“. Forrest Young, the person who manages the blog, is a fellow author of taboo erotica who thinks along the same lines as I do. Like me, he’s basically done with Amazon’s “moral majority” censorship that’s getting worse with every passing month. Also, he shares my frustration with fellow taboo erotica authors who complain about the creeping censorship of big e-publishers like Amazon, Kobo, and Sony but who, for some strange reason, just can’t stop linking to them.

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of justified criticism while trying to stop the disenfranchisement of creative fiction? I mean, if someone is frustrated with the way a business disenfranchises people (both authors and readers alike), why link to them? Clicks generate…

View original post 353 more words

Available on Carnal Pleasures – Minx by Tani Fredricks

7b06e9dd7005acf90700f1d329e760ef.image.370x600Tani Fredricks – Minx


[Father and Daughter Incest, M/F]

     Mick didn’t think of himself as perverted. He just liked sex. A lot. A whole, whole lot! And what was a horny man to do when he hadn’t had sex in years, and his pretty daughter was doing her best to seduce him? Give in gracefully, and teach her how to do it right.

It’s easy to see why most distributors wouldn’t dare touch this book.

It’s also easy to see why this book is the NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER on the Carnal Pleasures website!

Today’s feature is Minx by the head honcho herself, Tani Fredricks, and if you want to know just how far Carnal Pleasures is willing to “push the envelope”, look no further than their number one seller. There are not enough exclamation points in the world to put behind the word “HOT” to adequately describe this one.

Along with being the Queen Bee at Carnal Pleasures, Tani has contributed 35 titles in all, including the very popular series The Runway Archives, as well as contributions to The Promise Papers, so be sure to check out her Author Page.


     Minx grinned up at him, and wiggled her tongue in the new gap between her front teeth. It made her look even younger than she really was. “Tell me the story about the Lone Ranger!”
     Why had he just known that she’d want that one?
     Mick heaved a troubled sigh. The Lone Ranger was going to get him in lots of trouble, because he hadn’t had time to whack off before storytime. She always liked to sit in his lap, and he always bounced her up and down, just as if she was riding a real horse. It was a sacred tradition.
     Back when she’d still been a baby, wearing a thick padded diaper, that hadn’t been a problem.
     But now she was old enough to wear lacy panties…and she liked them so much that she wouldn’t wear the regular cotton ones anymore. She wore them all the time, even to bed. The only time he could get them off her was in the tub…and that was even worse on his nerves, because she was developing such a sexy little body!
     How much longer would it take before her flat little nubs began to swell into lush breasts, and tiny curls grew between her long, slender legs?
     And when they did…how would he ever be able to keep his lustful hands off her?
     “How about Robin Hood?” he suggested. Robin Hood was a safe story. There was no erotic horseback-riding in Robin Hood.
     “No.” She squirmed in his lap, and he felt his cock get even harder. “Lone Ranger!”
     “Okay.” He gave in with a sigh. He was a grown man. Surely he had enough self-control to get through this without creaming his jeans!
     Or…maybe not. Because the first thing she did was wiggle her little butt right against his rock-hard shaft, and then start bouncing up and down. “Hy-oh, Silver!” she giggled.
     Did it feel good to her? He’d heard somewhere that women loved riding horses because the saddle–or the horse’s arching back–pressed right up against their pussies, and stroked them delightfully!
     She’s still just a little too young to feel pleasure, even if you did peel her panties off and started stroking her gorgeous little pussy!
Isn’t she?

     Maybe–but he’d sure feel good!
     “Minx…” He curled his hands around her tiny waist, intending to lift her safely into the air. But somehow his hands got mixed up, and he ended up pushing her down, so that she was rubbing really hard against his throbbing cock.
     Every stroke of her soft little bottom made heat rise higher and higher…
     “Are you okay?” She squirmed around to look at him, and an anxious frown creased her forehead. “You’re breathing funny!”
     He was panting so fast that he was feeling dizzy. “When you play horsey like that, it makes me feel…” What could he tell her that she’d understand?
     “Good? Like this?” She bounced again…and his control snapped!

Word Count: 6,699

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available on Carnal Pleasures – Lucy by Forrest Young

16e89ebbdb0f2642ca3ab723a69af56e.image.375x600Forrest Young – Lucy – “Spinning Heads” #3


[erotica, adult, exhibitionism, voyeurism, jealousy, betrayal, masturbation, handjob, anthology]

      Lucy has always lived a sheltered life growing up. When she finally gets her first glimpse at a man’s erection, it opens the floodgates to an obsession she’ll go to almost any lengths to satisfy. Even after she is happily married, she just can’t seem to keep her hands off other men…literally!

Today I delve into a bit of shameless self-promotion and feature one of my very own creations. (Yes, I’m going to do that occasionally. LOL)

Lucy is the feature story in my second “Spinning Heads” anthology, which I later decided to release in individual shorts. (I know, a little backwards from the way most people do it, but there ya go.) It is a first-person account of a young woman who develops an obsession with pleasuring men with her hands, an obsession she indulges in even after she is happily married. Throughout the telling of her story, she occasionally contemplates just what sort of person this makes her, especially as it’s being told on the verge of possibly losing her husband after he finds out. A bit of soul-searching amidst  the hot and salacious recollections of the delirious enjoyment she gets out of jacking men off.

This IS one of the few books in my catalog that is actually listed on Amazon, in spite of the fact that it has a strong “taboo” element to it, as the first man she explores this desire with is her cousin, Mike, who also plays an integral part in Lucy’s life throughout the story. That factor is not prominent in the description and keywords, though, so that’s probably how I managed to get away with it so far. (Key words there being “so far”!)

All the books in my “Spinning Heads series, which were written years ago with no serious plans of ever releasing them, were cleaned up quite a bit for publication. This one, however, was “modified” even a bit further: In the original version, Lucy’s story actually starts out when she was 14, and Mike was 16. In order to conform to the guidelines of most distributors, with heavy heart I changed the story so that this new-found obsession started during her last year of high school and first years of college, at least alluding to the fact that Lucy was at least 18 years old when events in her life started to unfold. Carnal Pleasures, however, actually has no such restriction, so someday I may actually revert this story back more to its original version and release that as a “Carnal Pleasures exclusive”. Until then, like most books on Amazon, you can read it and just… ‘pretend‘. 😉 LOL

I realize the synopsis of this book is considerably longer than the synopses of most other book included in this feature, but since I’m intimately more familiar with it, I obviously have a bit more to say about it. Lucy is by far my own personal favorite in the “Spinning Heads” collection. Surprisingly, however, it’s never generated many sales in any venue it’s been submitted to, which is one of the main reasons I decided to feature it here, in the hopes it will garner more interest. For a while I did offer it for free in its entirety on one of my other blogs, and it did generate a handful of decent responses. I did also submit it for review to author Sylvia Storm. She regretted to inform me that she does not offer reviews of material with a “taboo” nature to it publicly on her website, but she did offer me a few private words of praise, including an enthusiastic “well done” on the cover. 🙂

Lucy is one of 16 offerings of mine in my collection available on Carnal Pleasures, which includes two series and four anthologies. Most of my books are obviously incest-related, but a few do take a different turn, although still focusing on unusual situations, and the swirling emotions that come with indulging in taboo situations of all sorts.

Thank you for indulging in my long, drawn-out synopsis, and I promise to try to keep the “shameless self-promotion” to a minimum. 😀 LOL



      After a few seconds of debating silence I finally confessed to him what I caught him doing that night he stayed with us a few weeks ago.
      “Oh, Jesus,” he exclaimed, turning his head and covering his eyes with his hand.
      “I don’t want you to feel embarrassed about it,” I said desperately.
      “Well, I am,” he said as he turned to face me again. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been doing anything like that there.”
      “What are you sorry about?” I asked.
      He looked at me with a confused gaze, surprised that I would even have to ask him something like that. “Because you saw me doing something that you shouldn’t have seen me do.”
      “I didn’t mind,” I said, smiling shyly, trying to put him at ease.
      I wanted to tell him that I even enjoyed it, but I wasn’t sure if he could handle hearing that.
      “I suppose you saw what I was looking at, too?”
      “Yeah, I did,” I answered quietly, not being able to contain the broad smile that was covering my face.
      “Oh, Jesus!” he exclaimed, louder and more abruptly this time. “Stop looking at me!” he demanded as he couldn’t help but smile in embarrassment, his hand once again covering his face. “I suppose you’re never gonna let me live this down.”
      “I didn’t tell you what I saw to rub it in your face,” I explained, suppressing a giggle at the obvious analogy I’d inadvertently made.
      “Then why are you bringing it up?” he asked, uncovering his face and looking at me defensively.
      I sat there for a few seconds in silent deliberation, then finally blurted out my intention. “I want you to teach me how to stroke a boy’s cock.”
      His eyes suddenly widened in total shock, completely speechless from hearing my request. He looked at me like he was thinking I must be someone else, those words couldn’t possibly have come from the mouth of his sweet little cousin.

Word Count: 11,300

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

New at Carnal Pleasures! Fleur In Blossom by C. Shields

406291db98a9c76f7e3cf3ea30ff56a1.image.374x600C. Shields – Fleur In Blossom


[Brother Sister Incest, Mother Son Incest, First Time, Virgin Sex, Family Exotica, Barely Legal]

Eighteen years old and chronically shy Fleur Dumas has a secret crush on her handsome and enigmatic half-brother, Austin. One hot summer, she discovers that he’s just as hot for her, and together they explore the steamy depths and the bedazzling heights of forbidden love. Under her brother’s sexual tutelage, Fleur finally blossoms into womanhood, and becomes the woman she was destined to be.

Today I present to you the latest offering on Carnal Pleasures by author C. Shields. This author specializes in exploring the incestuous relationships between siblings. These are not erotic “shorts”! These are full-length stories, not only delving into the hot, passionate sexual encounters between brothers and sisters, but also the intimate circumstances leading up to those encounters. While some of this author’s works focus on the intimate relationships between mothers and sons, the special bonds between siblings are usually the order of the day.

“Fleur In Blossom” is the 9th offering on Carnal Pleasures by this author, including 3 books in the “Loving Siblings” collection, and the list is growing quickly! Be sure to check out C. Shields’ author page.




      Her hand slipped gently up along his muscular arm, touching him for the first time, and her brother felt warm and strong beneath her fingers and palm. She stared at his profile, seeing the doubt and the frustration flashing across his features, but he didn’t stop her when her hand gently flattened against his strong face. He was letting her touch him, something she believed he would never, ever have allowed before, yet there they were…in her room. And she was touching him.
      She wasn’t thinking any longer. She allowed her heart to guide her because she had zero experience to fall back on. She leaned her face to him; cautiously but with purpose. He still hadn’t raised his eyelashes to look at her but she could tell that he held his breath as she drew near. Then her other hand rose and gently flattened against the other side of his face, and she gently made his head turn to her.
      “You don’t have to go,” she whispered even before she could think straight. But it was her heart that spoke now and she was led by it.
      “Yeah, I do,” he told her, yet he didn’t make any move to do so.
      She shook her head as she looked at him, feeling her heart pounding in her chest before she pressed her lips against his cheek. “I want you to stay—” She gasped when her brother suddenly took her hands and looked at her with what looked like aggression. For a few brief moments, she was certain he was going to let her have it! But for some strange reason, she wasn’t afraid. There was something different in his look. There was an element of pain there, too.
      “You don’t understand,” he said, nearly gritting his teeth. “If I stay—” He couldn’t finish what he was saying. But he didn’t move to remove her hands from his face, either.
      Emboldened, she looked at him for a few moments. “I understand,” she whispered before she began kissing his face, her lips making a trail toward his lips, tasting his hot breath. She didn’t know why she was doing it or how she knew what to do, but she was simply following her heart and it led her to…this.

Word Count: 25,803

If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

Available at Carnal Pleasures – Coming Home to Mom by Gerry Maxwell

4c6fb098bd3355dfde4bb0025d431f01.image.374x600Gerry Maxwell -Coming Home To Mom


[Mother Son Incest Erotica, Mom’s Big Breasts, Milk Engorged, Lactation Sex, Family Exotica, Anal Sex]

      Johnny lusts for his Mom’s big breasts, but she refuses. That would be incest! Fearful he can’t control himself around her, he joins the Marines. Johnny is sent on a secret mission. Mom goes crazy with worry. She prays to God. If Johnny comes home alive, she will let him suck on her nipples. Late one night, Mom hears a knock on the door. It’s Johnny, but he is a changed man–with even larger, more powerful, physical and emotional needs. Will Mom keep her promise? How far will she go to help her son heal from the scars of war? Mom finds out after an orgasm-filled night that she will never forget!

Announcing a new feature! Starting today, on occasion this blog will be featuring a different offering on the Carnal Pleasures website. Along with promoting various erotica authors and their works, this is also meant to promote the various alternatives to the major distributors who are often way too restrictive to the authors who truly enjoy writing erotic stories without the unnecessary limitations, and the readers who like their stories raw, edgy, and told the way they were meant to be told. At this point, this blog is featuring only offerings from Carnal Pleasures, as I have direct permission from them to do so. (I do this of my own free volition, I am not compensated in any way, except through direct sales of my own books.) If you are a publisher or distributor who would also like your works featured here, contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.

Today I start out with an author and book I am somewhat familiar with. “Coming Home to Mom” goes a little over the top at times throughout the story, but it all comes together nicely and starts to make more sense once you get to the very provocative surprise ending.



      She held her hands together tightly over her cleavage. “Thank you, God, for bringing my son home safely,” she prayed. “He is so good and brave. I love him so much.”
She heard Johnny doing something behind her. “Kneel down next to me, baby, and let’s pray together,” she said.
“I am going to pray,” Johnny said. “But behind you.”
She did not know what he meant, but then she felt him rub the hard length of his manhood against her behind. “Oh,” she said happily in surprise. From the slick feeling, she could tell that he had reapplied the lubricant. She assumed he was going to relieve himself by rubbing against her. “And thank you. God,” she said proudly, “for showing me that it is okay for a mother to continue to use her body to help her son.”
Johnny reached around with his big hands to play with her breasts. Her nipples responded immediately, becoming stiff and hard all over again. To give him better access, she placed her palms on the couch and raised her upper body.
“Mom, when they were torturing me, I didn’t only dream of sucking you and making love to you,” he said.
“What else, baby?” she asked.
“I dreamed of this,” he grunted.
She felt the big head of his manhood press into the tight hole of her behind. “Oh, my,” she cried in surprise.
“Are you OK?”
“Yes, baby.” She was amused at her own attitude. Less than an hour ago she would have never entertained the thought of doing this with her son. Now, she was only too happy.
He slowly inserted more of himself. He felt enormous inside her. It hurt, but, as his mother, she did not want to say or do anything to discourage him. She wanted to be there for him any way that she could. To physically show him she was okay, she pressed her behind back into him.
Word Count: 20,378

Coming Home to Mom is one of three offerings on Carnal Pleasures by Gerry Maxwell. Be sure to check out his Carnal Pleasures author page for his other works.

 If you are an erotica author who would like your ebooks featured on Carnal Pleasures, contact Jo at Boruma Publishing. You can send her an email at boruma@borumapublishing.com, or you can contact her through the Boruma Publishing website.

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