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“Confessions of My Nephew”: Today’s featured erotica title on “Kinky Literature”!!

Confessions cover updated 437x700I’m thrilled to announce that my debut story. “Confessions of My Nephew”, is one of today’s featured titles on the website “Kinky Literature“! Their website features and promotes hundreds of titillating titles by dozens of current erotica authors. After today my ebook will continue to be promoted on their site with its own brief info page and a link to the title’s Smashwords page.

“Kinky Literature” does not sell books directly, but rather promotes various titles along with links to the Amazon and/or Smashwords pages where they are available. The site is run by a couple, Richie and Randi, who were part of the group that founded YouPorn.com.  (Richie is also the author of “TaXXXi Tales”.) It’s a wonderful service they offer to their fellow erotica authors, and I’m thrilled to be included among the list of titles! The site also features a blog and their very own “Sexpert”, who gives advice on matters of a ‘kinky’ nature. 😉

They have informed me also that they will be featuring and promoting my title “Mother Pushes the Swing” in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out the enormous number of available titles that they promote, as well as their other features.



Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an entry here. We’ve moved again, and other matters have taken up considerable attention, including an atrocious amount of time it took to FINALLY get internet access hooked up! Book 8 of Angel Falls is still in final editing stages, but we’ve only been able to work on it bits at a time. Hopefully soon we’ll actually start to feel like smut writers again. 😀 LOL!



Ready To Be Teased??

shocked-glassesCheck out my Tumblr blog where I just recently posted a FIRST EVER “sneak peek” excerpt from our upcoming ebook “Double Dare”, the next installment of The Angel Falls Library Files!! Look for some other excerpts coming up later on, and (hopefully soon) a cover reveal.

Also, taking a moment to blow my own horn here, my anthology “The Irresistible Moms Collection” is currently holding the NUMBER NINE spot on the Carnal Pleasures Top 20 list!! “If the Door Is Open” also bumped up a few notches at number 15!

(Oh, that felt so good!)

Irresistible Moms Collection featured on Incest Daily

Irresistible Moms psp cover 1 500x800Well, how cool is this?!

My Irresistible Moms Collection ebook received a mention on Incest Daily, an online news source, in their leisure section. Apparently someone there saw one of my tweets about the book, and decided to post a link to my book’s web page here on WordPress.

Honestly, I’d never even heard of this site till now, but kinda neat that they thought it worthy of a mention there. 🙂

I’ve only taken a quick glance at it so far, and it seems that most of the stories and stuff they feature is from mainstream news, but a few items did look worth checking out. I’ll have to do a little more digging at some point. LOL

In any case, I want to thank them for mentioning my book. 🙂

Aaaaaaaand, here we go again……

message2amazonI wish I could say I’m surprised… But I’m not.

Once again, casual browsers to my humble little corner of the web will no longer be able to click on any “Amazon” links here and find my books available for purchase. Just a little while ago, I received this email from my publisher:

Dear Author:

Once again, Amazon is playing “Block The Publisher Without Just Cause,” and has cancelled our publishing account without valid reason or any forewarning. Their CLAIM is that we have multiple accounts with them. This is a flat-out lie, and can easily be proven…assuming it’s possible to reach a real person who is willing to examine the facts.

We publish on behalf of many different authors. One of those authors has an Amazon account of his own. We posted a few of his books under our account at his specific request. There were no double-postings; the books we published on his behalf were not already listed. However, we believe that since he has his own separate account, Amazon decided we were guilty of double-jeopardy.

It speaks volumes for Amazon’s dishonest practices that they did not contact us first for clarification; they simply made an arbitrary decision which affects several dozen authors. It speaks even more that they are refusing to pay us for all royalties accrued during the last two months because of their clear and obvious mistake.

WE WILL FIGHT THIS, and Boruma Publishing WILL make good on all royalties due, despite their blatant thievery; royalty payments will be paid next month as scheduled. We stand by our authors, period.

If you have any questions, please contact us.  In the meantime, we will notify you of any updates if/when they become available.
Jo O’Brien
Boruma Publishing, LLC

Soooo, just as they did earlier this year with Draft2Digital, Amazon completely fucked over me, my publisher, and the numerous authors that they represent.

With the Draft2Digital fiasco, the impact this had on me only amounted to like 4 or 5 sales, at the most. This time around, at last count, this affects the sales of somewhere around 25-30 books within the last couple of months. Royalties that Amazon just fucked me out of. Boruma says they will make good on them, in spite of Amazon’s actions, but even so,  how will that account for any possible future sales these books might have brought in?

As I mentioned in my post concerning Amazon’s corrupt treatment of D2D, had Amazon removed my books due to content, I would have simply used that as a major selling point, as I have on the one book they DID reject for content, Confessions Of My Nephew. But they didn’t. They removed them due to false accusations and arbitrary decisions over something that totally wasn’t my fault, and which I had no control over.

How the fuck am I supposed to use THAT????

The Irresistible Moms Collection now available on Carnal Pleasures!!

Irresistible Moms psp cover 1 500x800This collection consists of ALL THREE of my full-length titles, Confessions Of My Nephew, Mother Pushes The Swing, and If The Door Is Open all in one complete set!! Immerse yourself in the stories of Derrick, Alan and Shawn as they deal with the taboo desires that simmer in each of them, and the women more than eager to indulge their every forbidden fantasy.

The Irresistible Moms Collection is currently available on Carnal Pleasures and on Smashwords, and will soon be available at other ebook retailer sites as well.

Coming Attractions

Some exciting stuff will be coming up in the next few days, and few weeks… 🙂

AFLF vol 1 psp cover 1 500x800Very shortly, my very first anthology should be available! The Angel Falls Library Files: The Beginnings Collection, will consist of the first three books in the Angel Falls series, Craving His Attention, Sharing Secrets, and Give and Take. These three stories fit very nicely, taking the reader through the very first steps of Paige’s adventure: From the progression of Paige’s relationship with her father, to the forming friendship between Paige and Natalie, and finally to the pinnacle of Paige and Natalie both experiencing the fulfillment of their ultimate fantasies.

While each of these is an exciting story on their own, taken together they flowingly convey the origins to what eventually leads to the creation of The Angel Falls Library Files.

Irresistible Moms psp cover 1 500x800I am also working on putting together another anthology: The Irresistible Moms Collection will consist of all three of my full-length titles, Confessions Of My Nephew, Mother Pushes The Swing, and If The Door Is Open, all in one release! (For the Amazon/Apple/Kobo crowd, this collection will simply be title “Irresistible“.)  For fans of mother-son erotica, this is a three-story collection that is sure to arouse your senses, and set your imagination soaring with page after page of thrilling scenarios!

What’s next for Angel Falls? Book Five, Seduction Of The Shrew, is in the works, as Paige and her parents prepare Book 5 - psp cover 2 500x800for the annual arrival of Paige’s grandparents for the holidays. It may be cold outside, but Paige plans to heat things up inside. 😀

Book Six of the Angel Falls series (current working title, Motivational Techniques), while filled with the same steamy action and pulse-racing scenarios as all the previous stories, will also introduce a character that will eventually become very important to Paige. It will also set the tone for all the books to follow.

Stay tuned, fellow perverts… Stay tuned. 😀

“Confessions Of My Nephew” – Available at Carnal Pleasures

  Confessions of My Nephew - Thumbnail (96 DPI)  It only took a moment to start filling the tub. Then I began slowly undressing him. By the time I reached his waist, his cock was noticeably raging hard through his shorts. I eased them down over his tensed thighs, then began to stroke it with one hand while I caressed his bare chest with my other hand.
      Just as slowly, I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, then unfastened my bra. His eyes remained locked on mine as I wriggled out of my jeans, and kicked them aside. I left my panties on, not sure if either of us was ready for me to be totally naked. Perhaps part of the fantasy required that I still be partially dressed; that felt oddly right to me. But this way I could still easily stroke my tingling pussy.
      Almost instinctively, he began to caress my bare breasts. His gaze flickered down to stare at them; then he looked back up at me. But he still seemed a bit lost, not quite certain what he should do next.
      Smiling, I stretched up to kiss him. I kept it light and easy–a bit more passionate than when he’d left me last time–but not forceful. The erotic touch of his tongue flickering lightly over mine was incredibly arousing!
      My hand dropped back down between us, and I began stroking his hardened cock again. His breathing quickened even as I felt answering tremors in my wet pussy.
      Finally I broke the kiss and looked straight into his eyes again. “What do you need, Derrick?” I asked him in a hushed whisper.
      His own reply was shaky with a confused blend of longing and uncertainty. “I need my mommy to give me a bath.”

I am please to announce that Carnal Pleasures is now carrying the second edition of my premier full-length story, “Confessions Of My Nephew”!

I wish to express my many MANY thanks to Jo O’Brien at Boruma Publishing for the ENORMOUS amount of work and effort she exerted on my behalf! She helped make this book ten times better than it started out as. (And at the risk of sounding grossly conceited, it started out pretty damn good to begin with. LOL!)

Also many thanks to Moira Nelligar for the beautiful cover design.

Please check out my Full Length Titles page for information on availability.


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